Caligula’s Horse – In Contact

Based in Australia progressive rock/metal band Caligula’s Horse has crafted an ambitious new album entitled “In Contact” conceptually based on how art and creativity connects human beings.

“Dream The Dead” showcases the band’s clearly eclectic personality with compelling polished guitar work that particularly shines in the memorable skillfully executed solo definitely characterized by modern prog influences. At the same time, this song delivers emotive nuances embedded in clean guitar melodies and a rather catchy chorus.

“Will’s Song (Let The Colours Run)” picks up speed with entertaining tempo variations again structured according to prog metal style. While the music themes keep on focusing on crispy sparkling guitar melodies/solos the syncopated rhythmic textures rely on a series of precise crunchy riffing and soft vocals seamlessly shift to a more rocker delivery.

“The Hands Are The Hardest” continues to emphasize delightful guitar melodies and sophisticated solo surrounded by polychromatic atmospheric layers that enhance the particularly emotional nature of this track without sacrificing a full display of the band’s instrumental prowess.

“Fill My Heart” becomes mellower and atmospheric channeling pure melancholy through smooth melodic guitars. As the song progresses the whole instrumentation acquires a more impactful prog metal approach that naturally leads to a truly impressive guitar solo that will inevitably capture the listeners’ attention.

The longest track on the album is “Graves” which might feel like a stand alone opus due to the significant instrumental and vocal variety but surely fits the overall heartfelt mood. This is one of those songs meant to impress as Caligula’s Horse create loads of complex cinematic themes focusing on absolutely stellar guitar leads, a stunning ensemble of intricate vibrant guitar melodies and graceful piano passages.

Caligula’s Horse effortlessly demonstrates excellent mature musicianship delivering an evocative charismatic work of music therefore the powerful soundscapes and the vivid emotional quality of “In Contact” will be easily appreciated by prog lovers worldwide.

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