Witchthroat Serpent – Swallow The Venom

French stoner doom band Witchthroat Serpent is ready to embark on a spacey sonic journey with the esoteric vibes of the latest full length “Swallow The Venom”.

Full blown psychedelia takes over “Lucifer’s Fire” as guitar dynamics are characterized by gritty tonalities and retro vibes supported by a massive series of heavy bass lines and embellished by vibrant melodic guitar soloing.  

The super psychedelic beginning of “Pauper’s Grave” introduces the occult atmospheres that will deeply influence the whole instrumentation leading to heavy rhythmic sections, doom worshipping guitars and some hazy moments generated by a slower tempo and calmer guitar phrases.  

“Scorpent Serpion” doesn’t deviate from the whole album’s mood so the overdose of fuzzy guitar riffs is certainly expected and also enigmatic tonalities amplify the mysterious vibes that surround the rhythmic crescendos.

“Red Eyed Albino” begins with monolithic bass tones swiftly followed by another round of dirty guitar riffs with a prominent sludge/stoner approach interrupted only by the spacey melodic guitar solo and additional super fuzzy segments.

On “No More Giant Octopuses” guitars naturally enhance the psychedelic temper maintaining a steady series of stoner oriented grooves that will later acquire a quite ominous heavier doom quality while the soloing revolves around dizzy melodies.

Psychedelia and the black arts are the key elements behind “Swallow The Venom” as Witchthroat Serpent here are evidently inspired by classic doom and stoner rock and diligently follow such music formula to deliver a trippy collection of songs.

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