Barishi – Blood From The Lion’s Mouth

Progressive American act Barishi returns with the new album “Blood From The Lion’s Mouth” delivering an adventurous dark piece of music that could help the band gain more interest in the crowded metal scene.

“Grave Of The Creator” has a deeply heavy music core with enraged screams, super crunchy guitar riffing and fast paced drumming. In the midst of an asphyxiating gloom you will find several prog influenced passages that effortlessly create more luminous melodies.

The title track has a more intense prog soul with a calmer rhythm in contrast with the monotone screams. Melodic guitar phrases keep a genuine harmony embellished by a dreamy yet dark atmosphere.

“Death Moves In Silence” features peaceful harmonies and a perennial melancholic atmosphere perfectly portrayed by jazzy-sludge guitars. In general, the rhythm is noticeably slowed down to emphasize the thick bass lines and the melodic guitar work.

“Bonesetter” starts with vintage psychedelic accents followed by some heavier guitar riffs yet there is a rather melodic music theme filled with nostalgic vibes.

With “Blood From The Lion’s Mouth” Barishi showcases intriguing songwriting skills and attention for creative details yet the darkened inner nature of this album might be truly appreciated by an underground audience.

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