Alpha Tiger – Alpha Tiger

Following the vocalist’s departure German rock Alpha Tiger returns with new singer Benjamin Jaino and a refreshed creative energy that generated the composition behind the latest self titled album.

“Comatose” builds catchy rhythmic dynamics with groovy simple guitar riffs and loads of retro rock keyboards arrangements that maintain a solid atmospheric background.

“Singularity” starts like a rock lullaby but picks up speed and strength with melodic guitars and a moody rhythmic backbone that offers scattered modern electro accents while energetic vocals confidently channel ‘90s rocker vibes.

“Aurora” becomes sorrowful with gentle emotional vocals, mellow guitar melodies entwined with a gritty rock solo and intriguing vintage keyboards layers.

“My Dear Old Friend” continues to enhance the retro rock mood with flamboyant ‘70s style organ providing spacey atmospheres while guitars follow a classic rock pathway to craft radio friendly melodies.

“The Last Encore” closes the album with a hint of melancholia evoked by soft harmonies and emotionally charged vocals but there are also some twin-guitar driven rock grooves to spice up the melodic themes.

Alpha Tiger might not deliver the most unique innovative work of music nevertheless this new release is packed with enjoyable melodic songs and fervent emotions.

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