Arch Enemy – Will To Power

One of the most awaited releases this year is certainly “Will To Power”, the brand new full length by Swedish melodic death metallers Arch Enemy. Acclaimed guitarist Jeff Loomis joins the band and Alissa White-Gluz confidently takes the center stage throughout the album delivering absolutely intense growls that match the songwriting fluidity and the quite somber mood.

“The Race” relies on a heavy & fast high impact guitar driven rhythmic core and modern day brutality yet the guitar solos skillfully deliver charismatic licks and polished melodic accents.

“The World Is Yours” keeps a fierce death metal core with the expected tight guitar riffing galore and massive growls but the Arch Enemy signature melodic style often holds the spotlight with a generous dose of elegantly smooth guitar melodies and introspective atmospheres.

“The Eagle Flies Alone” could become a powerful hit song as the rhythm slows down with melancholic moments and focuses mainly on super catchy melodies. Once again, Alissa’s growls hold a distinct raw energy while guitars and keyboards continue to add extra atmospheric quality and moody harmonies.

Melancholic arpeggios and soothing sparkling guitar leads are the main center of attention on the emotional track “Reason To Believe” while Alissa demonstrates more versatility delivering sorrowful clean vocals as well as aggressive screams & growls.

“Dreams Of Retribution” offers another round of poignant guitar melodies and subtle melancholy infused atmospheres followed by modern heavier rhythmic blasts adorned by theatrical orchestrations and charismatic guitar solos.

“A Fight I Must Win” closes the album with triumphant energetic guitar work but also shines for the absolutely catchy chorus enhanced by slightly dramatic atmospheric layers and lavish symphonic arrangements.

“Will To Power” is not meant to conquer the listeners with a predictable overdose of brutal metal anthems as Arch Enemy rather decides to focus on the creation of exciting melodic hooks and a stylish music essence that can easily attract a variegated audience.

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