Abhorrent Decimation – The Pardoner

Hailing from the U.K, Abhorrent Decimation dish out a unique brand of death-core with their debut record, The Pardoner. The most succinct summation of this album would be total sonic nihilism. Each track broods with absolutely devastating mood pieces as either song intros or interludes a la piano, orchestrations, or downtrodden clean guitar riffs. This is juxtaposed by ear drum obliterating dissonant guitar riffs against a maelstrom of double bass drums and blast beats, and red in the face death growls. Even when they hint at melody, the counter part is crushing heaviness. There is no respite to be found throughout the 40 minutes of sheer mood destroying music found here. And I take it, that’s exactly the point. The Pardoner is ugly, depressing, and heavier than a semi truck full of bowling balls. Not for the faint of heart, just the way I like it.

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