Tesseract – Sonder

Tesseract is back with their 4th full length album. It’s pretty short, but is packed with high quality music. They blend elements from all of their previous albums on this one, and add some new elements as well.

“Luminary” opens the album. It comes in very “In your face,” but then quickly goes into a calm verse with some cool syncopation. There’s some interesting play happening with the chord progressions. The chorus is pretty big sounding and very easy to get stuck in your head. This song is pretty “to the point,” thus making it a good way to open the album.

“King” has a pretty nice opening groove with some very cool vocal arrangements. There’s the signature Tesseract clean atmospheric stuff happening in here as well. You really get a little bit of everything in this song. Even a little bit of harsh vocals that fit perfectly.

“Orbital” is very different for this band. It’s for the most part a short post rock feeling song. It sounds huge and has a very beautiful musical theme. I really hope they add more of this into their music on future albums.

“Juno” opens powerfully, but then goes into an awesome groove. The verse is awesome! You’ll see what I mean. There is a change that comes up later with some excellent vocals melodies, creating a really nice atmosphere, while the drums go crazy. This is one of my favorite tracks.

“Beneath My Skin/Mirror Image”… This song clocks in at 11:21. Just listen to it. It’s well worth your time.


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