Stöner – Stoners Rule

Featuring iconic musicians Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and Ryan Güt, the new band Stöner embodies the authentic essence of desert rock taking you on a wild ride across the dusty Mojave paths on the debut release “Stoners Rule”.
The hazy trip begins with the fuzzy monochromatic nuances of “Rad Stays Rad” as the thick guitar riffs and the heavy bass backbone effortlessly create spacey rhythmic dynamics enhanced by Brant’s laid back vocals.
“The Older Kids” certainly holds an enjoyable trippy mood yet picks up some energetic vibes to generate memorable hooks courtesy of the vintage guitar tonalities and moody vocals following a constant groovy rhythm.
“Stand Down” features chunky guitar riffs, loads of fuzzed out dynamics and a smooth tempo leading to a super catchy chorus while the lead guitar work shines for the soulful retro sound and the warm bluesy influences.
The spaced out final track “Tribe/Fly Girl” feels like a refreshing spontaneous jamming session highlighting the band’s strong chemistry and shifting from bold grooves to languid melodies while the guitars successfully maintain an addictive raw sound that can instantly put you in a daze celebrating a true stoner rock spirit.
The irresistible fuzzed out grooves of “Stoners Rule” always come to life naturally as Stöner know exactly how to jam like there’s no tomorrow driven by the timeless energy of desert rock.

Heavy Temple – Lupi Amoris

Philadelphia trio Heavy Temple begins a wild trip full of monumental grooves with a distinct darkened flair on the official debut album “Lupi Amoris”.
“A Desert Through The Trees” immediately manifests a fuzzy rock soul embellished by the sultry vocal delivery and the robust guitar riffs skillfully build intense grooves reaching the acme with an elaborate vibrant solo.
You can space out endlessly listening to “The Wolf” as the spacey guitar work creates a dense psychedelic atmosphere that will ultimately embrace a heavier momentum amplified by lugubrious doom tonalities.
On “The Maiden” the guitar progressions continue to convey trippy vibes with a delicious vintage essence while the rhythmic foundation gradually gains speed to generate monumental grooves enriched by explosive fuzzed out solos.
The fuzzy doom style of “Isabella” creates an obscure sonic realm as the monolithic riffage and the painfully slow rhythmic patterns become the dominant elements while the smooth bluesy tonalities and the extensive guitar solos naturally enrich the groovy dynamics flowing through the psychedelic atmospheric ensemble.
Throughout “Lupi Amoris” the mighty strength of the guitar riffs leads the way to a murky sonic maze with a taste for wilderness and spirituality as Heavy Temple confidently channel a cryptic doom laden force to captivate the audience.

King Of Asgard – Svartrviðr

Swedish metallers King Of Asgard channel a gelid Nordic soul through the darkened sonic realm of the fifth full length “svartrviðr”.
Surrounded by a shroud of frost “frôðr” revolves around majestic guitar riffs and mournful tonalities generating a series of fiery blackened grooves amplified by monumental drum blasts yet grim emotions emerge through the captivating slower melodic passages.
On “hæimr” the unrestrained rhythmic section continues to follow a dismal blackened pathway enhanced by the fierce growls while the cathartic lead guitar work focuses on poignant melodies and solemn vibes.
On “kvikr” a profound melancholia lingers through fragile arpeggios and minimalist piano melodies in contrast with the hostile blackened momentum fueled by blistering guitar riffs and ravenous growls.
You can instantly perceive an epic flair through “svartrviðr” as the theatrical chants and the intricate rhythmic progressions evoke an arcane essence that belongs to the realm of pagan metal and Norse mythology.
“harmdauðr” crafts bleak soundscapes conveying immense melancholia through the eloquent acoustic phrases yet an obscure force is bound to prevail as the savage guitar riffs lead to relentless blackened dynamics.
“svartrviðr” perfectly embodies the band’s Norse heritage and a perennial wintry mood as King Of Asgard skillfully blend vicious blackened rhythmic patterns and spellbinding melodic tapestries.

Dornenreich – Du wilde Liebe sei

Austrian band Dornenreich reaches a crucial milestone with the release of the ninth album “Du wilde Liebe sei” which embodies their signature black arcane rock style.
A darkened aura surrounds “So ruf’ sie wach das Sehnen” as the alluring mix of soulful acoustic phrases and gritty guitar progressions ultimately creates a contemplative sonic realm further embellished by sublime violin melodies.
“In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht” can offer heavier rhythmic dynamics due to the edgy guitar riffs while the intricate melodic patterns highlight a charming folk inspiration with eloquent violins.
The theatrical vocals on “Dein knöchern’ Kosen” immediately emphasize a dark mood that becomes even more palpable when the raw guitar riffs and the tribal drums skillfully build a bold rhythmic tension.
“Der Freiheit Verlangen nach goldenen Ketten” revolves around contrasting feelings as the magical violin and the soothing arpeggios can easily evoke sheer melancholia while the guitar work and the vocals reveal a mysterious essence.
On “Sie machen Mangel zum Geschenk” guitars and drums create a fervent rhythmic rampage while the violin continues to spellbind the listeners with sophisticated classical nuances and catchy melodies.
The final track “Freiheit erlösen” conveys a sense of tranquility focusing on the emotional themes as the captivating neofolk harmonies flourish within the gentle acoustic ensemble and the dreamy violin melodies.
Exploring all the aspects of love throughout “Du wilde Liebe sei”, Dornenreich confidently manifest a mesmerizing sonic vision that naturally leads to gorgeous elaborate soundscapes.

Jordfäst – Hädanefter

Swedish duo Jordfäst invites you to join an immersive sonic journey through the frostbitten blackened soundscapes and the spiritual melodic essence of the debut album “Hädanefter”.
A spellbinding melancholia lingers through “Buren av loppor” as minimalist guitar harmonies and crestfallen atmospheric arrangements seem to celebrate the barren beauty of a wintry landscape yet such contemplative ensemble will eventually evolve into a full blown blackened world where anguished growls, tremolo picking and cryptic rhythmic patterns are destined to thrive.
“Hädanförd” unfolds like a tragic tale as the icy tonalities and the monumental drums constantly express an inner torment creating a groovy yet ominous rhythmic rampage naturally enriched by a compelling series of charismatic guitar progressions while the slower moments embrace a mournful melodic flair and the solemn choirs evoke a fascinating Nordic soul.
You can always perceive a perennial darkness throughout “Hädanefter” as Jordfäst confidently blends obscure black metal dynamics and eloquent melodies drawing inspiration from Scandinavia’s historical heritage.

Per Wiberg – All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us… Lights Out

Known for his work with Opeth and Spiritual Beggars, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Per Wiberg this time has crafted the new solo EP “All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us… Lights Out” showcasing a bright and eclectic creative approach.
The journey begins with the cinematic soundscapes of “All Is Well” which relies on intricate atmospheric arrangements and soulful vocals that can evoke somber feelings amplified by the gloomy melodic accents.
On “In The Land Of The Living” the complex keyboard layers easily create a surreal mood spiced up by the catchy rhythmic patterns and the smooth chorus in contrast with the enigmatic instrumental passages which can acquire darker nuances.
“But For The Rest Of Us…” feels like a nocturnal soundtrack creating a distant dreamy sonic realm as haunting piano melodies flow gently through a darkened ambient maze carefully built by elaborate multilayered arrangements.
“Lights Out” focuses on an eloquent vocal performance and a poignant melodic & atmospheric ensemble emphasizing an inner darkness that will ultimately reach the acme with a sophisticated guitar solo.
Undoubtedly “All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us… Lights Out” will appeal to music connoisseurs as Per Wiberg embraces a dazzling avant-garde style to create a unique work of music.

Red Fang – Arrows

Portland based stoner/sludge rockers Red Fang are eager to unleash the long awaited new full length “Arrows” offering massive groovy dynamics yet exploring diverse musical territories.
The raw energy of “Unreal Estate” is evident as the gritty riffage and the bold bass lines can easily build robust grooves while the slower lead guitar work tends to channel darkened vibes and tormented feelings.
The title track relies on the fuzzy power of the monumental guitar driven grooves and the excellent leads enhancing a no frills sludge style that will lead to memorable hooks but also to softer atmospheric moments.
In the midst of crazy feedback and cryptic tonalities “Two High” ultimately generates relentless sludgy rhythmic patterns constantly fueled by the super heavy guitar riffs and the colossal drum blasts.
“Anodyne” sounds particularly intriguing combining moody vocals, lugubrious atmospheric nuances and slow burning progressions yet this darker ensemble will lead to a catchy and significantly heavier chorus.
“Fonzi Scheme” instantly evokes a swampy sludge mood as the bold guitar riffs take the center stage to create a solid stomping rampage embellished by sophisticated atmospheric arrangements.
“Days Collide” embraces a mellow feel beginning with bittersweet melodic phrases emphasizing the darker tones of the cathartic guitar work while the monochromatic rhythmic ensemble still holds a groovy sludge flair.
The monolithic riffage and the consequent groovy momentum are certainly at the center of “Arrows” as Red Fang successfully follow a sonic evolution without sacrificing a familiar & successful darkened sludge approach.

Hippie Death Cult – Circle Of Days

Portland based rockers Hippie Death Cult aim to garner interest presenting a soulful blend of fuzzy doom and classic rock elements on the sophomore release “Circle Of Days”.
On “Red Meat Tricks” the robust rhythmic section constantly manifests darkened doom nuances while the guitar work focuses on charismatic soloing and haunting melodic accents amplified by the delicious vintage tonalities and the smooth vocal delivery.
There is a nostalgic feel lingering though the title track as the passionate vocals and the vibrant melodic phrases flourish within a mystifying atmospheric ensemble following a slower almost dreamy tempo yet you can still perceive an obscure doom aura.
“Eye In The Sky” brings closure with massive trippy vibes carefully crafted by hazy guitar melodies and brooding atmospheric arrangements while the gritty guitar riffs can easily generate heavier & lugubrious monolithic grooves.
Throughout “Circle Of Days” colossal doom & heavy rock influences naturally thrive within a groovy sonic maze and undoubtedly Hippie Death Cult are developing a quite interesting sonic vision.

Jess And The Ancient Ones – Vertigo

Finnish occult rockers Jess And The Ancient Ones embark on a spellbinding sonic journey channeling an irresistible retro flair on the brand new record “Vertigo”.
As ominous feelings linger through “Burning Of The Velvet Fires” the darkened guitar sound will trigger a massive groovy momentum skillfully embellished by spooky keyboards harmonies and fascinating vocals.
The ‘70s rock style flourishes within the melodic maze of “Talking Board” fueled by the witchy organ tonalities, the paranormal atmospheric vibes and the raw energy of the guitar work while Jess delivers an eclectic vocal performance.
“Born To Kill” showcases a heavier approach as the gritty guitar riffs successfully create addictive grooves around Jess’s powerful vocal delivery while the slower passages highlight an arcane melodic spirit.
“What’s On Your Mind” might often favor the presence of soulful melodies and moody atmospheric layers yet the faster infectious rhythmic rampage emphasized by the impressive vocals and the inflamed guitar riffs demands your attention.
The intricate sonic realm of “Strange Earth Illusion” leads to a grand finale as the hallucinogenic mixture of surreal atmospheric arrangements, intoxicating vintage organ harmonies and slow burning melodic phrases is destined to put a spell on you while the otherworldly vocals can evoke a strong spiritual essence.
Throughout “Vertigo” Jess And The Ancient Ones constantly manifest a magnetic creative force blending lysergic doom tonalities and trippy heavy rock elements to craft an absolutely bewitching collection of songs.

Alluvial – Sarcoma

Atlanta based technical death metal band Alluvial raises the bar with a new line up on the blistering sophomore album “Sarcoma” which aims to surprise the listeners with a complex blend of aggression and progressive flair.
The strength of “Ulysses” comes from the band’s instrumental prowess that generates interesting rhythmic twists manifesting the absolute fury of death metal through a vicious combo of relentless riffage and fast drumming while the lead guitar work focuses on cathartic phrases.
The title track can sound insanely hostile due to the breakneck speed and the savage screams while the technical proggy approach becomes evident through the sharp guitar riffs and the convoluted soloing.
On “40 Stories” a calmer melodic mood emphasizes the role of the surreal atmospheric accents and the smooth guitar harmonies reaching the acme with an eclectic solo yet a visceral rhythmic rampage will take over leading to unrestrained grooves.
“Exponent” doesn’t waste any time as the ruthless rhythmic section dwells within a chaotic realm channeling the brutal element of modern death metal but you can easily appreciate the unexpected technical aspects of the guitar work.
“Sleepers Become Giants” emphasizes a mystifying atmospheric ensemble and the darkened guitar tonalities craft shimmering melodic crescendos while the faster rhythmic segments maintain a tormented mood.
The instrumental track “Sugar Paper” perfectly embodies an elaborate composition that inevitably generates a high degree of diversity as guitars masterfully create a series of alluring melodies and spellbinding leads evoking sheer melancholia in contrast with the meticulous technical progressions and the frantic riffage.
Certainly Alluvial are eager to showcase an intense creative force that on “Sarcoma” skillfully leads to intricate rhythmic dynamics and captivating instrumental patterns shaping a unique sonic identity without sacrificing the extreme metal roots.