SOM – The Shape Of Everything

Doom pop collective SOM invites you on an immersive voyage through the evocative soundscapes of the brand new record “The Shape Of Everything”.
A graceful vocal delivery and glowing melodic progressions flow gently through the hazy atmospheric maze of “Moment” which often feels like a distant daydream occasionally spiced up by distorted crescendos.
“Animals” is destined to reach your soul with an overload of magical atmospheric arrangements and a quite catchy melodic ensemble that certainly relies on the soothing post-rock flair of the guitar work.
“Shape” continues to follow a minimalist rhythmic approach skillfully blending bright melodic aesthetics and heavier guitar riffs to convey a fascinating emotional depth further enhanced by the haunting vocals.
Within the misty atmosphere of “Heart Attack” guitars effortlessly shift from darkly groovy passages to melancholic slow burning harmonies that can easily make you space out.
As the title suggests “Son Of Winter” would be an ideal wintry soundtrack as the comforting nostalgia infused melodies and the otherworldly atmospheric layers create a cold dreamy sonic realm enriched by the subtle doom influences of the rhythmic section.
The music style of SOM might be hard to categorize but undoubtedly a delightful shoegaze inspiration contributes to the creation of the shimmering nuances and the introspective themes of “The Shape Of Everything”.

Aethereus – Leiden

Progressive technical death metal band Aethereus presents a thrilling modern sonic vision through the twisted soundscapes of the sophomore release “Leiden”.
An ominous atmosphere introduces the ravenous rhythmic assault of “Aberration” as the impressive guitar work delivers a relentless riffage but also focuses on refined melodies acquiring crystalline tonalities while the grand finale offers captivating orchestrations.
“Endless Cycle Of Rebirth” immediately unleashes brutal drum blasts dicatting a faster tempo, consequently guitars provide an overdose of extra heavy riffage ultimately leading to a slower refreshing breakdown featuring enticing jazzy influences.
“Shrouded In Kaleidoscopic Skin” begins with interesting dissonant phrases and might sound less menacing naturally evolving into striking guitar progressions and fancy soloing that definitely highlight the technical prowess while the outro surprises with a decadent combo of grand piano and violin melodies.
On “The Living Abyss” soothing piano and glowing guitar harmonies convey a profound dramatic depth destined to linger through the solemn atmospheric arrangements and the elaborate prog oriented rhythmic ensemble which will often acquire savage technical elements.
Throughout the majestic final track “Upon Infinite Seas” a theatrical darkened aura leads to immersive slower moments enriched by a compelling guitar solo and delicate arpeggios while the accurate rhythmic section inevitably manifests sheer brutality engaging in hostile convoluted dynamics amplified by ruthless growls.
“Leiden” noticeably relies on the consistent technical approach emphasizing the excellent musicianship yet Aethereus aim to go beyond the tech death metal realm with the addition of dazzling classical & symphonic aesthetics.

Pridelands – Light Bends

Australian metalcore band Pridelands is finally ready to impress the audience with a mix of sheer anger and soulful atmospheric tapestries on the debut full length “Light Bends”.
“I Reach Into Your Heart” can instantly evoke bittersweet emotions through the heartfelt vocal harmonies yet the bold combo of inflamed rhythmic patterns and futuristic synths ensures a heavier momentum.
On “Parallel Lines” the rhythmic section easily channels raw energy leading to a solid series of harsh grooves amplified by the edgy screams in contrast with the ethereal atmospheric textures.
The slower tempo on “The Lake Of Twisted Limbs” emphasizes the passionate clean vocal performance surrounded by shimmering atmospheric arrangements yet once again the band manages to seamlessly add more aggressive dynamics.
“Safer Here” embraces an emotive ballad style focusing on hazy atmospheric nuances and poignant feelings that effortlessly lead to crispy melodic crescendos.
“Heavy Tongue” channels massive metalcore vibes through the significantly faster & explosive groovy segments fueled by super crunchy guitar riffs and consequently the vocals become vicious screams.
The final track “The Sun Will Find Us” clearly embodies the band’s sonic vision as the haunting melodic aesthetics naturally evolve into a vicious rhythmic ensemble featuring crushing guitar riffs.
As Pridelands begin an exciting sonic journey they already manifest a cohesive songwriting approach shifting from glowing harmonies to impactful grooves throughout “Light Bends”.

Big Scenic Nowhere – The Long Morrow

Featuring renowned musicians Tony Reed of Mos Generator, Bob Balch of Fu Manchu, Gary Arce and Bill Stinson of Yawning Man, Californian progressive heavy rock supergroup Big Scenic Nowhere makes a triumphant comeback with the striking sophomore album “The Long Morrow” which is the result of a three-day jam session tracked in Joshua Tree in the fall of 2019.
“Defector (of Future Days)” marks a memorable beginning as the big guitar riffs can effortlessly generate a magnetic groovy momentum embellished by charismatic soloing and soulful melodic accents.
The heavy rock spirit of “Murder Klipp” thrives within the groovy rhythmic patterns fueled by the steady crunchy riffs ultimately leading to a quite catchy chorus while during the melodic breakdown the glowing guitar phrases flow like a nostalgic daydream.
“Lavender Bleu” instantly evokes wistful feelings through the calmer vocal harmonies and the fascinating melodic guitar work yet at times the rhythmic section will fully embrace a desert rock mood with significantly heavier dynamics.
For almost twenty minutes the majestic title track takes you on an introspective journey focusing on intense groovy segments, intricate and often trippy synths arrangements courtesy of Per Wiberg and alluring melodic lines floating freely through a hazy atmospheric maze further enriched by the mesmerizing essence and the wild licks of the extensive guitar solos.
The veteran artists behind Big Scenic Nowhere are definitely able to channel a remarkable creative force throughout “The Long Morrow” leading to a kaleidoscopic progressive rock ensemble that demands your attention.

Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaw’s Stand

Australian extreme metal outfit Nocturnal Graves proudly spreads darkness & brutality throughout the ominous new album “An Outlaw’s Stand”.
The album opener “Death To The Pigs” makes a ferocious statement generating visceral rhythmic patterns with monumental drumming and abrasive riffage while the guitar leads create satisfying flamboyant progressions.
“Command for Conflict” consistently relies on the extra speed of the hostile rhythmic section to convey an oppressive mood yet when the tempo slows down guitars have a chance to deliver some quasi melodic licks.
“Law of the Blade” offers an overload of menacing guitar riffs and the consequent sheer fury is certainly amplified by the cavernous growls and enriched by the lugubrious tonalities of the charismatic guitar solo.
Bearing the malignant mark of classic death metal “Beyond the Flesh” unleashes fast unrestrained guitar driven grooves that simply seem unstoppable until the gripping extensive guitar solo takes the center stage.
Without any hesitation the title track provides a ruthless sonic onslaught through the malevolent energy of vitriolic riffs and frantic drums while later an obscure atmosphere will highlight the darkened allure of the guitar leads.
Within the apocalyptic sonic realm embodied by “An Outlaw’s Stand” Nocturnal Graves never fail to deliver the expected dosage of merciless dynamics constantly channeling a primal death & black metal force.

Infected Rain – Ecdysis

Moldovan modern metal band Infected Rain begins a new exciting journey through the futuristic sonic realm of the latest release “Ecdysis”.
Surrounded by visionary multilayered synths “Postmortem Pt. 1” prepares a harsh rhythmic assault relying on Lena Scissorhands’ visceral growls to amplify the hardcore force of the crunchy riffage in contrast with the recurring bittersweet melodic passages.
The enhanced brutality of “Fighter” comes from the faster savage rhythmic patterns and the consequent groovy momentum seems unstoppable but there is still space for a calmer breakdown accompanied by soulful vocals.
Throughout “Longing” gritty guitars and fiery drums can easily generate solid grooves yet the multifaceted electro elements certainly add diversity creating subtle dreamy moments to express genuine emotions.
Featuring guest vocalist Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies “The Realm of Chaos” will definitely stand out for the thrilling vocal performance embellished by the alluring darkened atmospheric nuances floating through a quite ruthless rhythmic core.
Channeling unrestrained metalcore influences “Everlasting Lethargy” can hit you in the face with vicious rhythmic blasts while Lena shows her versatile vocal skills shifting from hostile screams to soothing lullaby harmonies during the glowing atmospheric passages.
“Nine, Ten” leaves behind any sign of brutality to focus on a surreal atmospheric ensemble evoking a daydreaming state through shimmering synths and a profoundly melancholic vocal delivery.
“Postmortem Pt. 2” begins with hazy atmospheric layers and graceful vocals leading to a more melodic composition to emphasize haunting feelings but the bold rhythmic section can still unleash heavier dynamics with some tasteful proggy accents.
In the last few years Infected Rain have developed a catchy blend of aggressive grooves and deeply emotional melodic textures that today continues to flourish within the intense soundscapes of “Ecdysis”.

Wilderun – Epigone

Progressive metal band Wilderun bravely defies standard musical categories on the new ambitious opus “Epigone” constantly surprising the audience with an eclectic songwriting style.
“Woolgatherer” embodies an adventurous spirit through a remarkable blend of diverse influences beginning with a subtle cinematic atmosphere accompanied by soulful whispered vocals that introduce a melodic wonderland featuring glowing guitar progressions and fragile acoustic passages evoking delightful folkish vibes yet a darker mood will emerge within the faster harsh rhythmic ensemble.
“Passenger” is characterized by a strong prog metal inspiration leading to a convoluted rhythmic maze fueled by a striking mix of crunchy riffage and luminous melodic guitar leads enriched by epic orchestrations and solemn choirs while the fiery growls and the untamed drumming can certainly channel a primal extreme metal force.
“Identifier” conveys immense melancholia with the recurring gentle arpeggios and the resulting cathartic melodic essence continues to linger through the refined guitar phrases yet the precise rhythmic section will create dazzling prog dynamics and significantly heavier & enigmatic segments highlighting the versatile guitar work.
“Distraction II” emphasizes an elaborate prog approach as guitars rightfully take the center stage delivering colossal riffs embellished by the grand operatic flair of the symphonic arrangements & choirs ultimately leading to a rather chaotic darker finale.
The opulent dreamy atmospheric arrangements of “Distraction III” take you far away from the dreadful reality and the charismatic guitar work crafts a series of alluring melodies while a heartfelt minimalist acoustic piece brings closure.
Shifting from surreal soundscapes to twisted rhythmic patterns, “Epigone” is destined to impress all music connoisseurs as Wilderun showcases excellent musicianship embracing an ideal escapism.

Doodswens – Lichtvrees

Dutch female black metal duo Doodswens aims to impress the underground extreme metal scene with the overwhelming obscure nuances of the debut full-length “Lichtvrees”.
The traditional Nordic black metal influences are very palpable as “In Mijn Bloed” instantly unleashes ferocious blast beats enhanced by malignant growls and monochromatic riffage.
Like a proper wintry soundtrack “Zwarte Staar” relies on the gelid guitar tonalities and the slower grave tempo to create a deeply mournful atmosphere.
“Eindzicht” focuses on the bleak guitar melodies that gently convey grim emotions through the murky rhythmic maze created by the monolithic drums.
In the cold sonic realm of “Het Zwartewaterland” the ghastly essence of the melodic waves gradually lead to a faster visceral rhythmic ensemble reminding you that all hope is lost.
The title track emphasizes an inner emotional turmoil through the hypnotizing nocturnal melodic crescendos that will evolve into an asphyxiating rhythmic rampage fueled by the relentless tremolo.
Without any special effects Doodswens are able to spread perennial darkness channeling the glory of old school black metal throughout the lugubrious soundscapes of “Lichtvrees”.

Dessiderium – Aria

Founded by multi-instrumentalist Alex Haddad, Dessiderium is bound to trigger interest manifesting a striking expansive sonic vision on the new ambitious full length “Aria”.
The luminous guitar tonalities and the peaceful atmospheric textures of “White Morning In A World She Knows” create a fascinating melodic palette while the acrobatic guitar work follows a familiar prog metal pathway and the resulting twisted rhythmic patterns ultimately lead to a quasi chaotic finale expressing tumultuous feelings.
The title track instantly showcases an aggressive approach as the relentless crunchy guitar riffs and the convoluted leads generate a heavier momentum certainly amplified by the ravenous growls yet a radiant atmospheric aura and the warm melodic passages can convey uplifting feelings.
On “Moon Lust Delirium” a monumental blackened flair leads to unrestrained blast beats constantly fueled by the frantic drumming and the harsh riffage in contrast with the scattered shimmering atmospheric accents.
“The Persecution Complex” still offers elaborate heavy prog moments highlighting a dazzling technical approach but the sophisticated guitar work tends to focus on the creation of elegant melodic progressions floating through brighter multilayered atmospheric tapestries accompanied by soothing vocal harmonies.
To create the shape-shifting soundscapes of “Aria” Alex has chosen a multifaceted songwriting approach blending complex progressive dynamics and hints of raw extreme metal influences enhanced by an impressive musicianship.

Opera Diabolicus – Death On A Pale Horse

Swedish horror entity Opera Diabolicus conjures darkness to create the theatrical sophomore opus “Death On A Pale Horse” collaborating with exceptional musicians.
Featuring talented vocalist Mats Levén, “Bring Out Your Dead” combines a classic heavy metal formula and symphonic splendor to generate an inflamed rhythmic rampage with striking epic vibes as the soaring guitars are skillfully enriched by solemn orchestrations.
The detailed composition of “Second Coming” leads to dreamy melodic passages and wild rhythmic blasts enhanced by sumptuous choirs that often evoke sinister vibes while the stunning lead guitar work courtesy of legendary Andy La Rocque is destined to impress the listeners.
“Darkest Doom on the Brightest of Days” maintains a massive heavy metal rhythmic core with majestic guitar progressions and aptly sounds darker and diabolical with particularly wicked vocals and arcane organ tapestries while the classical elegance of violin harmonies evokes sheer melancholia.
“Night Demon” begins with the ominous combo of organ and operatic choirs introducing thrilling rhythmic patterns fueled by the frenetic drum blasts while the gloomy gothic flair continues to thrive within the witchy atmospheric ensemble.
On “At Nighttime” mournful arpeggios are swiftly followed by a charismatic devilish vocal delivery so the consequent nightmarish mood demands bewitching orchestral layers and faster soaring guitar riffs in contrast with the softer classical breakdown and the melodic allure of the compelling guitar solo.
Opera Diabolicus makes a triumphant comeback telling a story of witchcraft, the black death and revenge throughout “Death On A Pale Horse” which undoubtedly feels like a grandiose decadent operetta due to the magnificent symphonic approach and the brilliant musicianship.