Eyes Set To Kill – Eyes Set To Kill

American trio Eyes Set To Kill worked hard to gain popularity and the catchy melodic alt rock & post-hardcore style of the latest self-titled album will certainly please the fans.

On “Die Trying” the alt rock essence is definitely prominent with loads of raw distorted guitar dynamics that maintain simple rhythmic patterns that will culminate with a super catchy chorus filled of ‘90s rebel vibes.

“Break” immediately feels wilder & heavier as guitar riffs often showcase hardcore elements yet the main focus seems to be an emotional whirlwind clearly palpable in the melodic passages and melancholy infused vocal delivery.

“Survive” relies on heavy stomping grooves mixed with some modern atmospheric layers that surround the accessible melodic chorus while vocals effortlessly shift from raspy screams to tormented emotive delivery.

“Devastated” offers all the elements of a power ballad with mellow atmospheres and extremely melancholic vocals as the bands definitely favor bittersweet melodies and leaves little space for the crunchy guitar riffing.

Starting with softer chords and somber atmospheric layers “Drift Away” proceeds to offer strong melodic moments always matched and further enhanced by a mix of heartfelt and gritty vocals.

“Misery” offers soothing and deeply melancholic vibes again focusing on emotionally charged melodies with scattered heavier guitar driven accents and alt rock vibes in the easy chorus but vocals definitely continue to hold a dominant role fully expressing sincere emotions.

“Who We Used To Be” closes the album with a higher dosage of bouncy hardcore oriented rhythmic blasts and slick guitar riffs yet the recurring melodic textures maintain a primary role in the song’s structure.

Clearly Eyes Set To Kill aims to gather a wide audience rather than crafting innovative or complex songs therefore if you’re looking for radio friendly choruses & melodies you will find plenty on this new album.

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