36 Crazyfists – Lanterns

Alaskan band 36 Crazyfists has been around since 1994 therefore the mature musicianship and songwriting that characterize the latest full length “Lanterns” is definitely not a surprise and the band has taken the time to focus on particularly sincere lyrics concerning life struggles and depression delivering also a message of hope because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The fierce album opener “Death Eater” starts with the right distorted punch as aggressive rhythmic passages and raw screams borrow the typical fury of metalcore/hardcore.

“Better To Burn” keeps a steady balance between easy upbeat melodic textures and soaring guitar driven grooves supported by a rather crunchy rhythmic backbone.

“Where Revenge Ends” is not exactly a standard ballad but the acoustic melodic fluidity and the general instrumental warmth definitely amplifies the vocals’ honest pensive approach.

“Sleepsick” will satisfy your moshpit needs as guitars and bass skillfully build a cohesive often enraged rhythm yet the mellower breakdown is ready to favor a more emotive vocal delivery.

With an accessible mid-paced groove and fervent alt-rock nuances “Laying Hands” revolves around catchy melodic guitar riffs and solo.

The highly somber mood of “Dark Corners” certainly matches its title as the band puts aside any metalcore elements to focus on a soothing series of stripped down melodies that channel a profound catharsis enhanced by emotionally charged vocals.

Listening attentively to “Lanterns” you will find that 36 Crazyfists have chosen to emphasize the emotional aspect of music composition yet they also ensure a fair dosage of heavy grooves.

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