Merrimack – Omegaphilia

French black metallers Merrimack worked for five years to create the new album “Omegaphilia”. At the very first listening you will find that Merrimack is not really interested in astonishing special effects or otherworldly creativity bursts but rather focuses on channeling the overwhelming obscurity of traditional black metal.

“Cauterizing Cosmos” is a cold introvert black metal anthem that feels almost diabolical and mystical with its inner endless darkness built by a series of repetitive guitar riffs and tormented growls.

“The Falsified Son” doesn’t deviate from the wintry atmospheres and tremolo crescendo typical of old school black metal as the slower guitar driven agonizing moments evoke absolute decay.

“Apophatic Weaponry” delivers a bleak tortured guitar sound but also some slower almost comfortable melodic passages even if the usual hopeless abyss is always a dominant theme.

“Cesspool Coronation” continues to hold the usual blackened monochromatic dynamics but some guitar leads carry a pale flickering light with mournful melodies and in the midst of an impenetrable darkness French spoken words sound rather poetic.

“Omegaphilia” is fueled by massive blackened furious strength and Merrimack proves to be passionately devoted to the darkest essence of black metal.

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