Die Klute – Planet Fear

Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares, Die Krupps’ Jürgen Engler and Leæther Strip’s Claus Larsen joined forces to create the new industrial supergroup Die Klute and now they are ready to showcase their artistic vision with the energetic debut album “Planet Fear”.

Bouncy electro arrangements build the fiery darkened grooves of “If I die” while the furious vocals and unstoppable crunchy guitars in the background amplify the song’s heavier dynamics.

“Out Of Control” offers an explosive round of grooves that constantly channel the raw energy of industrial rock with the right dosage of extra distorted guitar riffs marching through the eclectic danceable electro layers.

“The Hangman” revolves around anthemic industrial vibes with throbbing electro grooves and an inner rebellious spirit that fully permeates the acidic guitar tonalities and the bold vocal delivery.

“It’s All In Vain” combines nightmarish vibes and a dancey rhythm as guitars provide some heavy riffage as well as brief melodic moments surrounded by intensely persistent electro beats.

Anger and horror continue to fuel the industrial groove of “Infectious” which has a catchy mood but can certainly sound aggressive with the pummeling electronic beats, the enraged guitar riffing and the fierce vocal delivery.

“Push The Limit” stands out for the futuristic accents of the rather frenetic electronic arrangements while the heavier ravenous industrial rhythm is naturally amplified by the belligerent combo of harsh vocals and relentless guitar riffs.

The cover of U2’s classic song “MOFO” is particularly entertaining with a major catchy industrial approach that matches the album’s post-apocalyptic vibes and would sound awesome on the dancefloor.

Often supergroups manage to release a couple of albums and then disappear but in the case of Die Klute it seems that we can expect more music from this unique collaboration in the future, meanwhile you can enjoy the massive industrial grooves of “Planet Fear”.


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