GlerAkur – The Mountains Are Beautiful Now

Icelandic post-rock/drone band GlerAkur has released the debut album elegantly entitled “The Mountains Are Beautiful Now” originally written for, and inspired by, the play ‘Fjalla-Eyvindur og Halla’, performed at the National Theatre of Iceland in the winter of 2015.

“Can’t You Wait” designs a cold microcosm that acquires a dreamlike consistency with fluid electro/drone moments surrounded by mystical atmospheres that can become harsher with recurring acidic distorted guitar dynamics.

On “Strings” GlerAkur depicts a realm of dark beauty where vibrant post- rock melodies and peaceful ambient accents guide the listeners through vast quiet landscapes lost in the middle of nowhere.

“Fagurt er á fjöllunum núna” feels otherworldly and almost completely detached from the sad ugly reality. The ambience tones have the crispy texture of glaciers and the ethereal quality of a sudden aurora borealis as ravishing cinematic atmospheric arrangements flow into a darker enigmatic electrified crescendo.

To fully appreciate and embrace the music quality of “The Mountains Are Beautiful Now” it would be best to listen to the whole album without interruptions as this is a truly inspired theatrical work of music rather than your average debut album.


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