Wolvhammer – The Monuments Of Ash & Bone

With a revamped lineup and renewed creative energy Wolvhammer emerge from the darkest depths of underground metal to deliver an overdose of undiluted blackened decay on the new opus “The Monuments Of Ash & Bone”.

“Eternal Rotting Misery” clearly stays true to the title and opens the gates of darkness as a profound sense of misery is constantly evoked by the multiple ominous rhythmic patterns fiercely unleashed by steady blackened guitar riffs & menacing drums consequently enhanced by hellish growls.

The impenetrable shroud of darkness of “Bathed In Moonblood And Wolflight” spontaneously leads to a cohesive round of tight blackened guitar riffs which feels impossibly obscure yet catchy in a way that will generate an instant moshpit nevertheless there are inner subdued melodic textures shimmering through the ferocious grooves.

On “The Failure King” guitars become utterly rambunctious following the faster borderline brutal pace dictated by steady thunderous drumming yet this is not an uncontrolled chaos as the band accurately follows the primordial black metal roots but also adds inspired atmospheric & melodic moments featuring a slower darkly contemplative essence.

With a slower rhythm and impossibly gloomy textures “Solace Eclipsed” feels like an atmospheric hymn to darkness with dramatic vocals & arrangements but will eventually offer scattered blackened guitar driven grooves without sacrificing the hazy desolation and melodic melancholy.

Overall, Wolvhammer worked hard to achieve the recurring raw blackened grooves and immense desolation of “The Monuments Of Ash & Bone” which will certainly delight lovers of obscure black metal nuances.

The Monuments of Ash & Bone

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