Liv Kristine – River Of Diamonds

The undisputed queen of Scandinavian gothic metal Liv Kristine continues to follow a personal creative path that naturally leads to the sixth solo album “River Of Diamonds”, another compelling addition to her extensive discography.
“Our immortal Day” instantly evokes a familiar gothic metal inspiration with darkened guitar melodies and understated atmospheric arrangements perfectly unfolding around an enthralling vocal duet with Østen Bergøy of Tristania.
“Gravity” shifts the focus to ethereal atmospheric tapestries and deeply melancholic melodic motifs generating captivating crescendos further enriched by Liv’s delicate vocal delivery.
The title track offers a catchy melodic structure with elegant keyboards layers and slightly gothic guitar accents but certainly stands out for another fascinating duet this time with the one and only Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell.
“Love Me High” features glowing guitar melodies and bittersweet romantic vibes while Liv’s sister Carmen Elise Espenæs adds beautiful vocal harmonies.
Within the melodic core of “Serenity” guitars have a chance to amplify the gothic influences ultimately leading to a widely accessible chorus while Liv impeccably delivers powerful vocals.
You can perceive a darker mood throughout “If I am Dreaming” as Liv’s versatile vocals evoke an emotional whirlwind through a rich multilayered atmospheric ensemble.
Written in collaboration with Tommy Olsson, former member of Theatre of Tragedy, “River Of Diamonds” showcases a soothing melodic composition that fully revolves around Liv’s sublime vocal performance and constantly emphasizes her striking abilities.

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