Salems Lott – Mask of Morality

Self proclaimed “Shock Metal” band, Hollywood’s Salem’s Lott return with new three song e.p. “Mask of Morality.” Fusing all things metal from 80’s glam, Traditional Metal, and even black metal all with the over the top image of X Japan.

“Enigma” starts things off with a flurry of double bass domination and intricate Iced Earth meets melodeath riffing. “When heaven comes down” shows what this band does best; catchy anthemic quasi 80’s inspired metal, which follows suit on the closing track “You can’t hide from the beast inside.” While their image may be a turn off to some, metal fans across wide swaths of the scene should find something to enjoy on “Mask of Morality” and it’s surely a sign of great things to come from this over the top group.

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