Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence

As the retro trend continues to spread intensely in the current metal scene, and visibly everywhere else, Swedish act Graveyard returns with a brand new release elegantly entitled “Innocence & Decadence”. If you’re ready to take a step back in time and enjoy the consequent sweet mindtrip you will be eager to listen to this album.
“Magnetic Shunk” is a wild psychedelic tune that relies on an uplifting savage tempo and high-register vocals in 70s rock decadent fashion. In the midst of accelerated guitar riffing crescendo, you can perceive a dark soulful reverie that recalls The Doors.
“The Apple And The Tree” is an effective concoction of mellow toned bluesy riffs that pay homage to Hendrix and vintage flirtatious rock groove. The perfectly lovable retro lead guitar work, full of sweet & dirty phrasing, builds an increasingly trippy sensation that must be savored slowly.
“Exit 97” is a languid serenade where every chord vibrates in a dusty field. With an exquisitely fuzzy blues delivery, rhythm and lead guitars create a heavily nostalgic vibe while Joakim Nilsson’s vocals add dramatic warmth in tormented rocker style.
“Too Much Is Not Enough” is a passionate song or a broken love spell that could have been recorded in the early 70s and should have been included in the soundtrack of Velvet Goldmine. The soul style female backing vocals and the absolutely unpolished guitar riffs create a mesmerizing sonic trance with a subtle catchiness that would easily get stuck in your mind.
“From A Hole In The Wall” is another song that calls for the legit abuse of the adjective “groovy”. Instrumentally, everything dwells between smoky blues guitars and heavier, even metal influenced, rhythm sections. Nilsson’s voice keeps the worn-out rocker style with elegant savoir faire while the rest of the band engages in a stoner rock genuine jamming session.
“Hard Headed” has the strongest psychedelic vortex where Graveyard goes on a careless hectic instrumental trip jamming all the way outside of traditional space and time rules. Here the guitar riffs are harder and eclectic keeping a super catchy energetic rhythm while Nilsson’s intense performance evokes the sexy languidness of Robert Plant and the wickedness of mastermind Dave Wyndorf.
“Innocence & Decadence” is definitely a pleasant collection of songs and positive vibes so get your bell bottom pants and floral shirt out of the basement and join Graveyard’s psychedelic journey.

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