Frequency Drift – Letters To Maro

With delightful artistic concepts in mind and a desire to create innovative tonalities German progressive band Frequency Drift embarks on a new emotionally charged music journey with the latest full length “Letters To Maro”.

With soft magical atmospheres “Dear Maro” opens the album focusing on ambiance accents and refined melodies that certainly put the spotlight on the elegant performance of the band’s new vocalist Irini Alexia but also create several soothing rhythmic crescendos with lavish orchestrations.

“Underground” is made of polychromatic nuances skillfully created by gracefully melancholic keyboards melodies and poetic vocal delivery as the band continues to explore a whirlwind of emotions further enhanced by unexpected electronic harp harmonies.

As if the ghosts from the past are back to haunt us “Neon” has a slightly darker mood amplified by futuristic electro accents that spice up the charming atmospheric arrangements yet intricate luminous keyboards melodies often evoke a sense of hopefulness.

“Izanami” can feel ethereal like a breeze by the sea as loads of atmospheric layers whisper in our ears stories of loss leading to several pensive moments accompanied by minimalist acoustic passages but there some cathartic energetic rhythmic segments embellished by Irini’s theatrical vocals.

“Sleep Paralysis” depicts a quite unique sonic palette with evident progressive inspiration leading to unusual tempo variations while vocals again hold a crucial role with a stylish emotive delivery that always matches the moody instrumental work.

“Who’s Master” is probably the most complex song on the album and showcases a borderline sinister mood effortlessly expressed by crestfallen atmospheres but waves of surreal melodic splendor will eventually evolve into flamboyant progressive segments followed by Irini’s intense ‘stream of consciousness’ vocal style.

On “Letters To Maro” sophisticated arrangements and melancholia infused images lead to a healing process fueled by the impeccable cinematic rock soundscapes confidently crafted by Frequency Drift.
Letters to Maro

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