Angra – Omni

Angra happens to be one of my favorite bands. Kiko Loureiro’s departure from this band was very hard for me, being that he’s my favorite guitarist, but they couldn’t have found a more suitable replacement for him. Marcelo Barbosa is the closest in playing style that they could have found. He proved that with the Almah material and this new Angra album!

“Light Of Transcendence” Opens the album very powerfully. The “fast” Angra we all know. Speed metal/Thrash riffing. Dual guitar leads. High vocals. Basically what you would expect from them.

“Travelers Of Time” Opens with some cool Brazilian percussion over metal riffing. This track has everything old school Angra fans will want to hear.

“Black Widow’s Web” Has a bit more of a theatrical vibe, combined with modern metal. There’s a really cool combo of harsh vocals here from the singer of Arch Enemy Alissa White-Gluz. It’s definitely a “mean” sounding track. I like that they tried something different with this one

“Insania” All I have to say about this is, it’s all about the verse in this song! Great mix, dynamics, and bass work. There’s great lead work in this song. It’s super memorable. Fabio’s vocals really showcase a warmer side of his voice on this track.

“Caveman” Is a very proggy track. You get some awesome Brazilian vocal chants with cool percussion at the beginning, along with some other changes. The bass playing on the bridge sections is all over the place. There’s some great dual guitar work as well. This song is all over the place.

“Magic Mirror” Is even more proggy, venturing into Dream Theater territory, with synths and what not. Angra tries a bit of everything on this album.

I won’t spoil the rest, but the ending of this album is quite epic. We’ll leave it at that.

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