Full Of Hell – Weeping Choir

Full Of Hell continue to garner attention and critical acclaim in the underground metal scene delivering a unique pulverizing blend of extreme metal subgenres with an unstoppable creative force that this time generates the obscure sonic assault of the new full length “Weeping Choir”.

“Burning Myrrh” has an asphyxiating mood as relentless guitar riffs and constant pummeling drums make you feel dizzy plus the visceral growls seem to aptly emerge from the depths of hell and acquire a dramatic delivery towards the slower finale.

It’s hard to catch your breath when the brief yet rather violent “Haunted Arches” starts to unleash sheer fury with precise ruthless drumming, abrasive guitar riffs and hellish growls following frantic rhythmic patterns.

“Aria Of Jeweled Tears” will leave you shattered gasping for air as the aggressive rhythmic structure never attempts to slow down reaching a chaotic sonic depth through the solemn march of the brutal guitar riffs.

“Armory Of Obsidian Glass” is a complex track that will definitely become a favorite featuring intense ominous vibes that add a subtle mystical flair with doom laden guitar progressions and monolithic drums while the eerie atmosphere enhances the darkened allure of the theatrical chants and the haunting vocals by Lingua Ignota accompanied by desolate guitar phrases.

With a less frenetic rhythmic core “Angels Gather Here” focuses more on hallucinogenic noise concoctions, ghastly sounds and anguished growls within a hopeless dark sonic realm bearing strong electro/industrial influences.

The inner torment of “Ygramul The Many” comes to life through savage rhythmic segments following super fast belligerent drums and such turbulent ensemble is spiced up by the unexpected jazzy dissonant tonalities.

Full Of Hell are always able to surprise the listeners on “Weeping Choir” which is definitely drenched in darkness and could be the perfect soundtrack for an imminent apocalypse representing a hostile sonic manifesto made of claustrophobic noise and menacing blackened bursts.

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