Bodom After Midnight – Paint The Sky With Blood

Founded by legendary musician Alexi Laiho, Bodom After Midnight was supposed to be a new explosive sonic endeavor but sadly following his tragic death the release of the EP “Paint The Sky With Blood” marks a final salute.
The title track relies on a triumphant heavy assault constantly fueled by a savage & precise rhythmic section ensuring soaring dynamics surrounded by the symphonic accents of the opulent keyboards layers and certainly enriched by Alexi’s charismatic guitar leads and flamboyant shredding.
“Payback’s a Bitch” unleashes raw energy favoring speed and chunky riffage through unrestrained rhythmic patterns embellished by epic keyboards arrangements while the guitar work reaches the acme with the eclectic nature of the wild soloing.
The cover of Dissection’s “Where Dead Angels Lie” is a striking surprise showcasing a compelling darkened vision through the perfect combo of gloomy melodic phrases and blackened grooves.
The new project Bodom After Midnight unfortunately ended far too soon but with inflamed grooves and a strong creative force “Paint The Sky With Blood” successfully pays homage to Alexi’s legacy.

Domkraft – Seeds

Swedish psych-/sludge/doom trio Domkraft focuses on the idea of emerging from the ruins to create something different within the striking hypnotic sonic realm of the third full length “Seeds”
The title track already showcases a diversified songwriting approach offering a majestic mix of mind-bending psychedelia and monolithic grooves enriched by thrilling guitar leads as the band effortlessly shifts from spacey passages reminiscing of a desert rock jam to super heavy rhythmic patterns evoking apocalyptic doom vibes.
Throughout “Perpetuator” guitars deliver an overdose of psychedelia infused slow burning progressions and the resulting enigmatic aura is enhanced by the tormented vocal delivery while the colossal rhythmic section often acquires speed to generate massive grooves characterized by a darkened doom inspiration.
On “Dawn Of Man” the intense psychedelic nuances surround the hazy vocals and the heavy weight of the unrestrained rhythmic section generates a groovy momentum while the guitar work takes the spotlight meticulously crafting bold riffs and wild solos.
“Audiodome” marks a grand finale with the fuzzy power of the wicked riffage and the consequent monumental rhythmic maze further emphasized by the extensive psych style of the inflamed guitar solo while the slower passages could easily induce a trancelike state due to the bewitching melodic phrases.
You will instantly appreciate the mighty grooves and the impressive creative force behind “Seeds” as Domkraft confidently channel multiple influences to create an irresistible sonic experience.

Odal – Welten Mutter

For over twenty years German black metallers Odal have explored the coldest depths of metal and their pagan influences continue to flourish on the latest dark offering “Welten Mutter”.
“…um Ewiges zu schaffen” reveals the epic flair and the brooding nuances that characterize the whole album as the fierce guitar riffs accompanied by ravenous growls effortlessly showcase strong blackened roots while mournful textures are bound to emerge through the melodic progressions.
“Der Kälte Atem” can unleash plenty of ominous black metal dynamics through the fast menacing rhythmic section yet the lead guitar work has a chance to add a fair dosage of darkened melodies ultimately evoking crestfallen feelings.
The title track might favor the melodic aspects of the guitar work which successfully delivers poignant phrases yet the main rhythmic patterns can maintain a frostbitten black metal essence enhanced by the pummeling drums.
The final track “Erden Zeit” definitely continues to embody the band’s icy aesthetics and the pagan inspiration through the grave guitar tonalities and the unrestrained blackened rhythmic blasts which can also acquire familiar folk metal elements.
“Welten Mutter” takes you to a gelid Nordic landscape as Odal confidently channel the obscure force of traditional black metal without sacrificing an appealing melancholic melodicism.

Superlynx – Electric Temple

Oslo-based doom/psych trio Superlynx manifests a gloomy sonic vision through the hypnotizing soundscapes of the third full length “Electric Temple”.
On the opening track “Rising Flame” the slow burning guitar melodies generate an immersive mood while the heavy weight of the doom textures ensures an obscure groovy momentum and Pia Isaksen’s captivating voice gently guides you through a murky sonic realm.
The alluring darkened guitar tonalities on the title track continue to emphasize enigmatic doom influences and a powerful spiritual essence naturally leads to spellbinding progressions reaching the acme with an intense and significantly faster rhythmic rampage.
“Moonbather” takes you to a nocturnal world where the darkly soothing melodies accompanied by the ethereal vocal delivery might make you space out yet the solo will channel a glorious psychedelic rock energy enriched by the ritualistic chanting.
“Returning Light” feels like a lovely fading dream as the slow monochromatic rhythmic ensemble surrounds the mystifying melodic guitar phrases emphasized by fuzzy tones and cryptic doom vibes.
“Laws of Nature” evokes pure melancholia as the guitar work delivers warm harmonies flowing gracefully through a dreamy atmosphere and occasionally embracing a mystical flair also amplified by the delicate vocals while the finale features a cathartic melodic crescendo.
“May” constantly focuses on harrowing nuances as guitars shift from minimalist melodies to passionate soloing consequently darkness is destined to prevail through the dramatically slow rhythm enhancing a gothic americana inspiration.
The moonlight shines throughout “Electric Temple” as Superlynx put a spell on you carefully blending hazy atmospheric arrangements and bewitching melodies.

Paysage D’Hiver – Geister

During the last two decades Swiss underground black metal act Paysage D’Hiver has released several demos but now the time has come for mastermind Wintherr to unleash the ominous sophomore full length “Geister”.
“Schattä” provides an overdose of frostbitten guitar riffs and relentless drum blasts channeling the darkest vibes of traditional black metal within a monochromatic atmospheric ensemble.
The murky atmosphere on “Bluet” adds understated symphonic hints to the blackened force fully expressed by the hostile rhythmic section which can also trigger a memorable groovy momentum.
“Undä” creates an asphyxiating sonic realm with tremolo, distant tormented screams and dreadful nuances that emphasize grim feelings particularly during the slower passages.
You cannot easily escape the lugubrious world of “Wärzä” as the fierce guitar work continues to deliver savage riffs and mournful progressions well supported by cold rhythmic blasts.
Following a slower mystifying tempo “Schuurig” evokes the painful tonalities of doom metal through the heavy weight of the guitar progressions amplifying a cryptic songwriting approach.
“Geischtr” brings closure in cinematic fashion focusing on the darkened ambiance style of the atmospheric arrangements unfolding like a lucid dream in the middle of a wintry landscape.
Throughout “Geister” Paysage D’Hiver creates an impossibly dark & gelid sonic realm constantly focusing on obscure nuances that will certainly appeal to devoted black metal acolytes.

Motorpsycho – Kingdom Of Oblivion

Longstanding Norwegian rockers Motorpsycho skillfully follow an elaborate progressive & psychedelic pathway on the brand new full length “Kingdom Of Oblivion”.
“The Waning Pt.1&2” is already a massive opener focusing on full blown fuzzy grooves and charismatic guitar leads that clearly enhance the fundamental role of the heavy rock inspiration while the soothing vocal delivery tends to amplify a soulful melodic flair.
The title track naturally channels a magnetic ‘70s rock essence as the steady heavy riffs thrive within a bewitching psychedelic maze ultimately leading to the vibrant melodic textures of the extensive guitar solo.
“The United Debased” marks another powerful moment revolving around the vintage vibes of the trippy keyboards arrangements and the groovy rhythmic rampage fueled by robust riffage while the slower passages evoke a hazy melodic mood.
Listening to “Dreamkiller” you can instantly space out as the atmospheric ensemble unfolds gently like a daydream in contrast with the significantly wilder combo of heavy guitar riffs and chaotic psychedelic elements.
“At Empire’s End” conveys a sense of melancholia with fragile acoustic phrases and eloquent vocal harmonies while the resulting softer soundscape is definitely spiced up by moody keyboards layers and warm melodic guitar progressions.
“The Transmutation Of Cosmoctopus Lurker” embodies a complex composition showcasing once again the band’s creative force that here confidently combines smooth bluesy rock dynamics and spacey atmospheric arrangements always enriched by the eclectic guitar work shifting from energetic soloing to unexpected convoluted progressions leading to interesting rhythmic twists.
The strength of “Kingdom Of Oblivion” relies on the excellent musicianship and the interesting blend of diverse textures & styles as Motorpsycho clearly aims to create a unique work of music through an experimental approach.

The Vintage Caravan – Monuments

Icelandic rockers The Vintage Caravan manifest a soulful psychedelic prog rock vision on the compelling fifth studio album “Monuments”.
“Whispers” immediately channels glorious ‘70s rock vibes through the massive groovy rhythmic dynamics clearly fueled by the robust riffage and the lingering psychedelic accents ultimately leading to a super catchy chorus emphasized by the passionate vocal delivery.
“Crystallized” often follows a slower tempo favoring the moody blues influenced melodic guitar phrases and the consequent nostalgic feelings yet the memorable rhythmic patterns showcase great diversity with an elaborate prog approach.
“Dark Times” begins with minimalist melancholic lines yet the super groovy momentum is bound to explode as the gritty guitar riffs skillfully build intense rhythmic segments that will eventually acquire trippy accents emphasized by the warm melodic soloing.
The magnetic guitar work thrives within the intriguing psychedelic tinged realm of “Forgotten” and reaches the acme with a charismatic extensive solo while the galloping drums can easily trigger entertaining grooves and the chorus maintains a catchy melodic essence.
“Torn In Two” often sounds like a spontaneous jam session and rightfully puts the spotlight on the stellar guitar progressions shifting from wild soloing to hazy melodic passages once again characterized by addictive vintage tonalities and charming bluesy rock elements.
“Clarity” embodies a nostalgia infused grand finale as the fragile arpeggios accompanied by emotional vocals express bittersweet feelings and create a dreamy atmosphere while the dazzling guitar solo will lead to a magical melodic crescendo.
Undoubtedly “Monuments” is another impressive addition to The Vintage Caravan’s successful discography as they confidently continue to develop an intriguing sonic identity blending captivating melodies and memorable retro rock grooves.


Norway based band NOÊTA crafts haunting soundscapes expressing a genuine emotional whirlwind throughout the enticing sophomore full length “Elm”.
“Dawn Falls” opens the album with a series of exquisite acoustic melodies that effortlessly open the portal to a dreamy world where the enchanting vocals become your spiritual guide and convey poignant feelings.
On “As I Fall Silent” the comforting arpeggios accompanied by fragile vocals continue to focus on strong emotions while a darkly enigmatic atmospheric ensemble seems to emerge from a distant dimension.
Since the beginning “Above And Below” is surrounded by a subtle dark aura emphasized by the barren hazy harmonies yet the ethereal vocals can evoke a pale sense of hopefulness and spiritual peacefulness.
“As We Are Gone” belongs to a magical forest as the folk nuances will influence the graceful acoustic tonalities enhanced by the impeccable vocal performance and the immersive atmospheric textures.
On the evocative title track the whispered vocals and the elegant acoustic phrases certainly do not need any bombastic effect to create spellbinding melodic passages and stylish dark ambient tapestries.
Following a minimalistic songwriting approach on “Elm” NOÊTA successfully creates a surreal sonic realm where luminous vocals, poetic melodies and darkened feelings become naturally entwined.

1782 – From The Graveyard

Italian doom metal trio 1782 proudly follows a creepy & heavy sonic pathway on the sophomore full length aptly entitled “From The Graveyard”.
The arcane mood of “The Chosen One” drags you to a world of endless darkness as the super heavy combo of bass lines and guitar riffs spontaneously evoke grim feelings embracing a fuzzy vintage flair.
The ominous feedback and the solemn & spooky nuances of the organ on “Black Void” emphasize the horror themes while the guitar work focuses on monstrous riffs following painfully slow rhythmic patterns.
“Inferno” relies on a fuzz overload and a doom worshipping approach to create monolithic rhythmic segments fueled by the robust guitar riffs that never fail to evoke an obscure essence.
The straightforward composition behind “Priestess Of Death” continues to convey a perennial darkness though the colossal steady riffage that can induce a trancelike state.
“In Requiem” brings closure evoking pure doom with another round of nightmarish guitar riffs that can acquire a hypnotic force and pale melodic textures enhanced by the theatrical harrowing tonalities of the organ.
As you might expect from the title “From The Graveyard” constantly dwells within a lugubrious sonic realm where 1782 confidently channel the heaviest & darkest elements of classic doom metal.

Ghosts of Atlantis – 3.6. 2.4

Hailing from Suffolk Ghosts Of Atlantis presents to the world the monumental debut full length “3.6. 2.4” conceptually inspired by the mythology of ancient Greece and the lost city of Atlantis.
“The Third Pillar” marks a triumphant beginning as the multilayered symphonic tapestries and the majestic choirs evoke a solemn atmosphere surrounding a quite aggressive blackened rhythmic rampage certainly amplified by the vicious growls.
The atmospheric grandeur of “Halls Of Lemurai” introduces a dazzling mix of inflamed heavier rhythmic patterns and fascinating symphonic arrangements while the slower passages highlight the sophisticated melodic guitar phrases and the passionate clean vocals.
“The Curse Of Man” stands out for the exquisite combo of subtle atmospheric layers and somber melodies accompanied by the theatrical vocal delivery yet the savage guitar driven grooves will often channel a merciless blackened force.
The menacing rhythmic blasts on “Gardens Of Athena” still manifest extreme metal elements but the focus shifts on sumptuous orchestrations and poignant melodic crescendos featuring polished guitar tonalities that will lead to a darkly contemplative breakdown enriched by dramatic clean vocals.
“The Lost Compass” embodies an epic momentum as the elegant atmospheric textures and the classical piano create intricate soundscapes ultimately leading to catchy melodic passages accompanied by soothing vocal harmonies in contrast with the faster vicious rhythmic dynamics.
Ghosts Of Atlantis proudly begin an exciting sonic endeavor as on “3.6. 2.4” they have successfully created an alluring blend of symphonic grandeur, blackened grooves and brooding aesthetics destined to raise interest in the current metal scene.