Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – Vol 1

There was a time when Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats was still simply unknown and the very first music effort “Vol 1” was recorded on a low budget and pressed in small numbers. As the story goes, this album ended up acquiring a cult status and now songwriter Kevin Starrs has decided to re-release this charismatic D. I. Y. project finally mixed and mastered.

Maintaining its fashionable inner raw essence and rough recording style “Crystal spiders” introduces the vintage mixture of psychedelic and occult rock that characterizes Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats  as acidic guitar riffs build a series of massive retro rock bluesy grooves that lead to a glorious spacey guitar solo.

“Lonely And Strange” feels particularly irresistible with a deliciously spooky organ intro swiftly followed by full blown ‘60s-‘70s dazed psychedelic energy enhanced by spacey melodic guitars and vocals that will lead to a simply tremendous neverending trippy guitar solo surrounded by a moody melancholy.

“Vampire Circus” stands out for the entertaining dizzy & creepy guitar riffing that sounds like music straight from the ‘70s, absolutely not watered-down, and a guitar solo that holds an unpolished raw trippy psychedelic power.

The exquisitely groovy “Wind Up Toys” might have hints of retro doom that will inevitably make you space out as addictive galloping guitar riffs and a simply catchy chorus build up strength culminating in a visionary psychedelic rock par excellence guitar solo.

Initially released in 2010 “Vol 1” used to be a mythical item, a mysterious work of music and now all Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats loyal fans have a chance to finally own it and gain insight on the early days of the band.

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