The 3rd Attempt – Egocidal Path

Looking for new creative outlets former Carpathian Forest guitarists Tchort and BloodPervertor joined forces to start the new band The 3rd Attempt and the sophomore release “Egocidal Path” is ready to unleash an explosive collection of moshpit friendly black n’ roll grooves.

With such a fitting title you know exactly what to expect from “Blood, Dope And Black N’ Roll”. The 3rd Attempt dwells in a world of pure darkness yet the tight guitar riffs and the upbeat tempo craft many stomping worthy grooves as well as majestic somber tonalities while diabolical screams and cold atmospheric accents channel the depth of traditional black metal.

“Into The Light” continues this darkly epic pathway with eerie atmospheric quality as guitars and drums provide memorable groovy patterns that require immediate headbanging while occasional clean vocals add dramatic vibes.

“Egocide” evokes an extremely darkened mood fueled by the particularly ominous theatrical vocal delivery and massive unrestrained guitar riffs that set in motion a heavier rhythmic approach and borrow the sinister tonalities of raw primordial black metal.

“I’ll Do It Now” begins with undisputed blackened fury with punishing drums and relentless guitar riffing but gradually acquires also a solemn mood with vigorous clean vocals.

“The Oath” still features accessible black n’ roll dynamics as guitars always carry catchy energetic vibes through a ruthless faster rhythmic maze and additional sonic variety comes with a slower mysterious breakdown amplified by passionate clean vocals.

Blackened guitar driven grooves are always entertaining and you will also find plenty of familiar wintry nuances on “Egocidal Path” as The 3rd Attempt delivers a cohesive work of music which aims to conquer new acolytes in the fervent underground metal scene.

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