L’Ame Immortelle – Drahtseilakt

In a music scene influenced by ambiguous seasonal trends, it’s simply amazing to see how a groundbreaking band such as L’Ame Immortelle keeps on creating innovative music. After decades, Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer are still a superb powerful duo that reconfirms a dominant artistic role with the latest release entitled “Drahtseilakt”.
“Sag Mir Wann” definitely focuses on a traditional electro goth music theme but there is also a dreamy rock rhythm that adds a vibrant dose of energy. As always, Sonja’s eclectic interpretation spices up the song’s structure.
“Eye Of The Storm” features a sorrowful piano melody that gives way to a lively electronic music core that makes you want to dance immediately wherever you are. The Nachtmahr remix of this song features a more energetic rhythm that leans towards industrial style but still preserves the emotional value of the original version.
On “My Memory” the highly atmospheric musical layers are further enhanced by theatrically dramatic vocals. This is a slower song with passionately melancholic melodies that will certainly stand out at the very first listening.
“Sehnsucht” is probably one of the darkest songs on “Drahtseilakt”. Since the very beginning you will feel hopelessly entangled in the romantic gloomy musical tapestry marvelously enriched by Sonja’s poignant interpretation which focuses on inner glowing emotions rather than delivering just a display of vocal techniques.
“Drown Them” is a perfect song with an addictive rhythm that will make you fall desperately in love right away. Sonja’s vocals here fully showcase her technical skills as well as a flawlessly intricate interpretation that reminds me of her vocal style in Persephone.
“Einsamkeit” is another delicate soft tune but it certainly doesn’t have the sugary feel of the usual ballad. The harmonious orchestration and the piano arrangement successfully craft a magnetic ensemble of desolate melodies, yet later on Sonja’s determined vocals portray a feeling of courageous renaissance.
As much as I enjoy the electro aspect that made L’Ame Immortelle a true icon in the darkwave/gothic niche, on this particular album I find myself deeply drawn to the slower melancholic songs. Overall, “Drahtseilakt” is a mature work of music wisely crafted by truly experienced musicians that delightfully incorporate multiple influences and offer a high degree of variety that could appeal to any audience.

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