The Italian surreal metal band Mhela has released its first EP “ES” last month.
It presents 7 tracks which introduce the band’s style.

The melancholic “All around me” is the first track of the album,
I really enjoy the intro with the piano and the guitar solo.
The surprise is “Eden and Hell” sung in spanish, this song is pretty slow but
the sound is addictive.

“Night with spirits” is the first single released from this album and it’s a good track with a catchy refrain.
The guitar arpeggio introduces “She isn’t here”, the sound in this song is soft and all works well.

More heavy are “Nightmare before the war”, “Bastard snake” and “Vampires don’t sleep” but somehow didn’t get my attention
that much.

It’s a good EP, even if the sound is still unripe, I like the change of vocals in between clean and growl and musically the band is compact.
If you listen to bands like Bullet for my Valentine you will enjoy Mhela’s music.

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