Cor Scorpii – Ruin

It’s been a decade since the debut album of Norwegian sognametal band Cor Scorpii which started as an offshoot of the iconic act Windir. Now Cor Scorpii are ready to return and impress the metal scene with the genuinely passionate work of music of the sophomore release “Ruin”.

The poetic atmospheres of “Svart Blod (Hovmod står for fall)” introduce a gloomy series of sharp guitar riffs which effortlessly follow a rather blackened rhythmic core obviously amplified by desperate growls and the whole song is influenced by wintry emotions that become even more palpable during the slower dreamy moments featuring the angelic vocal delivery of classical singer Annika Beinnes and the kaleidoscopic nuances of refined keyboards arrangements.

The folk/pagan metal flavors of “Skuggevandrar” will immediately stand out as a fiery rhythmic ensemble gallops confidently faster with strong guitar riffing and heartfelt somber melodies as always accompanied by intricate keyboards textures which provide extra solemn depth and infinite sadness through heavier rhythmic segments.

“Ri Di Mare” offers sublime classical arrangements before entering a darker sonic realm where guitars acquire full blackened energy supported by thunderous drums yet the song’s melodic ensemble will always hold an essential role as wistful guitar passages and fascinating keyboards effortlessly craft sophisticated tapestries.

On “Ærelaus” folk and pagan metal vibes become more dominant influencing the bouncy rhythmic dynamics and the vibrant multifaceted melodic guitar work yet when drums dictate a faster grim tempo black metal elements surface with fierce strength.

Like a Norwegian metal anthem “Siste Dans” begins with particularly sorrowful tones that will recur throughout the song shaping the thoughtful melodic intensity of compelling guitar phrases while a subtle gothic mood can be perceived in the keyboards atmospheric splendor and Annika’s graceful vocals.

At the core of “Ruin” the beloved Nordic melancholy infused soundscapes hold a crucial role as Cor Scorpii showcases an intense songwriting style that effortlessly blend the dark energy of extreme metal and ethereal melodic beauty to create a truly alluring collection of songs.

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