The Limit – Caveman Logic

Featuring members of legendary The Stooges, the founders of Doom Rock Pentagram, NYC Punk originators Testors and Portuguese metal band Dawnrider, The Limit channels the raw energy of heavy rock and punk on the explosive debut album “Caveman Logic”.
The wild party begins with “Kitty Gone” offering loads of gritty riffs and irresistible smooth leads while the inner punk vibes spontaneously amplify the groovy rhythmic rampage.
“Black Sea” relies on the magnetic force of the guitar work confidently delivering robust riffage and flamboyant soloing yet there is a lingering nostalgia generating darkened feelings enhanced by the moody vocal delivery.
“These Days” keeps the hard rock spirit alive with a natural blend of slick guitar riffs and soothing melodic accents ultimately leading to a series of memorable grooves.
“Over Rover” often channels a darkened doom essence with the weight of the slow riffage that will ultimately evolve into a high octane punk influenced rhythmic galore.
Throughout the title track the vocal performance manifests a true rocker attitude surrounded by the charismatic guitar work that easily builds delightful rhythmic patterns with a combo of bold riffs and charming leads.
The strength of “Fleeting Thoughts” certainly comes from the addictive chorus fueled by the extra catchy rhythmic dynamics and the rough vocals once again embody an untamed punk heritage.
“When Life Gets Scorched” stands out for the appealing mix of reflective nuances and energetic rhythmic segments while the vibrant rock flair of the guitar solo definitely deserves your attention.
Certainly “Caveman Logic” is a truly passionate and entertaining heavy rock album fueled by an amazing collaboration between the talented veteran musicians behind the new sonic endeavor The Limit.

Dvne – Etemen Ænka

Scottish progressive metallers Dvne audaciously explore diverse sonic pathways to craft majestic soundscapes on the sophomore full length “Etemen Ænka”.
“Enûma Eliš” manifests a complex songwriting approach that naturally blends darkened tonalities and extra heavy rhythmic dynamics highlighting the excellent guitar work while the opulent atmospheric arrangements emphasize an emotional turmoil.
The immersive nature of “Court Of The Matriarch” quickly comes to life through the recurring luminous melodic phrases and the ethereal atmospheric waves yet the rhythmic section often embraces a strong prog inspiration leading to impressive technical patterns.
“Omega Severer” offers alluring melodic movements and charismatic guitar soloing accompanied by comforting clean vocals conveying a profoundly introspective mood yet the song’s shapeshifting nature will generate contrasting moments as the fierce riffage takes the center stage.
“Sì-XIV” focuses on a series of elaborate guitar progressions that can effortlessly create monumental grooves amplified by the tormented screams in contrast with the cathartic blend of fragile melodies and dreamy atmospheric accents.
“Mleccha” follows a melancholic post-metal direction as the soulful guitar melodies surrounded by hazy atmospheric textures naturally craft a shimmering sonic ensemble that will ultimately evolve into intense & heavier rhythmic crescendos.
The sumptuous final track “Satuya” relies on a convoluted composition that generates a world of profound contrast as guitars seamlessly shift from glowing delicate harmonies to savage riffs spiced up by technical prog elements and supported by a robust rhythmic section in the midst of a darkened atmospheric realm.
“Etemen Ænka” is characterized by heavy & intricate instrumental patterns but it becomes evident that the synths and the ambient sounds hold a crucial role allowing Dvne to add a rich atmospheric depth that emphasizes the sci-fi thematics.

Eyehategod – A History of Nomadic Behavior

Veteran hardcore/sludge band Eyehategod returns with the long anticipated new full length “A History Of Nomadic Behavior” depicting a world of chaos and hypocrisy.
“Built Beneath The Lies” opens the album with a series of acidic & wild grooves that highlight a raw sludge energy amplified by the dark tonalities of the riffage and the enraged screams.
On “The Outer Banks” the massive guitar riffs lead the way to a dismal sonic realm that will ultimately embrace faster rough rhythmic patterns fueled by the pummeling drums.
“Fake What’s Yours” offers another solid round of gritty guitar riffs and ominous vibes so you can perceive a perennial sense of impending doom.
The groovy mood of “High Risk Trigger” celebrates a renowned swampy sludge/doom style as guitars and drums deliver heavy dynamics without any hesitation accompanied by chaotic feedback.
The instrumental ensemble on “The Trial Of Johnny Cancer” feeds off paranoia and delusions so the guitar work constantly emphasizes the dirty sound and the old school approach.
“Circle Of Nerves” sounds rebellious and dystopian as the monumental guitar riffs march through a doom laden realm and the desperate vocals express disgust and fury.
The dirty sound and the extra chunky riffs throughout “A History Of Nomadic Behavior”definitely match the turmoil and anger expressed by the lyrics as Eyehategod choose a songwriting approach inevitably influenced by the current events.

Cosmic Reaper – Cosmic Reaper

North Carolina based psych-doom band Cosmic Reaper is ready to make you space out like there’s no tomorrow with the monumental self-titled debut full length.
The hypnotizing soundscapes of “Hellion” come alive through the monolithic guitar riffs, the darkened tonalities and the massive fuzzy bass lines that inevitably emphasize the doom worshipping spirit of the whole album.
In the fuzzed out world of “Stellar Death” guitars can easily create a constant groove with an extra gritty sound that amplifies the retro style of the robust rhythmic dynamics while the slower passages ultimately evoke major bewitching vibes.
Throughout “Wasteland II” the extra heavy combo of bass & guitars sets a proper stoner doom mood definitely amplified by the constant fuzz overload and the appealing vintage flair of the extensive soloing.
With a slower & darker rhythm “Planet Eater” can easily induce a trancelike state as you simply cannot escape the monstrous heavy ensemble fueled by the monochromatic doom tonalities of the guitar riffs while the moody vocals seem to emerge from a distant alternate dimension.
Listening to Cosmic Reaper’s debut album you are bound to enter a hazy sonic realm as they confidently embrace a renowned fuzzy pathway inspired by the glorious days of stoner doom.

The Crown – Royal Destroyer

Swedish death metal band The Crown celebrated the thirtieth anniversary in 2020 and now is ready to deliver an overdose of impactful grooves throughout the tenth full length “Royal Destroyer”.
Staying true to the title “Let The Hammering Begin!” unleashes an overwhelming rage following a fast menacing rhythm constantly fueled by hostile drum blasts and extra heavy guitar riffs channeling an insane thrash metal energy.
Since the beginning, the monumental rhythmic section on “Motordeath” crafts enraged dynamics channeling the raw energy of 90s death & thrash metal enriched by a series of charismatic & groovy guitar progressions.
“Ultra Faust” embraces a slower creepy mood as the darkened tonalities of the guitar work can evoke a sense of impending doom that will ultimately evolve into an aggressive rhythmic assault amplified by the savage growls.
On “Glorious Hades” a mysterious atmosphere introduces robust rhythmic patterns yet a darkly alluring melodic essence will emerge through the mournful guitar phrases and the sophisticated solo.
The classic melodic death metal style of “We Drift On” leads to a balanced mix of somber guitar progressions demanding a slower contemplative rhythm and inflamed riffage fully conveying darkened vibes.
“Beyond The Frail” returns to a faster blistering rhythmic ensemble relying on crushing guitar riffs and spiteful growls to generate memorable grooves while the finale acquires ethereal tones with haunting arpeggios.
Undoubtedly the core of “Royal Destroyer” revolves around the fury of the massive rhythmic section and the relentless riffage yet The Crown manage to add some dramatic melodic textures to such extreme metal formula.

Enforced – Kill Grid

Virginia-based crossover metallers Enforced proudly channel the menacing force of extreme metal on the brand new release “Kill Grid”.
“The Doctrine” opens the album with obscure tonalities that certainly foreshadow a fiery sonic assault as guitars deliver a winning combo of crunchy riffs and wicked soloing supported by the thrash vibes of the bold rhythmic section.
“Uxo” continues to unleash insane rhythmic patterns following pummeling drum blasts and the consequent enraged mood is inevitably cemented by the malignant growls and the raw energy of the guitar work.
The darkened atmosphere and the dismal guitar tonalities of the title track lead to a slightly melodic & lugubrious ensemble but the apparent calm will vanish as the rhythmic section gains extra speed fueled by the monumental drumming.
Staying true to classic thrash metal “Curtain Fire” focuses on the creation of massive groovy dynamics that once again highlight the dominant role of the glorious shredding and the sharp riffage.
The final track “Trespasser” properly embodies a relentless thrash style with the necessary belligerent tempo and the overload of ferocious guitar riffs spiced up by another solid round of memorable leads.
You simply cannot escape the ravenous sonic realm carefully crafted by Enforced as the unstoppable riff driven grooves that characterize “Kill Grid” are bound to trigger constant headbanging.

Taake / Helheim – Henholdsvis

Infamous Norwegian black metal band Taake returns with the new interesting release “Henholdsvis” which is the third and last installment of a series of split-10”s this time featuring labelmates and Viking Black Metal pioneers Helheim.
Drenched in gelid darkness “Brotne Bein og Mannefall” inevitably showcases Taake’s dreadful blackened style as the malignant guitar riffs immediately create an asphyxiating sonic realm while the slightly slower progressions and the desperate growls evoke an overdose of tormented feelings.
On “Ein Baat i Foss” Taake fully embraces an insanely groovy black ‘n’ roll pathway within a wintry atmosphere where unrestrained rhythmic patterns are constantly fueled by the primal force and the obscure tonalities of the guitar work.
Helheim contributes with a cover of Taake song “Orkan” from the album “Noregs Vaapen” which showcases a different direction with mournful clean vocals surrounded by mysterious yet also comforting vibes that highlight the darkened melodic guitar progressions.
Helheim’s second track is a cover of Emperor’s “Heksesabbat / Witches Sabbath”, originally released on the tribute album “A Tribute to Emperor – In Honour of Icon E”, and here the band fully channels a primordial blackened essence as the gritty guitar riffs and the diabolical screams thrive within an arcane atmospheric ensemble.
Despite being a short album “Henholdsvis” manages to properly celebrate black metal and darkness as Taake and Helheim certainly crafted a unique collaboration.

Autarkh – Form In Motion

Founding member and composer/guitarist of Dodecahedron Michel Nienhuis embarks on a dystopian journey with the new band Autarkh which instantly manifests a radical sonic identity on the debut release “Form In Motion”.
“Turbulence” stays true to the title as the twisted rhythmic patterns and the abrasive riffage can create an asphyxiating sonic realm that at times embraces a futuristic approach with the addition of multilayered synths.
“Cyclic Terror” focuses on convoluted dissonant dynamics and heavily distorted tones that definitely emphasize the industrial inspiration while the hazy atmospheric textures become entwined with the aggressive blasts.
“Introspectrum” immediately unleashes a chaotic rhythm generating massive industrial grooves fueled by the cryptic electronic beats and the angered vocals within a moody atmospheric ensemble.
The distorted reality of “Lost To Sight” leads to obscure tonalities and visceral rhythmic segments accompanied by tormented growls & screams surrounded by unusual robotic sounds.
“Alignment” continues to combine harsh metal elements, diverse electronic layers and even subtle atmospheric nuances that ultimately create tumultuous soundscapes and uneasy feelings certainly amplified by the ravenous screams.
With Autarkh Michel Nienhuis follows an eclectic sonic evolution and certainly aims to push boundaries throughout “Form In Motion” channeling the fury of extreme metal and the enigmatic vibes of industrial.

Wheel – Resident Human

Helsinki-based prog metal band Wheel is ready to impress the audience with cathartic soundscapes and stellar technical musicianship on the brand new full length “Resident Human”.
A charming melancholy lingers throughout “Dissipating” as the delicate melodic phrases flow like a fading daydream around the emotive vocal delivery and will ultimately evolve into a series of complex prog dynamics fueled by monolithic drumming and crunchy riffage that will simply delight any music connoisseur.
“Movement” marks an impactful moment as the brilliant guitar work tends to focus on the creation of memorable heavier grooves maintaining an elaborate prog approach that naturally leads to unexpected rhythmic twists.
The intricate track “Hyperion” emphasizes the inner contrasting emotions and truly showcases the band’s prowess as the sophisticated guitar progressions can shift from luminous harmonies during the slower contemplative passages to heavier crescendos offering sharp somber tonalities amplified by a majestic rhythmic section.
A grim atmosphere introduces the emotional turmoil embodied by the title track which relies on shapeshifting rhythmic patterns highlighting the impeccable drumming while guitars confidently deliver a striking blend of groovy riffs and mesmerizing melodic progressions.
Exploring human nature and constantly manifesting an intense creative force within the convoluted & fascinating progressive realm of “Resident Human” Wheel rightfully have the chance to solidify their status in the modern prog metal scene.

Nightfall – At Night We Prey

After seven years of absence Greek melodic death metal band Nightfall returns triumphantly with the new darkened offering “At Night We Prey” blending opulent melodies and ravenous grooves.
“Killing Moon” opens the album with an overdose of memorable guitar riffs characterized by gelid melodic accents while the belligerent rhythmic section is ready to unleash savage faster grooves fully showcasing a harsh musical direction.
“Witches” instantly channels obscure vibes as the aggressive drumming and the primal force of the guitar work effortlessly create a nightmarish sonic realm further amplified by the vicious growls.
“Giants Of Anger” still dwells within a pitchblack realm fueled by an intense groovy momentum yet the rhythm slows down as guitars tend to focus on mournful melodic phrases accompanied by the theatrical vocals.
On “Meteor Gods” the melodic aspects become dominant as the slower contemplative passages emphasize the gothic aesthetics of the guitar melodies and the enticing solo in contrast with the scattered heavier dynamics.
A mysterious gothic aura surrounds the title track as dramatic spoken words and dreamy melodic phrases introduce a fiery rhythmic ensemble amplified by the robust riffage and the arcane chanting.
The nocturnal vibes of “Wolves In Thy Head” come to life through the menacing rhythmic patterns and the furious growls that inevitably convey a primordial strength which often becomes entwined with the gothic tinged melodic grandeur.
Without any hesitation Nightfall follow a darkly alluring sonic pathway which today on “At Night We Prey” leads to the monumental combo of extreme metal influences and compelling melodic tapestries.