Auri – II: Those We Don’t Speak Of

Born from the special connection of Johanna Kurkela, Tuomas Holopainen and Troy Donockley as an unconfined creative outlet, Auri invites you on a magical voyage through the dreamland of the sophomore full-length “II: Those We Don’t Speak Of”.
The title track opens the portal to a distant magical realm as the delicate atmospheric layers and the ethereal melodic waves accompanied by fragile whispered vocals highlight an exquisite darkened flair.
A delightful melancholia lingers through “The Duty Of Dust” as the gentle vocals and the classical aesthetics of the viola become the main focus and ultimately lead to an intense folk inspired rhythmic crescendo.
“Light And Flood” sounds like an epic movie score putting the spotlight on the sumptuous intricate keyboards arrangements enhanced by solemn choirs while the combo of fluttering piano harmonies and graceful arpeggios can evoke uplifting vibes.
Enchanting folk influences return within the nostalgic atmospheric ensemble of “It Takes Me Places” taking you to a pristine forest far away surrounded by elegant strings and lulled by Johanna’s heartfelt vocal delivery.
The soft vocal harmonies flow gently within the evocative atmosphere of “The Long Walk” which will acquire darker tonalities through an intriguing combo of refined piano notes and arcane percussion.
“Scattered To The Four Winds” embraces stylish classical vibes focusing on haunting strings and charming piano melodies which naturally convey wistful feelings and evolve into an opulent atmospheric crescendo with understated symphonic accents.
The cinematic nature of “II: Those We Don’t Speak Of” can make you drift away from the chaotic world as Auri showcase impeccable musicianship carefully crafting comforting melodies and rich atmospheric tapestries.

Cradle Of Filth – Existence Is Futile

Extreme metal icons Cradle Of Filth celebrates darkness & horror on the new addition to their stellar prolific catalogue “Existence Is Futile” which instantly manifests an explosive creative force and a morbid sonic vision.
“Existential Terror” is surrounded by sublime orchestral layers evoking a gorgeous gothic essence while a malignant blackened soul emerges through the crushing rhythmic rampage meticulously built by the ravenous guitar riffs and effortlessly amplified by Dani Filth’s nightmarish screams.
“Crawling King Chaos” marks an impactful momentum as the rhythmic section naturally acquires speed & fury to skillfully generate a solid series of addictive grooves and the sophisticated orchestrations summon an apocalyptic beauty.
“Black Smoke Curling From The Lips Of War” reveals a terrific blackened approach as sharp guitar riffs and violent drumming lead the way to a dreadful sonic realm embellished by opulent symphonic textures and haunting operatic vocals.
On “Discourse Between A Man And His Soul” Dani delivers a memorable dramatic vocal performance as the alluring Victorian splendor puts the spotlight on the intricate atmospheric ensemble and the vivid melodic guitar progressions following a slower contemplative pace.
The irresistible gothic spell of “The Dying Of The Embers” comes to life from the seductive multilayered keyboards arrangements and the crestfallen melodic phrases yet the guitar driven grooves sound quite frantic showcasing heavier ominous tonalities.
“Suffer Our Dominion” immediately focuses on a captivating theatrical flair with the solemn narratives courtesy of horror icon Doug ‘Pinhead’ Bradley and the poignant melodic tapestries highlight a fascinating detailed composition while Dani’s roaring voice echoes through a savage rhythmic maze.
Listening to “Us, Dark, Invincible” we enter an obscure dimension as the sultry darkened tones of the ravishing atmospheric palette and the gothic gloom of the melodic guitar work lead to a monstrously catchy rhythmic rampage easily amplified by the horrific growls.
The bonus track “Unleash The Hellion” conjures pure darkness through the spellbinding baroque grandeur of the rich keyboards harmonies and the eerie atmospheric accents flowing through the inflamed rhythmic onslaught which successfully delivers the perfect dosage of brutality.
Crafting an audacious blend of sumptuous orchestrations and venomous rhythmic assaults Cradle Of Filth still stand as indisputable giants within the chaotic metal scene as the cinematic decadence of “Existence Is Futile” will inevitably leave you shattered and bewitched.

Trna – Istok

Russian blackened post-rock trio Trna is ready to begin a meditative journey through the bleak soundscapes of the new full length “Istok”.
An oppressive atmosphere lingers throughout the title track as the blackened riffage diligently builds a monochromatic rhythmic maze and the consequent mournful feelings are inevitably amplified by the desolate melodic passages.
Featuring the shattering growls courtesy of Gaerea’s vocalist “Shining” showcases a strong blackgaze essence as the composition embraces a contemplative mood and ethereal darkened tonalities leading to melancholic guitar melodies in contrast with the faster harsh rhythmic patterns.
On “Burning Bridges, Shattered Dreams” the soft arpeggios and the understated atmospheric layers express crestfallen emotions while the aggressive drumming and the relentless guitar riffs channel primal black metal roots.
Listening to “Rebirth” you can perceive uplifting vibes as the gentle melodies highlight a magical shoegaze inspiration yet the faster & darker rhythmic dynamics fueled by the raw guitar sound will often prevail.
As self-proclaimed pioneers of ‘celestial blackgaze’, Trna proudly bear the mark of blackgaze shifting from unrestrained tremolos to peaceful daydreaming throughout “Istok”.

Leprous – Aphelion

Over the last two decades Leprous have been pushing boundaries shaping a unique sonic identity bound to leave a mark within the modern metal scene and the latest release “Aphelion” continues to showcase creativity and passion.
The strength of “Out Of Here” comes from the accessible multilayered composition unraveling around a particularly fervent vocal delivery with rich atmospheric waves and luminous guitar tonalities leading to a poignant crescendo.
“All The Moments” offers an intriguing mix of gorgeous piano melodies expressing bittersweet emotions and opulent keyboards arrangements that ultimately puts the spotlight on Einar Solberg’s eclectic vocal delivery.
On “The Silent Revelation” the precise rhythmic section has a chance to create complex patterns acquiring heavier tones while the slower atmospheric momentum and the heartfelt vocals definitely convey somber feelings.
“The Shadow Side” certainly focuses on Einar’s emotive vocal performance surrounded by the elegant keyboards arrangements and the smooth melodic guitar work that will reach the acme with a charismatic solo.
The subtle ambiance flair of the intricate atmospheric layers and the soothing guitar phrases of “On Hold” amplify the crucial role of the genuine vocal delivery leading to an intense emotional whirlwind.
“Nighttime Disguise” returns to a bold technical prog approach that allows guitars to stand out with thick riffage and convoluted progressions yet the fascinating piano melodies evoke sheer melancholia.
While there is still a strong prog rock essence lingering throughout “Aphelion” it becomes evident that Leprous aim to expand their artistic vision to generate a varied work of music naturally shifting from catchy melodies to heavier rhythmic dynamics.

Illudium – Ash of the Womb

California’s dreamgaze band Illudium embarks on a cathartic journey through the dark & ethereal sonic maze of the sophomore full-length “Ash Of The Womb”.
The delicate atmosphere of “Aster” is enhanced by the soft vocal delivery and the graceful melodic phrases manifesting a hazy post-rock essence yet guitars will eventually acquire gritty tonalities to build intense crescendos.
“Sempervirens” often focuses on peaceful sounds of nature and glowing harmonies but the rhythmic section has a chance to deliver a robust groovy momentum fueled by the faster drumming and the edgy riffage.
“Madrigal” naturally blends dreamy melodic passages that clearly showcase a strong shoegaze inspiration and dramatically heavier rhythmic patterns constantly expressing contrasting emotions amplified by the soulful vocal harmonies.
On “Where Death and Dreams Do Manifest” there are some louder & darker rhythmic dynamics but the poignant melodic guitar progressions are destined to thrive channeling a mystical energy to carefully craft exquisite dreamscapes.
Listening to “Ash Of The Womb” we begin to dream the same dream as Illudium brings to life a multilayered sonic vision shifting from fragile melodies to harsh rhythmic blasts always conveying authentic raw emotions.

Wolves In The Throne Room – Primordial Arcana

Ritualistic black metal act Wolves In The Throne Room emerges from a desolate forest conjuring mysterious forces to create the darkest new offering “Primordial Arcana”.
“Mountain Magick” opens a portal to an ancestral realm as an arcane atmosphere surrounds a blackened rhythmic rampage fueled by unrestrained tremolos and monolithic drumming while the guitar leads skillfully add gloomy melodic accents as the tempo slows down enhancing a dramatic depth.
A compelling ritualistic aura lingers throughout “Through Eternal Fields” as the slower melodic passages, the sombre guitar tonalities and the imposing atmospheric arrangements celebrate darkness evoking doom-death influences.
On “Underworld Aurora” a magical folk spirit comes to life through the opulent synths layers highlighting a surreal post-metal flair and even if there are scattered aggressive rhythmic patterns the guitar work tends to focus on mournful melodic phrases.
“Masters of Rain and Storm” often emphasizes the cascadian black metal style as the thick guitar riffs march relentlessly through an ominous rhythmic maze in contrast with the peaceful arpeggios of the cathartic breakdown.
Wolves In The Throne Room continue to search for archetypal energies channeling a strong cascadian essence and listening to “Primordial Arcana” we wander through an ancient forest far from chaos and humanity.

Jinjer – Wallflowers

Undoubtedly Jinjer worked relentlessly to become one of modern metal’s hottest bands and the highly anticipated fourth studio album “Wallflowers” aims to solidify their status following a remarkable sonic evolution.
“Call Me A Symbol” marks an impactful beginning unleashing an overdose of ruthless guitar riffs perfectly supported by the speed and the technical accents of the monumental rhythmic section yet the melodic tinged hooks will follow a slower somber tempo to highlight the expression of raw emotions.
“Colossus” immediately showcases the band’s mature musicianship with a solid series of intricate prog metal dynamics fueled by the gritty tonalities and enriched by the combo of harmonious clean vocals and violent growls.
On “Vortex” the tempo slows down dramatically to focus on smooth melodic passages and sultry clean vocals so everything sounds more accessible until the blistering guitar riffs confidently build a heavier rhythmic assault.
On “Pearls And Swine” guitars often acquire striking darkened nuances to craft soulful melodic phrases while the colossal rhythmic patterns continue to rely on a balanced mix of proggy twists and vicious blasts.
“Wallflower” emphasizes an emotional composition focusing on a softer vocal delivery and refined gloomy melodies that belong to a distant dark sonic realm and can sound quite dreamy in contrast with the occasional heavy rhythmic segments.
“Mediator” brings a grand finale conveying contrasting emotions and even pure melancholy but a ferocious side will inevitably take over as the insane speed and the brutal guitar driven grooves generate an intense rhythmic rampage.
Throughout “Wallflowers” Jinjer skillfully blends aggressive dynamics and a delightful melancholia to shape a convoluted sonic vision that by now is clearly destined to leave a mark within the modern metal scene.

Necronautical – Slain In The Spirit

British black metallers Necronautical continue to fearlessly explore the darkest depths through the symphonic grandeur and the malevolent essence of the fourth full length “Slain In The Spirit”.
“Ritual & Recursion” opens the album with triumphant orchestrations and solemn operatic choirs embellishing the ominous blackened core diligently built by ruthless guitar riffs and vicious drum blasts further enhanced by the venomous growls.
The title track celebrates darkness with blistering rhythmic patterns that seems unstoppable until the elegant guitar solo takes the center stage ultimately leading to melancholic atmospheric waves and gothic splendor.
The arcane atmosphere of “Pure Consciousness Event” introduces a feverish rhythmic ensemble building steady memorable grooves fueled by the anguished guitar work and the desperate growls yet a mournful melodic soul will generate slower melodic passages.
“Contorting In Perpetuity” celebrates the fiery black metal roots through the vicious speed of the drums and the aggressive riffage while the mesmerizing melodic guitar solo and the decadent atmospheric nuances demand a significantly slower tempo.
“Death Magick Triumphant” often favors the opulent orchestrations and the refined melodic phrases that can evoke spellbinding gothic vibes emphasized by the dramatic clean vocals but the harsh rhythmic dynamics still bear a massive black metal influence.
Drenched in undiluted darkness “Slain In The Spirit” embodies a majestic artistic vision as Necronautical confidently channel a renowned blackened fury yet clearly aim to embrace an ambitious musical vision by adding sophisticated melodies and epic orchestrations.

Blood Red Throne – Imperial Congregation

For over 25 years Norwegian death metal veterans Blood Red Throne have stayed true to a successful old school sound and the latest crushing release “Imperial Congregation” promises a vicious sonic assault with edgy melodic twists.
The title track can easily unleash a solid series of monumental rhythmic blasts expressing pure fury yet the guitar solo skillfully focuses on charismatic melodic licks and delightful darkened tonalities.
Keeping in mind a traditional death metal formula “Conquered Malevolence” provides the expected overdose of anger as the abrasive guitar riffs diligently build ferocious grooves amplified by the cavernous growls.
Even if the tempo becomes slightly slower “Transparent Existence” features a ravenous combo of sharp riffage and monolithic drumming creating an asphyxiating rhythmic maze.
Throughout “6-7” the unrestrained guitar driven grooves continue to channel the brutal force of death metal yet the rhythm will slow down to highlight the gloomy melodic nuances of the excellent solo.
You can instantly perceive the aggressive momentum of “Hero-Antics” as the colossal rhythmic section effortlessly delivers neck snapping dynamics enhanced by the spiteful growls and enriched by an extensive savage guitar solo.
“Zarathustra” dwells within a dreadful sonic realm where the atmosphere acquires epic vibes and guitars have the chance to craft intriguing melodic phrases besides a fair dosage of ruthless riffs.
Reflecting upon the destructive nature of humanity “Imperial Congregation” often acquires sombre nuances yet Blood Red Throne are always ready to deliver fierce death metal anthems following a classic sonic pathway.

Unreqvited – Beautiful Ghosts

On the sixth studio album “Beautiful Ghosts” Unreqvited has chosen to explore themes of love, passion and devotion through a kaleidoscopic sonic realm naturally focusing on luminous melodies and raw blackgaze nuances.
On “All Is Lost” the rhythmic section can deliver heavy dynamics influenced by a subtle blackened force while the post-rock flair will generate dreamy uplifting vibes through the elegant detailed atmospheric arrangements.
The darkened romance of “Autumn & Everley” begins with an eloquent piano piece leading to a soothing melodic crescendo emphasized by an ethereal atmosphere yet there will be faster rhythmic patterns expressing dismal feelings.
The cinematic mood of “Funeral Pyre” relies on rich melancholia infused keyboards arrangements and solemn vibes while guitars manifest a soulful melodic essence ultimately leading to a slower dreamlike atmospheric passage.
The title track showcases a vivid post-rock spirit as the composition focuses on haunting piano harmonies, calm atmospheric layers and heartfelt guitar melodies that evoke pure nostalgia but also a pale sense of hopefulness so the composition seems to leave behind the previous darkened tonalities.
It would be difficult to categorize the shape-shifting sonic palette of “Beautiful Ghosts” as Unreqvited embraces a familiar blackgaze vision yet doesn’t refrain from exploring diverse musical influences to convey authentic emotions.