Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path

We are all aware of Morten Veland’s many talents, especially as a composer. With the latest Sirenia’s creation, “The Seventh Life Path”, he tries once again to deliver a perfect album. The expectations are high and so much is at stake because it would be hard to say that Sirenia’s recent albums resemble some sort of masterpiece. But I still believe in Morten’s skills and in his undisputable hard work.
“Once My Light”, being selected as the first single, should be an unforgettable piece of art. But in reality is your standard mid paced gothic/symphonic tune that doesn’t bring any novelty to an over abused music recipe. So you get what the genre fanbase always expects: fragile female vocals, easy to follow tempo changes, loads of keyboards and some catchy guitar riffs.
“Elixir” offers a scheme variation since the atmosphere is more somber and male clean & growl vocals are the main focus. Even if the melodic core fits the symphonic style, the guitar riffs and the rhythm section definitely reminisce of old school gothic metal.
“Sons Of The North” begins with an icy cold metallic atmosphere well supported by Morten’s acidic growls and ominous choirs. This song is heavier and more intriguing that expected if you don’t consider the melodic simplistic chorus with female vocals that really doesn’t seem to fit such delightful darker vibe.
“Earendel” is another song that relies on a heavier Nordic approach but, once again, the chorus seems too predictably melodic while the folk breakdown and smooth guitar solo are definitely noteworthy.
On “The Silver Eye” Morten’s growls are full blown black metal as the feverish rhythm acquires speed and strength. The guitars tone has a vintage grim naturally embraced by gothic orchestrations but Ailyn’s vocals hold a sort of happy poppy feeling that has nothing to do with the surrounding gloominess.
“Tragedienne” is your must have ballad to mend broken hearts on a rainy day with all the proper mixture of strings, delicate piano melodies and tragically emotional vocals.
In the end, Sirenia releases another album consistent with the usual musical pathway, but the lack of enthusiasm and passion is getting more palpable and, considering Morten Veland’s musicianship and past glory, “The Seventh Life Path” doesn’t match his creative force.

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