Ex Eye – Ex Eye

Led by experimental saxophonist Colin Stetson, instrumental supergroup Ex Eye has released a rather unique avant-garde debut album.

Blending extraordinary jazz elements and strong metal accents “Xenolith; The Anvil” reveals a transcending creative power as all the instruments follow harmoniously an ethereal sonic flow that can often acquire melodic strength but can also unfold an eclectic whirlwind of spacey progressions.

“Anaitis Hymnal; The Akrose Disc” could hypnotize the listeners with overwhelming dark atmospheres that acquire thick shoegaze vibes and the frantic instrumentation embraces a chaotic blackened crescendo skillfully guided by a steady saxophone tone to reach a calmer or safer melodic realm.

“Form Constant the Grid” features another round of unconventional often dramatic melodies as Ex Eye continues to showcase brilliant untamed musicianship creating rich atmospheric textures that naturally acquire post-black metal cold tonalities and extravagant progressive rock guitar galore.

Far from being an average band Ex Eye didn’t create this debut album to please the audience but to explore diverse music territories and bravely experiment with unusual complex tonalities that allow full expression of technical expertise and creative force.

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