Boris – Dear

In their 25th year of existence Tokyo’s amplifier worshipping experimental metal power trio Boris daringly continues to push traditional music boundaries with rare elegance and the newest effort “Dear” is the product of pure artistic freedom and never refrains from exploring new sounds or alternative rhythmic patterns in order to create unexpected nuances and deviate from the average composition rules.

With a cinematic hypnotizing scenario “Deadsong” inevitably intrigues the audience with heavy funeral doom guitars and mysterious whispers surrounded by drone/atmospheric tones that make you feel lost in outer space as the noise layers gain surreal intensity.

“Absolutego” features a minimalist slightly more traditional rhythmic backbone further enhanced and embellished by an empowering doom oriented guitar riffing while vocals acquire moody emotional quality marching through the obscure heavy grooves.

“Biotope” offers linear gloomy melodies in the midst of a quite chaotic atmospheric maze and heavily distorted often dissonant guitars in contrast with the vocals’ soothing clarity.

“The Power” easily stands out channeling exquisite retro doom influences with the right dosage of slow and intensely heavy distorted guitars and consequently creating an asphyxiating sense of absolute desolation and an instrumental crescendo of palpable ominous vibes.

“Dystopia – Vanishing Point” crafts untraditional soundscapes that deliver serene sensations with ethereal vocals and minimalist instrumentation yet an ex-novo creative force introduces a change of pace with a series of raw poignant melodies leading to a trippy lengthy guitar solo.

The title track resides in the darkest limbo where dismal noise effects and wild instrumental experimentation work together to create renewed energy and enigmatic sonic textures while vocals become almost desperate with additional dreary emotions.

“Dear” definitely cannot be categorized as music for the masses as it can be quite mysterious or exceptionally avant-garde and Boris will always be capable of triggering sincere reactions in the audience.

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