Vorna- Ei valo minua seuraa

Vorna is a pagan metal band from Tampere, Finland. The band’s music has various influences from black metal to folk and rock. Lyrics are written in Finnish and often deal with themes like nature, myths and struggles of mind.
Their second full length, “Ei valo minua seuraa”, has been released on December 2015 via Inverse Records and it’s been a great surprise for me.
This album transports to another dimension, a journey into the deep immersed in the Finnish nature.
The first track “Harmaudesta” with its melancholy sound and the stunning contrast between musical base and voice catches you, and you want to listen it again and again.
One of the best songs from the album is “Jälkemme”,the particular intro remind of a whiff in glass bottles, the rhythm changes with a wild blastbeat and the guitar solo is sublime.
“Vaipunut” is a waterfall of peace and relax, the feeling to be in the middle of the forest is incredible. From the track “Yksin” has been released also a video-clip.
Keyboards create that magic atmosphere, the bass line is interesting, the guitars are just perfect, the drums runs wild with its blastbeat and the voice gives something of unique, the growl mixed with the the clean voice and the female choir, this is a must have album.
46 minutes of inspirational music, if you like bands like Amorphis and Norther you will love this band.