Dead To A Dying World – Elegy

Texas based experimental dark metal band Dead To A Dying World has meticulously crafted a quite poignant music experience on the new effort “Elegy” which revolves around an interesting lyrical concept analyzing the end of our kind brought about by our own hubris, greed, and desire for power over one another.

“Syzygy” provides a cathartic introduction for the album as dramatic vocals evoke a profound sense of grief that lingers through the tranquil crestfallen guitar tonalities and the delightful strings.

“The Seer’s Embrace” is a monolithic track that aims to constantly showcase contrasting feelings providing a cohesive blackened rhythmic backbone that inevitably embraces the atmospheric post-metal nuances and the delightful nostalgic viola melodies that will guide the listeners through intricate contemplative soundscapes.

“Vernal Equinox” leaves behind the heavier dynamics to focus mainly on the creation of spellbinding melodic progressions that genuinely evoke an intense melancholia surrounding the marvelous vocals by the talented Jarboe.

“Of Moss And Stone” marks a splendid finale with the classical elegance and the wistful tonalities of the viola melodies accompanied by Jarboe’s emotional vocal delivery and such cathartic harmonious ensemble constantly convey bittersweet emotions and will continue to enrich the monumental harsh sonic realm where the thunderous blackened rhythmic patterns and the tormented growls inevitably express feelings of rage and desperation.

While “Elegy” certainly has some primal heavy momentum what Dead To A Dying World achieve through the calmer melodic crescendos tends to stand out evoking the powerful darkened feelings that we always long for.

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