Vicious Rumors – Celebration Decay

Mastermind Geoff Thorpe returns with the new Vicious Rumors album “Celebration Decay” which aims to keep alive the band’s legacy and marks another milestone in their longstanding career. 

The title track ensures an aptly vicious beginning unleashing massive guitar driven grooves supported by an explosive rhythmic section and constantly enriched by the excellent leads & the charismatic shredding rampage. 

“Pulse Of The Dead” relies on the raw energy of the ravenous vocals and the thrilling groovy dynamics which certainly channel a classic thrash metal spirit with the perfect dosage of sharp guitar riffs leading to sophisticated soloing. 

“Arrival Of Desolation” immediately showcases a darker mood so at times the tempo gets a bit slower to emphasize the intensity of the melodic guitar licks nevertheless the rhythmic patterns can successfully build a groovy & faster momentum.  

On “Darkness Divine” the band chooses to embrace a dramatically slower sonic pathway naturally enhancing a sorrowful mood that obviously puts the spotlight on the appealing melodic guitar work while some heavier rhythmic blasts still manage to channel a solid groovy energy.

On “Death Eternal” you can immediately perceive a classic heavy metal approach consequently the guitar work is bound to take the center stage to skillfully create a blend of chunky riffage and inflamed leads. 

On “Masquerade Of Good Intentions” guitars are once again ready to keep everything interesting delivering mighty riffs and elegant melodic twists during the solos in the midst of a darkened sonic vision and a belligerent rhythm.

Vicious Rumors ultimately create a collection of anthemic savage songs that will satisfy the faithful fans and never fail to  demonstrate the band’s enthusiasm and creative force throughout “Celebration Decay”. 

Brimstone Coven – The Woes Of A Mortal Earth

Dark rockers Brimstone Coven are ready to put a spell on you with the bewitching melodies and the magical vintage grooves of the latest offering “The Woes of a Mortal Earth”.

“The Inferno” sounds absolutely groovy as the retro rock flair naturally flourishes through the winning combo of raw guitar riffs and moody melodic progressions enriched by the hypnotizing vocal harmonies. 

On “Live With A Ghost” the whole instrumental ensemble definitely amplifies the haunting nuances as the occult rock essence thrives within the robust rhythmic section and inspires the gloomy allure of the melodic crescendos. 

On “The Darker Half” the rhythmic segments and the melodic phrases instantly acquire a catchy darkened energy naturally entwined with a prominent classic rock soul in fact the ‘70s style of the warm guitar tonalities can easily take you back in time. 

You can perceive a subtle doom influence and exquisite occult rock vibes on “Song of Whippoorwill” as the guitar tonalities become increasingly darker leading to chunky riffage to fuel a series of no frills dismal rhythmic patterns.

Undoubtedly “The Woes of a Mortal Earth” stands out for the brooding motifs but the authentic rock spirit certainly should not go unnoticed as this time Brimstone Coven really have the chance to demonstrate their songwriting skills and passion.

Necrot – Mortal

Bay Area death metal/punk trio Necrot is finally releasing the new crushing full length “Mortal” which promises to deliver an overdose of ferocious grooves channeling strong old school vibes. 

“Your Hell” opens the album with the raw energy of the galloping guitar riffs that immediately channel major dismal feelings foreshadowing the dominant presence of the brooding dynamics crafted by a fierce rhythmic ensemble and accompanied by visceral growls. 

Darkness prevails on “Asleep Forever” as the band confidently conjures a dreadful sonic realm where an obscure death metal force demands massive guitar riffs and ruthless drumming to successfully create twisted rhythmic patterns enriched by an intense solo.  

The strength of “Sinister Will” comes from the faster rhythmic rampage that highlights the fundamental role of the unrestrained guitar work effortlessly shifting from ruthless riffage to an extensive solo which offers a generous dosage of shredding. 

There is a sense of decay lingering throughout the title track as the lugubrious guitar tonalities can craft some intriguing darkened leads yet the monumental rhythmic section continues to evoke a malevolent death metal inspiration and the imposing growls seem to emerge from a forgotten abyss. 

Even if Necrot are undoubtedly devoted to a classic death metal approach “Mortal” tends to showcase elaborate songwriting skills that definitely focus on the excellent guitar work and the spiteful mood.  

Psychlona – Venus Skytrip

UK stoner rock stalwarts Psychlona are ready to embark on a galactic voyage through the fuzzy soundscapes of the sophomore album “Venus Skytrip”. 

The explosive trip begins with “Blast Off” where guitars move sinuously through a nebulous atmosphere delivering moody melodic phrases and inflamed stoner rock riffage well supported by the addictive cosmic energy of the rhythmic section. 

It’s time to space out endlessly as soon as “10,000 Volts” manifests a warm fuzzy soul through the excellent guitar work crafting immersive melodic passages that convey glowing peaceful feelings yet will spontaneously evolve into wild extensive solos within a significantly heavier rhythmic ensemble. 

“Blow” immediately showcases a fiery stoner rock spirit as the monumental guitar riffs and the robust bass backbone successfully build intense groovy dynamics enriched by the comforting vocal delivery and the magical vintage psychedelic tonalities of the solo.  

Surrounded by misty atmospheric waves “Resin” feels like a delightful daydream following a slower pace to highlight the luminous guitar harmonies and the mellow vocals yet the mighty rhythmic section and the bewitching guitar solo will channel an energetic momentum. 

We continue to space out like there’s no tomorrow as the majestic track “The Owl” dwells within a hazy desert rock realm with super slow monolithic guitar riffs and laid back vocals guiding you through a hypnotic rhythmic maze that could really take you anywhere and ultimately reaches the acme with an enthralling psychedelic soloing. 

Listening to “Venus Skytrip” is truly a wild trip as Psychlona have skillfully developed a charismatic blend of pure psychedelia and groovy stoner rock dynamics that will put a spell on you. 

Pain Of Salvation – Panther

Guided by mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw progressive metal masters Pain Of Salvation return with the new long awaited full length “Panther” which constantly showcases a meticulous songwriting approach that naturally unfolds a unique and charismatic sonic vision. 

“Accelerator” ensures an impactful beginning focusing on a wild blend of eclectic keyboards arrangements delivering futuristic textures and insanely intricate guitar progressions which portray an inner conflict certainly emphasized by the passionate vocal performance.

“Unfuture” begins with slow burning phrases that quickly evolve into a somber proggy ensemble where guitars can craft slower cathartic moments and easily generate unexpected rhythmic twists with a heavier approach that depicts a tormented soul. 

“Keen To A Fault” definitely goes beyond any expected prog metal blueprint as Daniel carefully chooses diverse rhythmic dynamics and tonalities to create a striking sonic realm that offers an impressive guitar work, rich atmospheric tapestries and peculiar tempo variations. 

On “Species” the mellow guitar passages accompanied by soulful vocals can take you far away yet the mood will ultimately grow darker as guitars embrace crestfallen tones as well as heavier moody progressions creating a series of captivating crescendos that effortlessly match the intensity and anguish within Daniel’s vocal performance.

“Icon” brings a magnificent closure relying on an elaborate instrumental ensemble featuring exquisite darkened nuances, especially vibrant within the exceptional guitar work, and a spellbinding mix of enigmatic electronic arrangements and glowing piano harmonies which never fails to emphasize the song’s fascinating introspective nature. As always, Daniel pours his heart out through a poignant vocal delivery which expresses a multitude of contrasting emotions flourishing through the convoluted passages.  

Pain Of Salvation continue to follow a fearless music pathway which today leads to “Panther”, a dazzling opus that has in store many surprises driven by a distinct creative spark which often highlights the band’s technical prowess and a genuine emotional turmoil destined to move and inspire the listeners. 

Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread

In the extreme metal scene Ingested have already conquered a loyal fanbase and the latest uncompromising full length “Where Only Gods May Tread” certainly showcases an intense songwriting approach focusing on heavy & obscure grooves. 

“Follow The Deceiver” marks a majestic brutal beginning as the instrumental ensemble constantly unleashes inflamed dynamics with utmost precision fueled by an overdose of vitriolic riffs and menacing drum blasts. 

There’s no time to breathe as “Impending Dominance” manifests an enraged rhythmic onslaught through meticulous drumming and untamed guitar riffs that instantly trigger major headbanging until everything slows down drastically to create a brief atmospheric contemplative breakthrough.  

Featuring guest vocalist Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain, “The Burden Of Our Failures” maintains a ravenous rhythm but offers some compelling melodic nuances that allow the refined guitar leads to steal the spotlight expressing a mournful emotional turmoil. 

While the rhythmic core of “Another Breath” still relies on a hostile momentum the lavish melodic guitar work becomes the main focus conveying a gloomy grandeur enhanced by the somber vocal performance courtesy of Kirk Windstein of Crowbar. 

“Black Pill” features some scorching vocals courtesy of Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan and the whole song certainly focuses on an incessant sonic assault following a breakneck speed but guitars will have a chance to provide brief dismal melodic moments. 

“Leap Of The Faithless” stands out for the elaborate composition in fact besides the expected malevolent guitar driven grooves the focus often shifts to the melancholic nuances of the lead guitar work crafting a fair dosage of cathartic melodic tapestries in the midst of a bleak atmosphere. 

If you’re familiar with the previous discography of Ingested you won’t be surprised to see that “Where Only Gods May Tread” could be the most aggressive album of the year as the band confidently continues to follow a merciless sonic pathway enriched by a darkened dramatic depth. 

Ages – Uncrown

Swedish black metallers Ages have worked meticulously to create the darkened gelid soundscapes of the sophomore release “Uncrown” constantly fueled by a mysterious Nordic force. 

The traditional black metal roots fully manifest throughout “Burn Them” as the tremolo picking naturally generates ominous rhythmic crescendos enhanced by the tormented growls and the sense of despair flowing through the slower melodic passages. 

While the cold guitar riffs on “Illicit State” always maintain a blackened essence the lavish atmospheric arrangements can convey a solemn mood that certainly embellishes the mixture of mournful melodies and fierce rhythmic blasts. 

On “A Hollow Tomb” smooth arpeggios and refined atmospheric tapestries can naturally evoke a profound melancholia that will inevitably linger even through the heavier lugubrious rhythmic patterns to emphasize the inner melodic essence. 

On “Undivine” the focus shifts to the comforting tonalities of the opulent melodic guitar work and the consequent grave feelings while the main rhythmic ensemble still relies on a significantly darker inspiration.  

“Pyres” closes the album offering an epic grandeur through imposing chants and sumptuous atmospheric layers while the bewitching guitar riffs & melodies skillfully focus on the dramatic depth of the frostbitten soundscapes conjuring arcane vibes. 

On “Uncrown” Ages aim to blend a raw black metal energy and a cathartic melodic soul leading to a captivating sonic realm filled with contrasting feelings and multifaceted tonalities.

Selbst – Relatos De Angustia

Founded by instrumentalist/vocalist/composer/lyricist ‘N’, Selbst embarks on an immersive sonic journey through the darkest & coldest soundscapes of the sophomore album “Relatos De Angustia”. 

Listening to “Deafening Wailing Of The Desperate Ones” you can constantly perceive a sense of despair as the growls confidently emerge from hellish depths and the strength of the cascading guitar riffs relies on the absolutely gelid tonalities which also generate crestfallen melodic accents.  

Under a shroud of darkness “Silent Soul Throes” manifests intense blackened dynamics as malignant guitar riffs and monumental drums march fiercely through a solemn atmosphere and frostbitten melodic tapestries channeling overwhelming grim emotions. 

On “Sculpting The Dirtiness Of Its Existence” the enticing melodic progressions and the mournful guitar tonalities often become the main focus evoking a comforting melancholia while the rhythmic section will continue to convey a lugubrious sonic realm delivering fiery blackened blasts. 

The dramatic depth of “Let The Pain Run Through” comes to life through the immense gloom expressed by the sorrowful guitar phrases which naturally reach the acme with a spellbinding solo that emphasizes the song’s inner melodic essence destined to flourish through the epic atmospheric waves. 

“Relatos De Angustia” could easily become your favorite soundtrack for solitary confinement as Selbst guides you through a fascinating darkened sonic maze to explore the depths of your soul. 

Concrete – Free Us From Existence

In the New York hardcore scene Concrete are known for their unrestrained violent grooves and the new full length “Free Us From Existence” will inevitably drag the listeners through the depths of a merciless sonic realm. 

“Executing Vengeance” is an uncompromising album opener as the vicious rhythmic blasts simply seem unstoppable following a breakneck speed with relentless guitar riffs accompanied by utterly angered vocals while towards the end guitars will add some subtle melodic accents . 

“Starving Serpent” has a straightforward approach that maintains a monolithic heavy core as the harsh guitar riffs and the ravenous screams diligently lead the way through a groovy abrasive rhythmic maze.  

Listening to “Psychological Crucifixion” you will quickly realize that all hope is lost as the towering asphyxiating rhythmic patterns are constantly fueled by the extra heavy riffage yet the guitar leads can surprise you with extremely somber melodic passages. 

The atmospheric dystopian mood of “Apthotic Mirror” reminds you of the self destructive behavior of humanity and it’s not surprising to see that the monumental rhythmic section expresses an undiluted dark force as the chaotic guitar driven grooves feel quite dominant while the soloing showcases a mournful melodic essence. 

Certainly Concrete are devoted to their heavy hardcore roots yet throughout “Free Us From Existence” they aim to channel the darkest elements of diverse metal subgenres ensuring an intense sonic experience. 

Rope Sect – The Great Flood

German newcomers Rope Sect are ready to manifest a darkly alluring artistic vision and catchy deathrock nuances on the debut album “The Great Flood”. 

The narrative intro of “Divide Et Impera” makes you feel like you’re about to enter a dystopian realm yet the groovy rhythmic patterns and the crunchy guitar riffs leading to a memorable chorus are destined to put a spell on you.  

Throughout “The Underground Paradise” you can perceive a sultry goth rock flair as guitars effortlessly deliver moody melodic phrases and explosive riffage instantly triggering stomping dynamics while the charismatic solo channels some classic heavy metal vibes. 

Darkness prevails on “Hiraeth” due to the extremely somber tonalities of the guitar work that will impress the listeners with a perfect combo of slightly blackened riffs and enticing nostalgic melodies accompanied by the heartfelt vocal delivery. 

“Flood Flower” continues to embrace a darkened pathway as guitars skillfully blend memorable riffs and hypnotizing melodic passages that emphasize the inner grim emotions and perfectly compliment the particularly passionate vocal performance which leads to a delightful chorus.  

The instrumental track “Non Serviemus” still dwells within a darkly bittersweet sonic realm but sounds significantly heavier due to the major old school heavy metal influence embedded within the chunky guitar riffs which effortlessly maintain a super groovy momentum enriched by the extensive vibrant solos. 

“Dilluvian Darkness” immediately evokes a profound melancholia through the comforting vocal harmonies, the bewitching gothic vibes and the glowing melodic phrases that naturally embrace a darkened sonic pathway amplified by the cathartic energy of the rhythmic crescendos. 

For now the music of Rope Sect might belong to a rarefied niche but “The Great Flood” definitely has the potential to conquer a wider audience eager to join a fascinating sonic journey through a world of gloom ‘n’ doom.