Autarkh – Form In Motion

Founding member and composer/guitarist of Dodecahedron Michel Nienhuis embarks on a dystopian journey with the new band Autarkh which instantly manifests a radical sonic identity on the debut release “Form In Motion”.
“Turbulence” stays true to the title as the twisted rhythmic patterns and the abrasive riffage can create an asphyxiating sonic realm that at times embraces a futuristic approach with the addition of multilayered synths.
“Cyclic Terror” focuses on convoluted dissonant dynamics and heavily distorted tones that definitely emphasize the industrial inspiration while the hazy atmospheric textures become entwined with the aggressive blasts.
“Introspectrum” immediately unleashes a chaotic rhythm generating massive industrial grooves fueled by the cryptic electronic beats and the angered vocals within a moody atmospheric ensemble.
The distorted reality of “Lost To Sight” leads to obscure tonalities and visceral rhythmic segments accompanied by tormented growls & screams surrounded by unusual robotic sounds.
“Alignment” continues to combine harsh metal elements, diverse electronic layers and even subtle atmospheric nuances that ultimately create tumultuous soundscapes and uneasy feelings certainly amplified by the ravenous screams.
With Autarkh Michel Nienhuis follows an eclectic sonic evolution and certainly aims to push boundaries throughout “Form In Motion” channeling the fury of extreme metal and the enigmatic vibes of industrial.

Nightfall – At Night We Prey

After seven years of absence Greek melodic death metal band Nightfall returns triumphantly with the new darkened offering “At Night We Prey” blending opulent melodies and ravenous grooves.
“Killing Moon” opens the album with an overdose of memorable guitar riffs characterized by gelid melodic accents while the belligerent rhythmic section is ready to unleash savage faster grooves fully showcasing a harsh musical direction.
“Witches” instantly channels obscure vibes as the aggressive drumming and the primal force of the guitar work effortlessly create a nightmarish sonic realm further amplified by the vicious growls.
“Giants Of Anger” still dwells within a pitchblack realm fueled by an intense groovy momentum yet the rhythm slows down as guitars tend to focus on mournful melodic phrases accompanied by the theatrical vocals.
On “Meteor Gods” the melodic aspects become dominant as the slower contemplative passages emphasize the gothic aesthetics of the guitar melodies and the enticing solo in contrast with the scattered heavier dynamics.
A mysterious gothic aura surrounds the title track as dramatic spoken words and dreamy melodic phrases introduce a fiery rhythmic ensemble amplified by the robust riffage and the arcane chanting.
The nocturnal vibes of “Wolves In Thy Head” come to life through the menacing rhythmic patterns and the furious growls that inevitably convey a primordial strength which often becomes entwined with the gothic tinged melodic grandeur.
Without any hesitation Nightfall follow a darkly alluring sonic pathway which today on “At Night We Prey” leads to the monumental combo of extreme metal influences and compelling melodic tapestries.

Emptiness – Vide

Belgian quartet Emptiness embraces a surreal sonic pathway and an experimental approach on the new full length “Vide” recorded in confined spaces like a cabin in the woods and an apartment. 

A claustrophobic sense lingers throughout “Un corps à l’abandon” yet the whispered vocals and the guitar melodies can feel quite comforting channeling an alluring dreamy essence. 

On “Vide, incomplet” the electro beats add catchy and even danceable vibes to the haunting melodic passages and the monochromatic atmosphere. 

“Ce beau visage qui brûle” revolves around the mellow tonalities of the harmonious guitars that seem to emerge from a distant world surrounded by glitchy electro accents and ethereal synths. 

On “Détruis‐moi à l’amour” the blend of moody melodic guitars and the slightly dissonant tones float gently through the blurry atmospheric tapestries.  

“L’erreur” feels like a fading memory as the minimalist melodic guitar work is spiced up by unexpected dissonance and electronic twists evoking bittersweet feelings.  

On “L’ailleurs” the hazy guitar phrases, the understated distorted sound and the soft atmosphere evoke wistful feelings yet you can easily perceive a darkened aura surrounding the instrumental ensemble. 

It would be difficult to categorize the music style of “Vide” as Emptiness embark on a contemplative journey to explore the essence of perception through shapeshifting atmospheric & melodic waves.

Tombs – Under Sullen Skies

Created by mastermind Mike Hill, Tombs return with the new obscure offering “Under Sullen Skies” which dwells within a twisted blackened realm expressing a psychological turmoil. 

“Bone Furnace” immediately showcases visceral black metal roots with grave tonalites, tortured growls and pummeling drums yet the inner experimental nature comes to life through the atmospheric/electronic arrangements.  

“Void Constellation” shifts to a mournful doom approach as the monolithic riffage and the slower tempo become dominant while the refined melodic passages focus on depressing tonalities and contemplative vibes. 

The robust rhythmic section on “Barren” channels a raw blackened energy amplified by the anguished vocals while the slower moments lead to pensive atmospheric tapestries embellished by a generous dosage of enthralling melancholic guitar melodies. 

The painfully slow rhythm of “Secrets of the Black Sun” enhances the doom & gloom flair as the minimalist guitar melodies and the dramatic vocals seem to float within a dense atmospheric realm and will ultimately embrace a darkened heavier crescendo. 

“Lex Talionis” revolves around the ruthless & groovy rhythmic rampage fueled by super fast drumming and hellish riffage while the lead guitar work evokes strong ominous vibes delivering arcane melodic patterns.  

“Angel of Darkness” is drenched in darkness as a surreal atmosphere embellished by delicate vocals introduces monumental rhythmic patterns that can march relentlessly through the haunting keyboards arrangements. 

“Plague Years” begins with minimalist acoustic phrases swiftly followed by a menacing sonic assault with unrestrained guitar riffs and unstoppable blackened blasts while the understated atmospheric tapestries and the doom oriented segments convey immense grief. 

As Tombs continue to combine diverse influences and styles, the blackened fury and the post-apocalyptic motif of “Under Sullen Skies” can spontaneously unravel aggressive dynamics within a bleak sonic realm. 

Auðn – Vökudraumsins fangi

Icelandic atmospheric black metal band Auðn portrays the sheer beauty of wintry desolate landscapes blending harsh tonalities and dreamy melodies on the latest offering “Vökudraumsins fangi”. 

In the beginning “Einn um alla tíð” offers bittersweet acoustic arpeggios that introduce a fiery blackened momentum leading to savage guitar riffs, monumental drumming and desperate growls that channel an inner torment yet an eloquent melodic flair comes to life through the elegant melodic passages. 

The darkened atmosphere of “Birtan hugann brennir” feels quite comforting during sleepless winter nights as the majestic guitar work steals the spotlight fully embracing an overwhelming melancholia that leads to a refined melodic ensemble.  

The elaborate dynamics of “Verður von að bráð” can unleash a ferocious blackened force constantly fueled by the memorable riffage and the faster drum blasts yet the atmospheric nuances and the melodic guitars continue to emphasize an alluring emotional depth. 

On “Næðir um” we enter a gelid melodic realm where the slower nostalgic guitar phrases seem to glow floating through the mystifying atmosphere but the inflamed rhythmic section can often channel a ruthless blackened momentum.  

“Ljóstýra” feels like a beautiful daydream as the mellow melodic guitars express an eternal sense of longing that in factl lingers throughout the song even if the heavier frostbitten rhythmic segments spontaneously acquire obscure tonalities. 

Showcasing an intricate composition the title track closes the album focusing on sweeping evocative melodic progressions that once again highlight the exquisite guitar leads that effortlessly express somber feelings keeping in mind the stark beauty of the volcanic soil in Iceland. 

Listening to “Vökudraumsins fangi” we feel stuck in a perennial state of delusion as Auðn confidently follow a fascinating artistic evolution to craft immensely melancholic soundscapes and cold blackened grooves.

Garmarna – Förbundet

Over the last 30 years Swedish folk rockers Garmarna have meticulously created a unique style that today thrives triumphantly within the magical sonic realm of the seventh full length “Förbundet”.

“Ramunder” showcases a colorful palette as the traditional instruments effortlessly evoke a laid back folk mood that will evolve into a catchy rhythm with the intriguing blend of electronic accents and flawless violin harmonies. 

The atmospheric arrangements of “Sven i Rosengård” create a suspenseful mood around the solemn chants while the energetic drum beats and the darkened electro textures embrace a modern sonic flair. 

You can constantly feel a comforting sense of melancholia throughout “Ur världen att gå” as the mellow acoustic passages flow like a lovely daydream enriched by the enchanting violin melodies and the striking voice of Emma Härdelin. 

“Vägskäl” focuses on the whirlwind of gloomy feelings expressed by the graceful classical violin melodies and the heartfelt vocals that seem to float within a hypnotic atmosphere emphasized by the understated electronic tapestries. 

“Lussi Lilla” is surrounded by haunting atmospheric waves yet the subtle energy of the rhythmic passages create a delightful danceable mood that adds variety to the classic folk nuances of the refined violin phrases. 

 “Förbundet” embodies a cathartic listening experience that can make you feel relaxed or even compelled to join a spiritual journey as Garmarna masterfully craft an impeccable series of alluring soundscapes. 

Gargoyl – Gargoyl

Featuring Dave Davidson of Revocation and Luke Roberts of Ayahuasca, progressive grunge rockers Gargoyl are ready to present their experimental sonic manifesto with the debut self-titled release.

You can instantly appreciate the eclectic nature of “Plastic Nothing” as the convoluted rhythmic patterns fueled by the frenetic guitar riffs unravel around the passionate vocals until the tempo slows down drastically to highlight a contemplative atmosphere. 

On “Cursed Generation” the precise rhythmic section unleashes a groovy momentum that enhances the technical aspects of the guitar work which can deliver an unusual mix of grungy vibes and prog oriented luminous melodies. 

“Wraith” begins with peaceful guitar harmonies that will swiftly evolve into elaborate progressions that still maintain a soothing melodic soul matched by the crispy vocals yet never cease to showcase an interesting experimental flair. 

The darkened vibes of “Ophidian” are evident in the moody guitar phrases and the cold melodies surrounding an elegant vocal duet yet the rhythmic segments still manifest a technical prog approach that will generate heavier enigmatic dynamics. 

On “Acid Crown” guitars shift from sorrowful tonalities to multifaceted progressions leading to shapeshifting rhythmic patterns also fueled by the precise drumming while the extensive saxophone solo skillfully channels warm jazzy vibes.  

Throughout “Asphyxia” the intriguing guitar work can create heartfelt minimalist melodies that complement the softer vocals yet the intricate instrumental crescendos can make you feel dizzy evoking chaotic feelings. 

With the new project Gargoyl Dave and Luke share a musical kinship that gives them the chance to explore different styles and shape a fresh artistic vision that will often surprise the audience. 

Sólstafir – Endless Twilight of Codependent Love

Icelandic metal quartet Sólstafir continues to embrace an intricate songwriting style following a remarkable sonic evolution that defies any standard musical categories on the long awaited new opus “Endless Twilight of Codependent Love” which can instantly spellbind you with magical soundscapes yet also marks a return to the band’s heavier influences. 

The stunning opening track “Akkeri” stands out for the brilliant guitar work that effortlessly shifts from darkly enchanting harmonies to aggressive riffage channeling a tormented blackened influence while the emotional nature is definitely enhanced by the outpouring charisma of vocalist Aðalbjörn “Addi” Tryggvason and the hazy atmospheric arrangements. 

“Drýsill” tends to follow a slower introspective pathway as the intricate atmospheric ensemble feels like a warm daydream unfolding around the cathartic vocal delivery and the harrowing melodic guitars that will evolve into a sumptuous crescendo with the addition of groovy rhythmic blasts. 

The dreamy atmospheric tapestries and the haunting guitar melodies of “Her Fall From Grace” evoke a shimmering post-rock mood creating a surreal world that seems so distant from the actual reality and putting the spotlight on the striking vocal performance that will touch your soul. 

On “Dionysus” the primal blackened essence is bound to prevail as the vocals become twisted screams and the unrestrained rhythmic patterns demand a faster tempo that allows the particularly fierce guitar work to spontaneously craft an insanely groovy blend of savage riffage and darkened leads. 

The poetic flair of “Úlfur” comes to life through the melancholia infused melodies that continue to amplify an intense emotional turmoil as the gloomy enticing guitar phrases flow gently until the heavier slightly sinister riffage and the majestic drumming generate an unforgettable groovy momentum. 

An enthralling darkness is destined to thrive on “Endless Twilight of Codependent Love” and you can easily perceive the pain & grief lingering through the exquisite detailed composition as Sólstafir naturally convey authentic emotions within a unique labyrinthine sonic vision. 

Molassess – Through The Hollow

Featuring former members of legendary band The Devil’s Blood, Molassess begin their spellbinding sonic voyage with the psych-rock essence of the long awaited debut release “Through The Hollow”.

Surrounded by a spacey & sinister atmosphere the title track is destined to captivate the listeners as guitars move sinuously and constantly maintain alluring darkened tonalities shifting from sultry phrases to heavier riffage while Farida Lemouchi’s evocative vocal delivery guides you through a perilous psychedelic maze. 

The occult vibes feel strong throughout “Get Out From Under” as guitars take the center stage to create enticing melodies and groovy rhythmic twists leading to an intense instrumental crescendo with a distinct vintage flair that perfectly complements Farida’s bewitching vocal performance. 

Through hazy atmospheric waves the exquisite guitar melodies of “Formless Hands” can effortlessly craft darkly compelling melodic motifs while the impeccable rhythmic section focuses on catchy retro rock dynamics but also can surprise you with eclectic progressive variations that will lead to an absolutely hypnotizing grand finale. 

“I Am No Longer” conveys immense melancholia with soothing vocals and fascinating soft guitar harmonies that will evolve into an increasingly darker sonic realm offering delightful psychedelic arrangements enriched by a particularly charismatic guitar solo. 

The irresistible esoteric essence of “The Devil Lives” becomes palpable through the enchanting atmospheric textures and the crestfallen nuances of the riveting melodic guitars flourishing around Farida’s otherworldly voice that seems to emerge from a distant dreamy world while the extensive mesmerizing guitar solos simply cannot go unnoticed showcasing an intense creative force. 

Molassess fearlessly explore eclectic sonic territories and emotional turmoils to reach the depth of your soul and to create a unique artistic vision that inevitably becomes a spiritual renewal within the opulent soundscapes of “Through The Hollow”.

Crippled Black Phoenix – Ellengæst

Dark progressive rockers Crippled Black Phoenix embrace an evocative sonic evolution on the introspective journey embodied by the latest album “Ellengæst” which can spellbind you with a profound melancholy and an avant garde artistic vision. 

Featuring a stunning vocal performance by Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema “House Of Fools” offers darkly hypnotic guitar progressions flowing gently through ethereal atmospheric waves embellished by gorgeous piano melodies leading to hazy yet significantly heavier rhythmic patterns.

A dystopian mood surrounds “Lost” which carefully blends dramatic melodic phrases and surreal atmospheric layers while guitars can also focus on the creation of memorable rhythmic dynamics that still maintain the fascinating eerie tonalities. 

The alluring melodic guitar work on “Cry Of Love” glows within the vibrant & absolutely catchy rhythmic ensemble but still evokes strong darkened vibes amplified by the passionate vocal delivery and the shimmering atmospheric arrangements. 

At the center of “Everything I Say” you can immediately perceive a profound melancholia that will inevitably move you as the piano crafts vivid melodic tapestries and guitars unleash a sultry darkened energy that perfectly complement Belinda Kordic’s eloquent vocal performance. 

The sorrowful motif of “The Invisible Past” is palpable since the beginning as the graceful minimalist harmonies accompany the soulful voice of Jonathan Hultén of Tribulation floating gently within a dreamy atmospheric realm that with the addition of distorted guitars will ultimately evolve into a cathartic melodic crescendo. 

A wide array of conflicting emotions linger throughout “Ellengæst” as Crippled Black Phoenix explore inner struggles and deliberately refuse to fit within standard music categories meticulously crafting a series of sophisticated soundscapes.