Suffocation – Of The Dark Light

The New York giants are at it again with another crushing release. Staying true to their brutal, yet technical sound. From front, to back… This album does not let up. Clarity Through Deprivation Starts off in normal Suffocation form keeping fans happy. Polished yet heavy and raw at the same time. Then it gets heavy and groovy through the halfway mark, and ends with a atmospheric whammy bar solo.

Your Last Breaths has a really fast pedal point main riff that just screams tech metal. There’s some slight middle eastern influenced riffing that helps transition into some chunky dissonant riffing. It gets followed by a pretty chaotic solo that fits in perfectly. Definitely a wicked track.

The Violation has a ton of wicked solos. Some of the best on the album. The song has choppy feel that manages to keep a continuous flow.

Of The Dark Light.  I imagine this tune absolutely crushing the audience in a live setting. Listen to it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Some Things Should Be Left Alone really should not be left alone. This track is packed with mean riffing. It has some cool haunting progressions that remind me of the late 90s era of death metal. A Nile meets Morbid Angel feel. It honestly sound like what you would expect from a death metal giant such as Suffocation. These guys really stick to their roots.

Caught Between Two Worlds is my favorite track on here, I’ll leave it at that.

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