Toxic Holocaust Live in Joliet

After the success of their latest album, “Primal Future: 2019” back in October, Toxic Holocaust is on their way through North America supporting Soulfly on The Summoning tour. Toxic Holocaust has consistently been one of the biggest names in the thrash revival scene since the early 2000’s. Their show at The Forge in Joliet was full of hits that spanned their entire discography, including “Nuke the Cross,” “Acid Fuzz,” and “Bitch”.

Soulfly Live in Joliet

Soulfly is once again making their way through North America to bring hits from their latest album, “Ritual,” to fans. The Summoning tour kicked off on February 1st, and Soulfly played a packed show at The Forge in Joliet not long after. According to frontman Max Cavalera, “The Ritual continues! We are summoning our tribe to rage across North America!!” Their performance at The Forge was full of rage and a powerful sound that reminded fans why Soulfly is a force to be reckoned with.

Morbid Angel Live in Joliet

Morbid Angel is making their way through the U.S. on their The 2019 USA Sickness Tour alongside Watain and Incantation. Their show at the Forge in Joliet highlighted some of the band’s best songs from both new and old albums alike. According to frontman Steve Tucker, “this is a relentless lineup of pure evil and uncompromised dark art! We look forward to melting the faces off of all of you seeking the comfort of the dark!

Eluveitie Live in Chicago

Eluveitie has been at the forefront of the folk metal scene since the band’s inception in 2002. After the success of their eighth studio album, “Ategnatos” earlier this year, the band is once again on tour in the U.S. Despite several lineup changes in recent years, Eluveitie remains a force to be reckoned with, utilizing multiple folk instruments to create a sound that combines elements of folk, melodic death metal, and traditional Celtic music. Their setlist focused heavily on songs from their most recent release, with songs from earlier albums balancing out the performance. Fans will not want to miss this incredible show.

Korpiklaani Live in Chicago

Finnish folk metal pioneers Korpiklaani are currently on tour alongside Eluveitie. Their show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago highlighted some of the most unique aspects of the band’s sound and performance. Their setlist flowed from high-energy drinking songs, to heavier arrangements, to violin/accordion led instrumentals; all providing the band with countless opportunities to show the crowd their personalities as they danced and played new hits and old favorites alike. The chemistry, stage presence, and sheer fun of Korpiklaani’s performance shows just why they’ve been so successful for over 25 years

Demons & Wizards Live in Chicago

Founded in 1999 by Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) and Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth), the legendary Demons & Wizards is currently making their way through the U.S. on their first and only U.S. tour. Concord Music Hall in Chicago was packed with fans, many of whom have waited 20 years to see Demons & Wizards perform live. Their setlist showcased some of their best work from their two studio albums, as well as a few Iced Earth and Blind Guardian covers, making for a magical concert experience.

Lizzy Borden Live in Chicago

Los Angeles based metal band Lizzy Borden came through Chicago and entertained fans with a truly theatrical performance, featuring both a classic heavy metal sound and a visual aspect of several amazing costume changes. Throughout the set fans were able to see a wide range of songs spanning from their first album “Love You to Pieces” in 1985 to their newest release in 2018, ” My Midnight Things.” This is the band’s first tour since 2014, and fans were certainly excited to see them once again.

Týr Live in Chicago

Renowned Faroese metal band Týr is making their way through North American following the release of their latest album, “Hel.” Fans in Chicago were able to see a spectacular performance by the whole band, with some truly enthralling vocal harmonies between frontman Heri Joensen and bassist Gunnar Thomsen. Their setlist featured songs from some of the band’s more recent albums, ending with fan favorite “Hold the Heathern Hammer High”.