Shining – Animal

It seems like Shining’s new album “Animal” will surprise the longtime fans as mastermind/frontman Jørgen Munkeby was tired of the same ‘blackjazz’ style and decided to create a party metal carnival.

“Take Me” begins with a mainstream combination of keyboards melodies with a 80s feel and steady hard rock style guitar riffs, then you will find melodic bits embellished by additional modern synths layers.

The title track aims for a catchy approach and seems to follow the same straightforward hard rock direction and you can imagine a full blown party accompanied by uncomplicated guitar riffs, underlying atmospheric synths, lots of vocal effects and super melodic chorus.

“My Church” appears to be more dramatic and heavier as the whole rhythmic section dwells in a limbo between classic rock and metal yet vocals provide a melodic emotive delivery but will eventually turn into loud and quite angered screams.

“When I’m Gone” almost feels like a classic power ballad where keyboards keep a subtle atmospheric mood, vocals aim to express pure passion and guitars tend to lurk in the background maintaining a smooth rhythmic flow.

On “Everything Dies” the promising initial acidic tones will give way to another radio friendly groove with the borderline rebellious screams dictating the mood of the chorus and easy uptempo beats briefly interrupted by a sudden somber atmospheric breakdown.

“End” could have been a dark song but guitars feel too quiet and the almost spooky synths are swiftly followed by a melodic rampage focused on sad ballad style vocals and big mainstream chorus.  

“Animal” is mostly loud and bombastic, yes just like the party metal carnival that was supposed to be, so while Jørgen Munkeby is certainly happy with the final result maybe Shining’s fans will gradually learn to embrace this drastic change.


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