All Souls – All Souls

Los Angeles based quartet All Souls will be a new name for many but this band actually features experienced musicians, Meg & Tony from Totimoshi, Tony from Fatso Jetson/The Desert Sessions and Erik from Black Elk, therefore the self-titled debut album will definitely trigger your curiosity.

“Party Night” is aptly filled with upbeat hooks and a constant groovy party mood spiced up by acidic guitar work and more melodic & emotive leads while vocals showcase an easy rebel edge or a slightly melancholic delivery.

“Never Know” will immediately stand out for the major rock hooks built by an exciting series of instrumental rhythmic patterns and memorable chorus but this song gradually gains complexity as stomping bass lines and lead guitars also display the psychedelic tinged aura of vintage desert rock resulting in a lovely daydreaming soundtrack.

With outpouring emotions “Silence” has a slower rhythm that favors bewitching guitar melodies and heartfelt vocal delivery but also a crunchy acidic guitar driven groove holds a relevant role ultimately leading to a wild guitar solo surrounded by surreal ambiance tones.

“Rename The Room” becomes even more emotional with contemplative breaks, a rich array of melancholia infused guitar melodies and soft vocals yet still holds a slightly raw rock essence with grunge influenced reverb that gains additional strength when eclectic guitar leads take the center stage.

“Reveille” relies on atmospheric vibes holding darkened feelings with a crescendo of moody guitars offering loads of somber melodic nuances and hypnotic resonance but there is also space for recurring catchy retro rock grooves.

With a rather gloomy background “Sadist/Servant” features a massive melodic catharsis where a particularly lavish and unique guitar work leads to an explosive rhythm built by an infectious borderline angered rhythmic ensemble that especially shines for the dazzling drumming style and ensures plenty of rebellious stomping grooves.

At the heart of All Souls classic desert rock certainly holds a primary role yet the band doesn’t refrain from offering diverse style variations and unexpected sonic crossovers as here these four artists are spontaneously writing & jamming to create a sincere music experience.


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