Blacktop Mojo Interview with Matt James

Blacktop Mojo is touring in support of their sophomore album ‘Burn The
Ships’ and current Top 40 radio single “Dream On” (Aerosmith Cover) so we had a little chat with vocalist Matt James. Don’t miss Blacktop Mojo live at Subterranean in

Chicago on August 8th!

The Offering: You’re currently headlining a North American tour how is it going on the road?

(Matt James) BTM: The tour is going great right now. We’re having a blast and making a lot of new fans and friends in every corner of the country.

TO: What can people expect from your live shows?

BTM: To be a part of a high energy, down and dirty, rock show. Also probably sore necks the next day from the headbanging. I know we get those.

TO: What do you like most about touring?

BTM: Meeting new people everyday and hearing their stories. There are some incredible folks out there.

TO: Last year you released the album “Burn The Ships”, what are your thoughts and feelings about this record now that some time has passed?

BTM: This record has been a huge blessing for us. It’s allowed us to travel the country and reach a lot of people that we might not have otherwise.

TO: When you started working on this album did you have a precise idea or concept in mind?

BTM: About 2 weeks before we went to record the album, we all quit our jobs and moved into a house together, so the theme of the album is kind of “no going back”. We “Burned our Ships” in our lives so to speak and the theme of the songs reflect what we went through when we were doing that.

TO: How would you describe the music style of this album?

BTM: A journalist we interviewed with called it “Texas Grunge”. Kinda heavy, kinda twangy, rock and roll.

TO: What made you decide to cover the Aerosmith classic “Dream On”?

BTM: We thought it would be fun.

TO: Are you interested in covering other songs in the future?

BTM: Yes

TO: Are you currently working on new music?

BTM: Yes.

TO: When can we expect a new album?

BTM: Spring of 2019

TO: What do you find most challenging about being a musician?

BTM: We love what we do, so anything that’s challenging is still fun.

TO: What are your expectations for the future of the band?

BTM: To be the first band to play on Mars.


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