Atlases interview

Photo: Johanna Sjövall

Atlases is a Finnish band formed in 2017, after two albums and several lineup changes, the band presents itself to the world with a third album “Between The Day & I” in which it shows the duality of their music with heavy and melodic modern sounds . After a mini-tour in the Baltics, the band introduced itself to its home crowd in Pori, before the gig we had the chance to have a chat with Rasmus Forssel and Jesse Simola to get to know better the band and their music.


Atlases, Golden Rot & Sirkuit Preiker live at Meara Klubi, Pori (Finland)

The last appointment with Meara Klubi before the summer was also a pre-release party for Atlases album “Between The Day & I”, as open acts Sirkuit Preiker and Golden Rot.
Atlases is a six-piece fiercely forward-thinking ensemble, whose brushes have touched the metal starting point plus plenty of experimental attitude, with their next album, the band made an unprejudiced leap towards even more original expression, the post metal elements are still present, but the band’s experimental attitude also brought with it songs that were more truncated than before.
Golden Rot is a fresh and modern alternative metal band from Tampere, whose members each gained experience in various genres of heavy music, the songs sound fresh as a mix of influences from metalcore, 90s alternative, progressive metal and catchy radio rock tune of the millennium.
Sirkuit Preiker is a Finnish-language electronic metal project, where Samuli Peltola, best known for Medeia, wanders the boundaries of film music and technical death metal.
Here some photos of the night brought to you from Cristina Gregori.