Porispere, Pori (Finland) 5-6/8/2022

This year the Porispere has grown larger by expanding the festival area to accommodate more people, with a new larger stage and no restrictions on alcohol areas. Unfortunately the weather was not on the side of the festival, rain and wind made the program change at the last minute and two gigs were canceled. Despite all, the festival was a success and the dates for next year have already been announced.

Photos by Cristina Gregori & Miika Riikonen


Manzana Interview

Photo: Rami Marjamäki

Finnish band Manzana have released their sixth album “Neon Darkness”, which was conceived during the pandemic, and now that the situation has improved the band is back on stage. We had the opportunity to interview frontwoman Piritta Lumous before their gig in Pori, and talk about the album, the tours and much more.


Play Girls Magazine Interview

Photo credits: Marko Jokinen

On the occasion of their 30th anniversary, the Finnish rock band Play Girls Magazine released a 3-track album called “My time”, with this release the band demonstrates the desire to be on stage and play while having fun. We had the opportunity to interview the band just before the concert at the release party of “My Time” in Aaltomurtaja- Pori, we talked about their music and tried to understand what is the secret of this band’s longevity.


Memoira interview

Finnish symphonic metal band Memoira has been working hard over the past two years releasing their third album “Carnival of Creation” via Inverse Records, signing with JVR Agency, offering a live stream to their fans, and releasing three new singles.
Now they are ready to let their live music do the talking starting with the concert in their hometown Pori. We had the chance to meet Lassi and Niko before the concert and talk about everything that has happened in the last two years.

Official website

Moon Shot interview

What happens when former memebers of Disco Ensemble, Children of Bodom and Lapko form a band? Moon Shot is the answer!
The Finnish rock band will release their debut album next October, meanwhile the band played 3 shows this summer proving they are ready to conquer the world with their sound and energy.
We had the oppotunity to meet Ville Malja and Jussi Ylikoski before their show at Porispere and talk about the band, upcoming album and much more.

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