Octopus – Supernatural Alliance

Could something really cool emerge from the spectral swamps of Detroit? Yes, it’s the psychedelic turbo rock band Octopus who will surprise you with the trippy verve of the debut album “Supernatural Alliance”.

“The Center” certainly showcases strong ‘70s rock influences but doesn’t necessarily scream retro as guitars constantly craft good times grooves with acidic riffs mixed with essential organ melodic trippy galore resulting in one of those lovable dizziness inducing tune and in general the whole instrumentation sounds super tight shaping loads of refreshing catchy rhythmic dynamics.

The title track has a delicious fuzzy feeling mixed with enigmatic melodic textures, a surreal combination that aims to hypnotize the listeners, as guitars effortlessly shift from dramatic tonalities to full blown heavy & psychedelic riffing generating the right spacey mood with a slightly melancholic aura also enhanced by talented vocalist Masha’s intriguing soulful delivery.

“Slave And Master” pushes on that fuzz pedal and puts the classic organ passages in the spotlight while guitars & drums are very busy spacing out like in the middle of the desert and keeping an authentic rock groove with exquisite vintage vibes and vibrant riffs accompanied by spellbinding vocals.

The altered state of “The Unknown” particularly stands out for the darkened atmospheres and a slower enigmatic approach that favors a more generous dosage of psychedelia infused groovy dynamics skillfully embedded in every guitar riff and delicate melodic concoctions that suddenly emerge through steady rhythmic crunchiness carrying an overload of hallucinogenic experimental elements.

“Black Dynamite” can hit hard with the proper massive distorted rock guitar riffs and consequent raw energy but also offers tons of trippy rhythmic variations with spacey background organ layers and a slow burning approach especially enriched by the enthralling darkly psychedelic melodic licks of the guitar solo and the absolutely fierce & catchy rocker style vocal delivery.

You must take the time to discover the dazed & entertaining sonic realm of “Supernatural Alliance” as Octopus successfully deliver a highly energetic collection of songs that shine for the spontaneous psychedelic rock jam attitude.

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