Black Anvil – Regenesis

Hailing from New York City purveyors of USBM Black Anvil fully showcase a malevolent blackened vision on the fifth full-length “Regenesis”.
“In Two” hits you in the face with the obscure power of the fiery riffage and the crushing drums but an inner mournful melodic essence tends to emerge through the gelid lead guitar work.
Within the enigmatic atmosphere of “8-bit Terror” guitars have a chance to focus on profoundly sorrowful tonalities besides the expected violent riffs easily enhanced by the visceral growls.
“Silver & Steele” follows a slower lugubrious tempo allowing guitars to carefully craft hypnotizing phrases and a charismatic solo emphasizing a gripping melodic gloom.
“NYC Nightmares” also favors a melodic approach through the coldest crestfallen guitar tones yet the monumental rhythmic section acquires extra speed to build thrilling blackened grooves.
“Grant Us His Love” doesn’t waste any time as the relentless guitar riffs spontaneously generate a solid series of menacing rhythmic patterns later enriched by epic vocals and solemn keyboards arrangements.
The title track proudly unleashes venomous rhythmic blasts accompanied by vengeful growls while the guitar leads can easily provide a fair dosage of haunting melodic accents.
While drawing inspiration from the darkest depths of traditional black metal Black Anvil focus inward with their songwriting to develop a distinctive style that today thrives through the sinister soundscapes of “Regenesis”.

Strigoi – Viscera

Formed by mastermind Greg Mackintosh of legendary Paradise Lost, Strigoi continues an obscure music journey that today generates the pitchblack soundscapes of the sophomore release “Viscera”.
The unsettling atmosphere of “United in Viscera” naturally leads to lugubrious doom laden rhythmic patterns highlighting the excellent guitar work shifting from slower melodic accents to sophisticated leads.
“An Ocean of Blood” focuses on the visceral riffage and the bleak guitar tonalities to build a palpable rhythmic tension with a blackened inspiration inevitably enhanced by the guttural growls.
The solemn ominous intro of “Hollow” swiftly evolves into crushing grooves and while maintaining a classic doom approach the insane drum blasts ensure a faster blackened rhythmic structure.
“Bathed in a Black Sun” offers an intriguing blend of sinister guitar phrases and murky atmospheric waves while the wicked riffage consistently creates a series of harsh rhythmic crescendos.
The mood becomes quite dramatic on “Byzantine Tragedy” as guitars march fiercely and often acquire extra speed through a mournful atmospheric maze embellished by delicate chanting.
There is no hope and certainly there is no light within the mysterious atmospheric ensemble of “Iron Lung” as the heavy weight of the guitar riffs and the somber melodic lines constantly amplify a doom flair.
Throughout “Viscera” Strigoi meticulously shape a deeply darkened sonic vision crafting malevolent rhythmic patterns and evoking pure misery with an evident doom metal influence.

Christian Death – Evil Becomes Rule

Gothic death rock pioneers Christian Death embark on a gloomy sonic journey exploring intellectual themes and diverse music styles throughout the new full-length “Evil Becomes Rule”.
Within the dramatic atmospheric ensemble of “The Alpha And The Omega” Valor Kand’s voice becomes your spiritual guide while guitars often acquire a raw energy to create groovy rhythmic patterns.
“New Messiah” relies on the contrasting textures of the gritty guitar riffs and the vibrant acoustic phrases while Maitri’s vocals easily enhance the darkened catchy vibes.
A fascinating gothic flair lingers through the moody melodic waves and the monochromatic bass lines of “Blood Moon” reaching the acme with the seductive vocal harmonies of the addictive chorus.
“Beautiful” puts the spotlight on Maitri’s bewitching vocals flowing through a darkly gripping blend of graceful atmospheric tapestries and dazzling melodic crescendos.
“Rise And Shine” showcases a sinister vision through the irresistible faster & heavier rhythmic segments enriched by the charismatic vocal interplay and the melancholic atmospheric arrangements.
“Who Am I (part 1)” stands out for the hypnotizing combo of elegant violins and warm arpeggios yet the rhythmic section can acquire an obscure essence ultimately leading to a delightful melodic guitar solo.
Christian Death inevitably lure you through a realm of darkness and poetry as “Evil Becomes Rule” grabs your attention with sultry melodic aesthetics and a timeless goth essence.

Somali Yacht Club – The Space

Ukrainian post-rock/metal band Somali Yacht Club expands their thoughtful sonic vision through the melancholia infused soundscapes of the third full-length “The Space”.
The darkened tonalities of “Silver” lead to a hazy rhythmic ensemble that often embraces dramatically heavier dynamics embellished by a comforting vocal delivery and recurring peaceful guitar melodies.
Within the blurry atmospheric realm of “Pulsar” guitars naturally shift from intense fuzzy rhythmic crescendos to graceful luminous progressions enhancing the presence of emotive themes and a pensive melodic flow.
The softer passages of “Echo of Direction” highlight the darkly immersive harmonies and the dense atmospheric textures while the glowing guitar tones will occasionally evolve into a fierce groovy momentum fueled by the gritty riffage.
The lengthy final opus “Momentum” showcases a multifaceted rhythmic approach that spontaneously generates monolithic heavy patterns adding darker doom elements yet the eclectic guitars can fully unfold a dreamy melodic grandeur through warm evocative phrases enhancing a compelling emotional depth.
Throughout “The Space” Somali Yacht Club never fail to convey a deeply contemplative mood emphasizing a cinematic composition influenced by contrasting post-metal nuances.

Nite – Voices Of The Kronian Moon

Hailing from the Bay Area, blackened heavy metal band Nite aims to conquer your cold soul skillfully blending glorious N.W.O.B.H.M dynamics and perennial darkness on the sophomore full-length “Voices Of The Kronian Moon”.
The album opener “Acheron” doesn’t waste any time as the bold rhythmic section fully embraces a memorable groovy momentum enriched by the captivating darkened guitar tonalities and the polished melodic leads.
The aptly nocturnal atmosphere of “Kronian Moon” puts the spotlight on the ominous vocal delivery and the bewitching melodic guitar work offering an overdose of charismatic licks and sorrowful phrases.
Darkness inevitably descends on “Liber ex Doctrina” which features an ideal combo of deeply mournful harmonious progressions and inflamed rhythmic patterns highlighting once again the striking guitar work.
On “Edge of the Night” an alluring somber intro leads the way to a significantly faster & heavier rhythmic rampage enhanced by a dazzling guitar solo yet an overwhelming melancholia is bound to flourish through the sophisticated melodic aesthetics.
“Thorns” proudly showcases major classic metal influences through the soaring guitar riffs and the triumphant drum blasts yet you can instantly perceive the obscure presence of gelid blackened nuances and lugubrious melodic textures.
Channeling a timeless heavy metal force Nite confidently continue to shape an intriguing sonic vision that thrives within the shadowy grooves of “Voices Of The Kronian Moon”.

Abbath – Dread Reaver

Norwegian black metal legend Abbath fearlessly emerges from the darkest depths to drag you through the frostbitten grooves of the ambitious third full-length “Dread Reaver”.
An ominous atmosphere surrounds the fast wicked rhythmic core of “Acid Haze” as the steady roaring guitar riffs and the flamboyant leads accompanied by ruthless growls easily amplify the coldest black metal roots.
“Dream Cull” surprises you with a decadent eerie acoustic intro swiftly followed by fiery rhythmic patterns that can still convey intense grim feelings due to the dominant darkened guitar tonalities.
“Myrmidon” relies on glorious black ‘n roll dynamics as the gritty riffage showcases an entertaining classic rock attitude but the extra speed of the crushing drums inevitably leads to a pitchblack heavier momentum.
Under a shroud of frost “The Deep Unbound” fully embraces an obscure flair as the unrestrained rhythmic section and the venomous growls channel a primordial blackened force embellished by the polished charismatic guitar solo.
The monumental title track triumphantly unleashes a mid-paced groovy blackened rhythmic rampage as the visceral combo of memorable guitar riffs and furious drumming simply seem unstoppable and the theatrical sinister vocals definitely evoke epic vibes.
Within the perennial Nordic darkness of “Dread Reaver” Abbath seems to focus mainly on an audacious black ‘n roll formula that spontaneously generates a solid series of malevolent grooves bound to trigger instant headbanging.

Sylvaine – Nova

Multi-instrumentalist composer Sylvaine is ready to impress once again the burgeoning blackgaze scene with the rich kaleidoscopic composition and the darkened poetry of the brand new album “Nova”.
“Mono No Aware” at times follows a particularly obscure pathway leading to fast aggressive blackened patterns amplified by the pummeling drums and the venomous screams in contrast with the wistful guitar phrases that will open a portal to an enchanting dreamy world where Sylvaine’s graceful voice becomes your faithful guide.
“Nowhere, Still Somewhere” perfectly embodies a haunting melodic daydream as the spellbinding arpeggios flourish within a soothing atmospheric ensemble and naturally evolve into deeply melancholic rhythmic crescendos that showcase a delightful shoegaze inspiration enriched by the heartfelt vocal harmonies.
“Fortapt” pays homage to Sylvaine’s Norwegian roots evoking magical folk nuances through nostalgic minimalist arpeggios that can take you far away from the dreadful reality while the lavish melodic tapestries become increasingly darker with the addition of feral screams and gritty riffage.
A darkly romantic vision unfolds delicately through “Everything Must Come To An End” focusing on an exquisite combo of fascinating somber guitar melodies and eloquent vocals adorned by the classical splendor of violin and cello.
Undoubtedly Sylvaine still channels a primordial blackened essence but fully embraces an intimate songwriting approach to manifest a glowing rebirth meticulously crafting the alluring soundscapes of “Nova”.

Shape Of Despair – Return To The Void

Finnish funeral doom stalwarts Shape Of Despair invite you to embark on a contemplative journey through the perpetual darkness of the latest offering “Return To The Void”.
We bravely enter the void as the title track delivers majestic melodic crescendos fueled by the gelid guitar tonalities flowing gracefully through a crestfallen atmospheric ensemble embellished by angelic female vocals.
Within the cold cinematic soundscapes of “Solitary Downfall” guitars continue to combine beautiful forlorn melodies and crushing doom riffage following a painfully slow tempo while cavernous growls and ethereal vocals naturally express an emotional whirlwind.
On “Forfeit” the monumental drumming and the monochromatic guitar sound generate a perennial sense of hopelessness and oppressive rhythmic patterns in contrast with the captivating dreamy atmospheric breakdown.
Everything on “The Inner Desolation” matches the title focusing on a lugubrious blend of mournful melodic phrases and heavy doom laden guitar riffs once again surrounded by refined sorrowful atmospheric layers leading to a particularly haunting finale featuring melancholic vocal harmonies.
Channeling grief and infinite gloom throughout “Return To The Void” Shape Of Despair depict a darkened bleak world where heart wrenching melodic tapestries and monolithic doom progressions become seamlessly entwined.

Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaw’s Stand

Australian extreme metal outfit Nocturnal Graves proudly spreads darkness & brutality throughout the ominous new album “An Outlaw’s Stand”.
The album opener “Death To The Pigs” makes a ferocious statement generating visceral rhythmic patterns with monumental drumming and abrasive riffage while the guitar leads create satisfying flamboyant progressions.
“Command for Conflict” consistently relies on the extra speed of the hostile rhythmic section to convey an oppressive mood yet when the tempo slows down guitars have a chance to deliver some quasi melodic licks.
“Law of the Blade” offers an overload of menacing guitar riffs and the consequent sheer fury is certainly amplified by the cavernous growls and enriched by the lugubrious tonalities of the charismatic guitar solo.
Bearing the malignant mark of classic death metal “Beyond the Flesh” unleashes fast unrestrained guitar driven grooves that simply seem unstoppable until the gripping extensive guitar solo takes the center stage.
Without any hesitation the title track provides a ruthless sonic onslaught through the malevolent energy of vitriolic riffs and frantic drums while later an obscure atmosphere will highlight the darkened allure of the guitar leads.
Within the apocalyptic sonic realm embodied by “An Outlaw’s Stand” Nocturnal Graves never fail to deliver the expected dosage of merciless dynamics constantly channeling a primal death & black metal force.

Opera Diabolicus – Death On A Pale Horse

Swedish horror entity Opera Diabolicus conjures darkness to create the theatrical sophomore opus “Death On A Pale Horse” collaborating with exceptional musicians.
Featuring talented vocalist Mats Levén, “Bring Out Your Dead” combines a classic heavy metal formula and symphonic splendor to generate an inflamed rhythmic rampage with striking epic vibes as the soaring guitars are skillfully enriched by solemn orchestrations.
The detailed composition of “Second Coming” leads to dreamy melodic passages and wild rhythmic blasts enhanced by sumptuous choirs that often evoke sinister vibes while the stunning lead guitar work courtesy of legendary Andy La Rocque is destined to impress the listeners.
“Darkest Doom on the Brightest of Days” maintains a massive heavy metal rhythmic core with majestic guitar progressions and aptly sounds darker and diabolical with particularly wicked vocals and arcane organ tapestries while the classical elegance of violin harmonies evokes sheer melancholia.
“Night Demon” begins with the ominous combo of organ and operatic choirs introducing thrilling rhythmic patterns fueled by the frenetic drum blasts while the gloomy gothic flair continues to thrive within the witchy atmospheric ensemble.
On “At Nighttime” mournful arpeggios are swiftly followed by a charismatic devilish vocal delivery so the consequent nightmarish mood demands bewitching orchestral layers and faster soaring guitar riffs in contrast with the softer classical breakdown and the melodic allure of the compelling guitar solo.
Opera Diabolicus makes a triumphant comeback telling a story of witchcraft, the black death and revenge throughout “Death On A Pale Horse” which undoubtedly feels like a grandiose decadent operetta due to the magnificent symphonic approach and the brilliant musicianship.