Honeymoon Disease – Part Human, Mostly Beast

As the retro rock revival continues to trigger interest worldwide Swedish rockers Honeymoon Disease are ready to release the sophomore album “Part Human, Mostly Beast” generously packed with healthy rock & soul grooves.

“Doin’ it Again” obviously focuses on energetic guitar driven dynamics characterized by a lovely vintage sound and the song has enough catchiness and vibrant melodic quality to keep the listeners entertained.

“Only Thing Alive” keeps a straightforward electrified vibe with danceable quality as guitars and vocals keep up with the adrenaline infused rhythm that culminates with a readily enjoyable wild rock guitar solo.

The emotional warmth of “Rymdvals” delivers a pleasant change of pace as sincere vocals elegantly flow through guitar melodies that acquire soul tonalities and guitar solos are in charge of providing a wilder retro rock style with fashionable intensity.

With frenetic entertaining rhythmic patterns and lovely vintage lead guitar work “Four Stroke Woman” is another amusing track fueled by the unforgettable hard rock energy that still influences the current music scene worldwide.

Night By Night” adds a hint of melancholy to the raw high energy guitar driven grooves provided by the expected cohesive series of rock riffs and sparkling choruses.

“Coal Burnin” gradually builds rhythmic strength with loads of fuzzy riffs and a catchy melodic core always enhanced by intriguing guitar leads performed in proper traditional hard rock style and charismatic vocals.

At the very first listening “Electric Eel” feels sweaty and gritty as every hard rock anthem should with galloping guitars and thick bass lines focusing on the creation of quite accessible fuzzy rock grooves.

Even if “Part Human, Mostly Beast” doesn’t feel memorable all the way through, it would be enjoyed best if you play it loud with a party mood as Honeymoon Disease certainly demonstrate to have the ability to channel the dazed energy of the glorious ‘70’s.


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