Behemoth – Opvs Contra Natvram

Polish extreme metal titans Behemoth make a majestic return with the sophisticated obscure realm of the twelfth studio album “Opvs Contra Natvram”.
You cannot escape the blasphemous force of “Malaria Vvlgata” as the relentless riffage and the hammering drums easily create an asphyxiating rhythmic rampage.
The mood changes a bit on “The Deathless Sun” as the guitar leads & charismatic solos acquire enigmatic tonalities generating quasi melodic moments emphasized by the triumphant chorus without sacrificing the inner blackened fury.
On “Ov My Herculean Exile” guitars focus on slower passages and the consequent decadent atmosphere naturally evokes tormented feelings further enhanced by the dramatic vocal delivery.
“Once Upon A Pale Horse” offers ominous melodic phrases highlighting the somber guitar work yet the precise drumming proudly delivers a fair dosage of memorable blackened grooves.
“Thy Becoming Eternal” stays true to a devilish black metal formula with unstoppable guitar riffs and extra speed but certainly benefits from the solemn choirs to convey a mysterious flair.
“Versvs Christvs” shows a contemplative and refined songwriting approach as the sheer beauty of classical piano accompanied by whispered vocals introduce a solid series of aggressive rhythmic patterns enriched by a savage guitar solo.
Over the course of three decades Behemoth bravely forged an uncompromising sonic vision that today continues to symbolize rebellion and individuality throughout the labyrinthine soundscapes of “Opvs Contra Natvram”.

Ruby The Hatchet – Fear Is A Cruel Master

American trailblazers Ruby The Hatchet aim to reach new levels pouring cosmic psych rock energy throughout the new record “Fear Is A Cruel Master”.
The band’s heavy rock roots are evident on “The Change” which relies on the raw energy of the sizzling guitar riffs to build powerful grooves definitely embellished by the vintage tonalities of the multilayered keyboards.
On “Primitive Man” guitars immediately engage in infectious riffage with irresistible fuzzy tones and often pick up speed to deliver a strong rhythmic rampage enhanced by the Hammond accents.
The haunting vocal duet is at the center of “1000 Years” which chooses a bittersweet melodic pathway bound to move the listeners emphasizing the warm guitar phrases while the keyboards and riffs still hold a strong psych rock essence.
The subtle atmospheric intro of “Soothsayer” naturally leads to memorable blazing rhythmic patterns as guitars showcase stoner rock vibes and once again the Hammond takes you back in time with a sensational retro flair.
“Amor Gravis” focuses on the unstoppable gritty guitar riffs and the consequent high octane grooves yet the softer hazy passages and the sultry vocals can easily evoke pure nostalgia.
Paying homage to the true spirit of rock ‘n roll, Ruby The Hatchet proudly show their abilities and passion delivering a successful combo of bold riffage and spacey harmonies throughout”Fear Is A Cruel Master”.

The Halo Effect – Days Of The Lost

Featuring extraordinary musicians Gothenburg’s newest melo-death metal supergroup The Halo Effect proudly releases the highly anticipated debut album “Days Of The Lost”.
The golden days of melo-death metal are perfectly represented by the infectious riffage of “Shadowminds” which marks a memorable beginning combining an overdose of harsh guitar riffs, sweeping melodic phrases and modern atmospheric tapestries.
The title track picks up a faster energetic tempo enhanced by the hammering drum blasts and Mikael Stanne’s visceral growls while the crispy guitar leads and the excellent solo focus on a polished melodic essence.
During “Conditional” the slower moments clearly emphasize a gloomy mood through elegant guitar phrases but the precise rhythmic section certainly has the chance to provide proper death metal patterns.
“In Broken Trust” skillfully showcases an ideal balance between fiery guitar driven grooves and cathartic melodic passages within a refined atmospheric ensemble consequently the soulful clean vocals amplify a beloved Nordic melancholia.
The poetic strings intro of “Last Of Our Kind” swiftly leads to a quite aggressive rhythmic rampage highlighting the perfect combo of relentless riffage and gruesome growls featuring guest vocalist Matt Heafy of Trivium.
Staying true to an irresistible melo-death formula “The Most Alone” brings a contemplative closure with a captivating series of darkened melodic crescendos and soothing wintry guitar tonalities.
“Days Of The Lost” is bound to conquer all acolytes of the legendary Gothenburg melo-death scene with plenty of melodic hooks as The Halo Effect never fails to showcase true passion and brilliant musicianship.

Temple Of Void – Summoning The Slayer

Detroit death-doom metal band Temple Of Void confidently spreads obscurity and melancholia on the brand new full-length “Summoning The Slayer”.
“Behind The Eye” doesn’t waste any time as the hostile riffage leads to monolithic rhythmic patterns that often acquire extra speed and brutality yet the guitar leads enhance a dramatic melodic flair.
Surrounded by an arcane atmosphere “Deathtouch” fully embraces a lugubrious doom metal force as guitars deliberately focus on opulent darkened melodic phrases well supported by the monumental drumming and the thick bass lines.
The ominous realm of “Engulfed” instantly generates a funereal rhythmic ensemble amplified by the dominant role of the gloomy melodic guitars and the tormented vocal delivery.
“Dissolution” marks a bittersweet finale as the band leaves behind the heavy elements to fully embrace an emotional sonic palette through enticing acoustic guitar progressions and gentle clean vocals.
Dwelling within a subterranean dimension, Temple Of Void have the ability to balance crushing dynamics and fascinating contemplative melodic textures throughout “Summoning The Slayer”.

Besvärjelsen – Atlas

Emerging from the vast Dalarna forests, Swedish doom rockers Besvärjelsen manifest a magnetic sonic vision through the darkly alluring soundscapes of the latest full-length “Atlas”.
“The Cardinal Ride” marks an energetic beginning as the excellent guitar work spontaneously unleashes memorable riffs well supported by the groovy drums and the dazzling soloing reveals charming vintage nuances.
“Acheron” instantly channels a majestic doom rock force through significantly heavy obscure rhythmic patterns and slower bewitching progressions enriched by the grim guitar tonalities and the sultry vocal delivery.
“Clouds” constantly evokes pure melancholia as the haunting guitar phrases and the elegant atmospheric textures craft enticing melodic crescendos reaching the acme with an eloquent solo.
On “House Of The Burning Light” the galloping riffage naturally builds intense heavy rock dynamics spiced up by a subtle sinister flair and the striking vocals ultimately lead to an addictive chorus.
“Obscured By Darkness” aptly conveys nocturnal vibes through the magical atmospheric accents surrounding the spellbinding vocal harmonies while the soaring guitar riffs inevitably follow a monumental doomed pathway.
“Divided Ends” brings a grand finale with hypnotizing melodic tapestries and a wild rhythmic ensemble constantly fueled by the explosive drumming and ultimately leading to an extensive eclectic guitar solo.
Fueled by a mystical flair throughout the darkened world of “Atlas” Besvärjelsen confidently maintain an ideal balance between eerie melodic aesthetics and robust grooves destined to captivate the listeners.

James LaBrie – Beautiful Shade Of Grey

Legendary vocalist of prog metal giants Dream Theater James LaBrie finally releases the new solo album “Beautiful Shade Of Grey” focusing on personal lyrical themes and refined melodic tapestries.
The album opener “Devil In Drag” relies on a glowing melodic combo of elegant acoustic phrases and elaborate synths arrangements leading to the passionate vocals of the catchy chorus especially impactful on the electric version included as bonus track.
The mellow melodic soul of “Give And Take” comes to life through the striking acoustic guitar work that perfectly complements James’s fervent vocal performance and captivates the listeners with the warm tonalities of the flawless solo.
“Sunset Ruin” embraces a melancholic ballad style as the gentle vocals flourish through the dreamy instrumental crescendos enriched by the classical beauty of the cello and the subtle atmospheric waves.
Evoking a sense of wistfulness, “Wildflower” continues to highlight an emotional depth as the delicate acoustic passages and the softer tempo emphasize the versatile vocal delivery.
On “What I Missed” the smooth piano piece conveys a dramatic mood while the precise rhythmic section has the chance to acquire energetic prog rock elements enhanced by the powerful vocals.
Featuring striking backing vocals by Theresa Thomason “Am I Right” easily expresses poignant feelings building a contemplative momentum through the eloquent guitar progressions and the final gripping melodic crescendo.
After two years in the making of “Beautiful Shade Of Grey” James LaBrie is joined by excellent musicians and chooses a luminous melodic approach revolving around his vocal prowess that will definitely please his longtime fans.

Wo Fat – The Singularity

Dallas-based psychedelic doom veterans Wo Fat invite you to join a mind bending sonic journey through the monumental spacey grooves of the new album “The Singularity”.
The mystical atmosphere of “Orphans of the Singe” introduces a magnetic rhythmic ensemble constantly fueled by the majestic fuzzy riffage and the rich psychedelic textures ultimately leading to remarkable guitar acrobatics.
“Overworlder” flows like a wild endless jam session putting the spotlight on the band’s chemistry and the eclectic guitar work that ensures an impactful groovy approach with robust riffs and intense progressions enriched by the cosmic energy of psych rock.
“The Witching Chamber” captivates the listeners with a darkly enigmatic atmosphere and loads of fuzzed out riffs ultimately leading to catchy & heavy rhythmic patterns and a series of glorious guitar solos showcasing an irresistible vintage flair and great diversity.
The lengthy instrumental opus “The Oracle” spontaneously creates a striking psychedelic maze and takes you to another dimension as the intricate guitar work takes the center stage engaging in mesmerizing melodic progressions during the slower surreal passages and shapeshifting extra fuzzy rhythmic dynamics well supported by the precise drumming.
“The Singularity” delivers the ideal dosage of colossal heavy riffs and hypnotizing psychedelic momentum bound to instantly grab your attention as Wo Fat confidently embrace multiple musical influences to embark on a memorable psychotropic exploration.

Decapitated – Cancer Culture

Polish technical death metal veterans Decapitated aspire to expand their music vision combining devastating rhythmic dynamics and contemplative themes on the new long-awaited album “Cancer Culture”.
The title track clearly manifests pure ferocity through the relentless riffage and the breakneck speed yet the lead guitar work has a chance to craft refined harmonious progressions expressing grim emotions.
Featuring a striking clean vocal performance by Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer, “Hello Death” seamlessly blends absolute brutality and eloquent melodic aesthetics as guitars confidently shift from frantic technical riffs to sophisticated gloomy tonalities.
“Iconoclast” hits you in the face with massive grooves constantly fueled by the sharp riffage yet the darkly alluring melodic flair is destined to steal the spotlight as the immersive guitar phrases unfold around the fervent clean vocals courtesy of Robb Flynn of Machine Head.
“Suicidal Space Programme” begins with appealing melodic passages that gradually morph into a savage rhythmic assault executed in impeccable tech death metal fashion easily amplified by the hostile growls.
Showcasing a multifaceted composition “Hours As Battlegrounds” stands out for the harrowing atmospheric textures and the darkened tones of the evocative guitar melodies which skillfully enrich the abrasive rhythmic patterns.
Reflecting on human capabilities and lack of illusion throughout “Cancer Culture” Decapitated follow an intriguing sonic evolution delivering the expected dosage of harsh technical prowess adorned by a surprising and fascinating melodic essence.

Evergrey – A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)

Gothenburg’s prog metal masters Evergrey celebrate a remarkable career with the release of the thirteenth full-length “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)” which naturally shifts from brilliant technical heavy elements to contemplative themes.
The majestic album opener “Save Us” relies on a heavy rhythmic rampage which definitely highlights the fundamental role of the precise drumming and the soaring riffs while the solemn atmospheric arrangements enhance Tom S. Englund’s charismatic vocal performance.
The elaborate cinematic approach of “Ominous” emphasizes the darkly alluring melodic essence embodied by the multiple stunning guitar solos flourishing through dreamy atmospheric waves.
Without any hesitation “The Orphean Testament” unleashes an overload of unrestrained guitar riffs to build memorable groovy dynamics while the polished progressions and the glowing vocals convey an immersive mood.
Throughout “The Great Unwashed” guitars are destined to captivate the listeners skillfully shifting from crunchy riffage to the luminous tonalities of the intricate solos surrounded by lavish ambiance layers.
On “Heartless” a fascinating combo of opulent keyboards and electro accents introduces a harsh rhythmic assault but later the wistful piano melodies accompanied by a poignant vocal delivery effortlessly create a dramatic depth.
“Wildfires” brings a cathartic closure with a minimalist approach as the deeply melancholic sonic palette focuses on graceful acoustic phrases and fervent vocals to express genuine feelings.
“A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)” definitely aims to impress the audience with impeccable musicianship and eloquent melodic tapestries as after over 25 years of existence Evergrey continue to demonstrate passion and creativity.

Stöner – totally…

Featuring Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri, renowned as founder members of legendary Kyuss, Stöner begins a new sensational desert rock jam on the sophomore release ”totally…”.
“A Million Beers” relies on the raw energy of the magnetic rhythmic section to create loads of fast explosive grooves symbolizing an ideal joyride through the Mojave desert.
“Strawberry Creek (Dirty Feet)” delivers the expected dosage of dirty riffs well supported by the vibrant drumming and spiced up by the contrasting vocal delivery by Brant and Nick.
“Space Dude & The Burn” features the perfect vintage guitar sound and the consequent galloping riffage can easily generate monolithic grooves while the slower and a bit darker breakdown gives way to a series of wild guitar leads.
“Turn It Around Now” is another memorable track that instantly makes you feel dazed & confused with the intense fuzzy riffage and the slow burning guitar progressions emphasized by Brant’s laid back vocal performance.
“Great American Sage” grabs your attention with the moody guitar phrases and the robust bass lines blending warm bluesy tonalities and a hazy heavy rock approach that spontaneously leads to an extensive charismatic solo.
Once again Stöner drags through the desert to party all day long packing dusty melodies and irresistible grooves throughout ”totally…” with an authentic psych stoner rock attitude.