Asthma Castle – Mount Crushmore

Stoner/sludge metal collective Asthma Castle is a new name in the metal scene but features veteran musicians and the debut album “Mount Crushmore” demonstrates the band’s natural ability to create monolithic heavy grooves.

“The Incline Of Western Civilization” doesn’t require a constant fast rhythm to sound absolutely crushing because the monumental guitar riffs, the bold bass backbone and the mighty drumming successfully build monstrous grooves from beginning to end channeling raw energy as well as some catchy darkened vibes.

On the title track the instrumental patterns become increasingly heavier relying on a cohesive series of aggressive guitar riffs and such fierce groovy approach is certainly amplified by enraged screams and thunderous drum blasts while the guitar solo brings some enjoyable gritty stoner rock elements.

“Here Come The Black Ship” offers simply unstoppable heavy grooves as guitars once again ensure instant headbanging with fiery riffage and add compelling doom inspired melodic licks that eventually lead to a slower profoundly dark immersive momentum.

First of all “Brazilian Catbox Incident” is definitely an interesting title and this track features consistent super groovy rhythmic dynamics channeling a familiar heavy sludge blueprint enhanced by the borderline brutal vocals while lead guitars spice up such belligerent rhythmic patterns with absolutely catchy melodic phrases.

Asthma Castle self describe their music style as “hefty metal” consequently on “Mount Crushmore” you can expect an overdose of intense guitar driven grooves that will certainly keep you entertained.

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