Welcome to our advertising opportunities page. The Offering is now offering advertising packages where you can advertise pretty much anything related to our content. If you want to advertise your band, you band’s upcoming album, a tour announcement, or your business that relates to our content, we’d love to have you.

What You Get

We are starting out with some basic ad spaces that you can see on the right side of our screen. At the moment we only have 2 spaces, but if we get demand, we may have rotating banners in the future. Don’t worry though, if you sign up for one of the two spaces, we won’t put your ad in rotate until the time you paid for is up.

Advertising Packages

How Do I Start?

It’s simple!

1) Create your artwork. (Our current ads are 350DPI at 3″ x 3″)
2) Choose a package
3) Send an email to or Contact us on Facebook at
4) Once we get back to you and confirm your ad, pay us via PayPal.

It’s that easy.