Anzillu Interview

Photo: Petri Sara

Like a phoenix, Jesse Kämäräinen‘s music has risen from the ashes of Inkvisitor via a new band called Anzillu. Anzillu is an extreme metal band from Helsinki whose debut album “Ex Nihilo” was released last January. We got to meet Jesse and Teemu after their show at MonoMassive and chat about the album, what it is like to work with Nino Laurenne in the recording studio, the importance of stage presence and much more.

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MonoMassive Festival 9.9.2023, Pori (Fin)

The first edition of MonoMassive, organized by Meara Music, was held in Pori at the Annis house of cultures on September 9th. Six bands took turns on the two stages: Anzillu, Atlas, Where’s My Bible, Medeia, Black Royal, and Rytmihäiriö. The festival was sold-out thanks also to the possibility of participation of young people under 18 years of age. Hopefully the festival will be repeated next year.
Here some photos taken by Cristina Gregori.