Throneless – Cycles

Swedish doom metal outfit Throneless is ready to make an impact in the underground scene with the monolithic heavy anthems of the new album “Cycles”.

Arising from a bottomless cave “Born In Vain” is all about massive crushing doom style guitar riffs, incredibly thick bass lines and monumental drumming which enrich the ominous slow rhythmic dynamics executed as this traditional genre dictates in order to sound truly heavy.

The title track begins with hypnotizing fuzzy melodies but later feels like a monochromatic opus that clearly dwells in the darkest depths of doom metal as guitar riffs acquire heavier tonalities constantly building darker rhythmic crescendos that seem endless.

Far from being a catchy tune “Oracle” is the ultimate super lengthy doom trip or a hymn to absolute misery where you basically get an overdose of slow & heavy riffing with few rhythmic variations immersed in a borderline oppressive atmosphere that enhances the sense of impending doom simply embedded in the desolate instrumental segments and murky desperate screams.

True lovers of doom will easily appreciate the primordial darkness that pervades “Cycles” as Throneless proudly prove to be faithful acolytes of such timeless music genre.

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