Top 10 Records of 2023

Ville Valo – “Neon Noir”
Spinefarm Records

The extraordinary Ville Valo returns triumphantly with a perfectly stylish collection of Love Metal songs and even if we miss HIM terribly “Neon Noir” has all the power and the gloomy charm necessary to comfort our cold hearts.

Personal Favorite Track: “Saturnine Saturnalia”

Dozer – “Drifting In The Endless Void”
Blues Funeral Recordings

Dozer haven’t been around in a decade but they celebrate a majestic comeback with an overdose of simply addictive fuzzy stoner rock grooves and hypnotizing melodies that demand your attention.

Personal Favorite Track: “Missing 13”

Myrkur – “Spine”
Relapse Records

Amalie Bruun has already demonstrated to be an eclectic artist but this new musical chapter shines for the personal deeply emotive approach which ultimately leads to a compelling blend of darkness and beauty.

Personal Favorite Track: “Blazing Sky”

Katatonia – “Sky Void Of Stars”
Napalm Records

The evolutionary pathway of Katatonia naturally generates an enthralling melodic ensemble emphasizing excellent musicianship, intense creative force and the immense melancholia that we all love.

Personal Favorite Track: “Impermanence”

Graveyard – 6
Nuclear Blast

Swedish masters Graveyard choose a spellbinding melodic style channeling bluesy and heavy rock influences in perfect vintage fashion that defies any standard musical categorization.

Personal Favorite Track: “Godnatt”

Blood Ceremony – “The Old Ways Remain”
Rise Above Records

Blood Ceremony continue to develop a mature artistic identity and ultimately create a bewitching sonic realm where whimsical folk and occult rock naturally entwine.

Personal Favorite Track: “Song Of The Morrow”

Domkraft – “Sonic Moons”
Magnetic Eye Records

It’s all about massive psychedelia and heavy loud guitar riffs as Domkraft proudly promise to take you far away from this awful reality until we finally reach another galaxy.

Personal Favorite Track: “Black Moon Rising”

Saturnus – “The Storm Within”
Prophecy Productions

On this new musical endeavor Saturnus reach stunning dramatic depth with exquisite melodic themes without sacrificing the ominous force of death/doom metal.

Personal Favorite Track: “The Storm Within”

Dødheimsgard – “Black Medium Current”
Peaceville Records

Driven by an obscure energy Dødheimsgard bravely craft a deeply enigmatic opus that defies space and time but still maintains a cryptic blackened aura.

Personal Favorite Track: “Et Smelter”

Shining – “Shining”
Napalm Records

The one and only Niklas Kvarforth brings back Shining’s signature sound conveying pure despair and cold darkness with a tasteful touch of melodic gloom.

Personal Favorite Track: “Snart Är Dom Alla Borta”

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