Bergraven – Det Framlidna Minnet

Swedish avant-garde progressive dark metal act Bergraven never refrains from exploring contrasting themes and diverse music territories in fact such visionary approach naturally leads to the enigmatic soundscapes of the latest album “Det Framlidna Minnet”.

On “Allt” the primal blackened momentum inevitably channels desperate and chaotic feelings following fast drumming and diabolical growls but the mood drastically changes when guitars acquire jazz inspired tonalities leading to edgy rhythmic variations and softer tonalities.  

The melodic splendor of “Den Följsamma Plågan” comes from the melancholic arpeggios that certainly generate a peaceful mood accompanied by fragile atmospheric accents yet this track holds a dark soul clearly fueled by traditional black metal as guitar riffs can acquire ominous tonalities matched by the enraged growls.

It’s not surprising to hear that melancholy and bleakness are essential elements on “Minnets Melankoli” which features an intense contemplative nature expressed by cathartic acoustic passages in contrast with the raw energy of the blackened dynamics.

“Till Priset Av Vårt Liv” is an ambitious track that offers a plethora of sonic variations starting with unusual rhythmic segments characterized by borderline dissonant guitar riffs and sophisticated jazz inspired progressions while the dreamy melodic essence emphasizes an inner desolation with loads of darkened guitar tonalities accompanied by anguished screams.

As Bergraven constantly maintain an experimental approach “Det Framlidna Minnet” always showcases great style diversity borrowing the undiluted fury of black metal or simply creating unexpected melodic tapestries.

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