Might – Might

German duo Might have concocted a unique sonic experience for the debut self-titled release channeling an overdose of darkened post-rock vibes. 

“Pollution Of Mind” begins with an inflamed guitar riff that spontaneously shapes a sludge oriented sonic realm further amplified by rambunctious rhythmic blasts while the dark sultry vocals can evoke grim emotions. 

Darkness descends on “Vampire” as the mighty guitar riffs continue to rely on a sludge/doom inspiration to build murky groovy dynamics yet you will also find some lovely somber melodic passages. 

“Possession” still holds a palpable darkened soul as the enigmatic guitar tonalities lead the way through a dismal rhythmic ensemble and the monochromatic riffage showcases a lugubrious doom attitude. 

The minimalist composition behind “Warlight” has an intense post-rock flair lingering through the gentle guitar melodies, the bittersweet vocal harmonies and the hazy rhythmic crescendos that generate a captivating dreamy mood. 

On “Flight Of Fancy” a mysterious atmosphere surrounds the mournful rhythmic patterns and the moody guitar phrases while the dominant melodic essence accompanied by enchanting vocals constantly conveys darkened emotions.

Within a realm of shadows and lights on this eponymous debut album Might create darkly alluring soundscapes that can easily spellbind the listeners.