Obituary – Dying Of Everything

Death metal legends Obituary redefined the genre throughout the 1990s and now they are still eager to write music with passion continuing to solidify their legacy with the highly anticipated new album “Dying Of Everything”.
“Barely Alive” marks a brutal beginning with a savage combo of punishing drum blasts and unrestrained riffage unfolding around John Tardy’s signature ruthless growls.
In the beginning “The Wrong Time” manifests a somber mood but the infectious guitar riffs become simply unstoppable well supported by the monstrous rhythmic section and enriched by a flamboyant solo.
Without the need for extra speed “War” unleashes massive stomping rhythmic patterns though the bold bass lines and the fierce guitar work while John’s vocals sound absolutely vicious.
The title track bears the mark of old school death metal as the relentless drumming and the mighty riffs become more frantic calling for an immediate moshpit yet ultimately lead to a slower sinister breakdown.
While following a mid-tempo the rhythmic core of “My Will To Live” can still convey pure anger consistently building entertaining grooves enhanced by the tasteful guitar leads.
“Be Warned” closes the album with a palpable sense of impending doom as guitars acquire an ominous sound within a dramatically slower & darker rhythmic ensemble.
Undoubtedly the strength of “Dying Of Everything” comes from the memorable rhythmic dynamics and the vitriolic guitar riffs as Obituary proudly stay true to their classic style but successfully manage to add variety.

Temple Of Void – Summoning The Slayer

Detroit death-doom metal band Temple Of Void confidently spreads obscurity and melancholia on the brand new full-length “Summoning The Slayer”.
“Behind The Eye” doesn’t waste any time as the hostile riffage leads to monolithic rhythmic patterns that often acquire extra speed and brutality yet the guitar leads enhance a dramatic melodic flair.
Surrounded by an arcane atmosphere “Deathtouch” fully embraces a lugubrious doom metal force as guitars deliberately focus on opulent darkened melodic phrases well supported by the monumental drumming and the thick bass lines.
The ominous realm of “Engulfed” instantly generates a funereal rhythmic ensemble amplified by the dominant role of the gloomy melodic guitars and the tormented vocal delivery.
“Dissolution” marks a bittersweet finale as the band leaves behind the heavy elements to fully embrace an emotional sonic palette through enticing acoustic guitar progressions and gentle clean vocals.
Dwelling within a subterranean dimension, Temple Of Void have the ability to balance crushing dynamics and fascinating contemplative melodic textures throughout “Summoning The Slayer”.

Devil Master – Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night

Rising from the dark underground metal scene Devil Master manifests a malevolent groovy sonic vision on the sophomore release “Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night” recorded live to analog tape to ensure an authentic raw sound.
Darkness is bound to descend on “Enamoured in the Throes of Death” which relies on gritty guitar riffs and tormented screams to enhance the rebellious attitude of the relentless rhythmic patterns.
On “The Vigour Of Evil” the inflamed rhythmic section fully embraces a savage groovy momentum with blackened tonalities and chunky riffage while the lead guitar work skillfully crafts appealing goth melodic nuances.
“Acid Black Mass” channels a primal fury through the frantic malignant rhythmic blasts diligently fueled by the fierce guitar riffs nevertheless you can often perceive an inner moody & harrowing melodic soul.
Surrounded by a dusty atmosphere “Abyss In Vision” favors a slower tempo to emphasize a hypnotizing gothic flair and the guitars acquire a rather catchy death rock approach.
On “Funerary Gyre of Dreams & Madness” the wild guitar riffs and the robust bass lines spontaneously generate an overload of creepy feelings and towering dynamics within a nocturnal realm.
“Precious Blood of Christ Rebuked” reveals a blasphemous mix of horror vibes and aggression through the raucous vocals and the unrestrained rhythmic rampage constantly highlighting obscure heavy energetic elements.
Undoubtedly magick reigns throughout “Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night” as Devil Master follows a rather darkened filthy pathway shaping an intriguing sonic identity that demands your attention.

Author & Punisher – Krüller

With the industrial drone-doom project Author & Punisher mastermind Tristan Shone has created a world of custom made machines and dystopian soundscapes that today leads to the surreal new album “Krüller”.
The experimental approach of “Drone Carrying Dread” generates a murky atmospheric ensemble certainly enhanced by the slow mournful tempo and the moody vocal delivery embellished by recurring bittersweet melodic accents.
Darkness inevitably descends on “Incinerator” which can sound quite heavy as the elaborate synths can create oppressive patterns and pulsating rhythmic crescendos amplified by distorted sounds and angered vocals.
Throughout the dense drone induced atmosphere of “Centurion” the mechanical industrial beats maintain a monochromatic rhythm and you can always perceive a sense of utter desolation and grim feelings.
Featuring a collaboration with Tool’s drummer Danny Carey, “Misery” definitely showcases gritty industrial vibes yet there is a lingering decadent melodic essence bound to grab your attention through the soothing atmospheric nuances.
The title track tends to focus on a robotic rhythmic core that seems to belong to a distant decayed dimension and emphasizes raw heavier dynamics while the soft piano melodies create an extremely gloomy finale.
Ultimately “Krüller” dwells within a darkened realm where Author & Punisher skillfully combines multilayered nightmarish industrial textures and bleak melodic aesthetics developing a unique sonic and sensorial experience.

Cloakroom – Dissolution Wave

To celebrate their tenth anniversary as a band Cloakroom embarks on a space voyage through the surreal soundscapes of the brand new full-length “Dissolution Wave” lyrically based on an imagined cosmology.
“Lost Meaning” immediately grabs your attention with the fuzzy strength of the guitar riffs generating robust rhythmic segments while a bittersweet melodic essence accompanied by soothing vocals flows gracefully through the dense atmospheric maze.
The title track fully embraces a space rock approach to leave behind the dreadful reality as the tempo slows down highlighting the comforting cold tonalities of the eloquent melodic progressions surrounded by airy atmospheric arrangements.
“Fear Of Being Fixed” might sound slightly harsh due to the gritty guitar sound and the consequent monolithic riffage yet the serene vocal delivery and the twirling melodic phrases reveal a softer side.
“Lambspring” offers a kaleidoscopic melodic palette expressing uplifting feelings through the shimmering shoegaze nature of the enchanting guitar work floating within an otherworldly atmospheric realm while the finale naturally acquires some fuzzy energy.
Even if the gentle vocals continue to convey immense melancholia on “Dissembler” the raw guitar riffs become more dominant delivering big groovy dynamics easily embellished by fascinating darkened atmospheric nuances.
As Cloakroom confidently channel cosmic energy and a moody shoegaze flair “Dissolution Wave” unfolds like a hazy daydream focusing on evocative melodies and contemplative themes that seem to belong to another dimension.

Monolord – Your Time To Shine

Swedish power trio Monolord confidently delivers a hypnotizing blend of monumental grooves and dreamy melodic tapestries on the highly anticipated new record “Your Time To Shine”.
“The Weary” marks an impactful beginning as the massive guitar riffs hit you in the face and the obscure power of doom leads to monolithic rhythmic patterns but the mellow passages accompanied by laid back vocals certainly evoke grim emotions.
“I’ll Be Damned” skillfully unleashes another round of irresistible heavy riffs that generates a colossal doom laden groovy momentum enriched by the charismatic guitar leads and the compelling gloomy melodic tonalities.
Everything feels impossibly dark and melancholic on the title track as the tempo slows down dramatically and the mournful guitars focus on the creation of enthralling melodic progressions leading to a mystical grand finale embellished by super trippy psychedelic accents.
In the beginning “The Siren Of Yersinia” focuses on a bold rhythmic rampage but an immense nostalgia is destined to emerge through the refined melodic guitars and the heartfelt vocal performance until the fuzzy riffage gradually evolves into a glorious solo.
Monolord proudly manifest an expansive sonic vision that can naturally lead to alluring spacey rock dynamics but certainly continue to channel an ominous doom force through the majestic grooves of “Your Time To Shine”.

Full Of Hell – Garden Of Burning Apparitions

In the last few years Full Of Hell have established a solid status within the underground extreme metal scene and now they are ready to expand their genre-bending vision on the latest offering “Garden Of Burning Apparitions”.
In less than a minute the album opener “Guided Blight” packs an insane series of guttural death metal blasts that will leave you shattered.
Listening to “Asphyxiant Blessing” we enter a tormented parallel dimension where soaring guitars march fiercely through a murky rhythmic maze conveying dismal feelings.
“Murmuring Foul Spring” dwells within a mystifying atmosphere that creates a suspenseful mood to introduce a relentless rhythmic ensemble amplified by the aggressive growls.
“Burning Apparition” goes straight to a chaotic rhythmic core characterized by asphyxiating noise elements, furious speed and monstrous guitar riffs.
The impactful track “Industrial Messiah Complex” relies on massive vitriolic guitar riffs and untamed drumming to build dissonant & vicious rhythmic patterns.
On “Reeking Tunnels” the raw energy of guitars leads to memorable noise hardcore grooves putting the spotlight on the twisted rhythmic section.
You simply cannot escape the enraged world of “Celestial Heirarch” as the spectral growls and the mighty guitar riffs unravel within a dissonant rhythmic turmoil.
A perennial obscure force generates the visceral dynamics of “Garden Of Burning Apparitions” as Full Of Hell confidently draw inspiration from the darkest elements of extreme metal to create an enigmatic and at times even unsettling sonic realm.

Wolves In The Throne Room – Primordial Arcana

Ritualistic black metal act Wolves In The Throne Room emerges from a desolate forest conjuring mysterious forces to create the darkest new offering “Primordial Arcana”.
“Mountain Magick” opens a portal to an ancestral realm as an arcane atmosphere surrounds a blackened rhythmic rampage fueled by unrestrained tremolos and monolithic drumming while the guitar leads skillfully add gloomy melodic accents as the tempo slows down enhancing a dramatic depth.
A compelling ritualistic aura lingers throughout “Through Eternal Fields” as the slower melodic passages, the sombre guitar tonalities and the imposing atmospheric arrangements celebrate darkness evoking doom-death influences.
On “Underworld Aurora” a magical folk spirit comes to life through the opulent synths layers highlighting a surreal post-metal flair and even if there are scattered aggressive rhythmic patterns the guitar work tends to focus on mournful melodic phrases.
“Masters of Rain and Storm” often emphasizes the cascadian black metal style as the thick guitar riffs march relentlessly through an ominous rhythmic maze in contrast with the peaceful arpeggios of the cathartic breakdown.
Wolves In The Throne Room continue to search for archetypal energies channeling a strong cascadian essence and listening to “Primordial Arcana” we wander through an ancient forest far from chaos and humanity.

Amenra – De Doorn

Belgian post-metal band Amenra has created an ambitious opus with the immersive atmospheric palette and the fierce dynamics of new release “De Doorn” which might often feel like an out of body experience.
On the colossal album opener “Ogentroost” a spectral atmosphere and haunting female vocals surround the listeners while the monumental guitar riffs and the feverish rhythmic patterns are destined to thrive within a darkened sonic realm.
On “De Evenmens” a sense of agony emerges from the tormented screams and the gloomy grandeur of the guitar work which can deliver gorgeous melodic aesthetics as well as monolithic riffage.
On “Het Gloren” the heavy weight of the anguished guitar riffs inevitably leads to a doomed pathway amplified by the distant desperate screams while during the dramatically slower passage delicate soothing melodies express sheer melancholia.
“Voor Immer” opens an arcane portal that leads to bleak soundscapes accompanied by theatrical narratives and the hazy ambiance atmospheric waves definitely enhance a strong emotional flow yet the rhythmic section will ultimately deliver intense heavier doom dynamics.
A mystical flair lingers throughout “De Doorn” as Amenra deliberately push standard musical boundaries to reveal the fragility of humanity and invite you to embark on a cathartic journey.

Red Fang – Arrows

Portland based stoner/sludge rockers Red Fang are eager to unleash the long awaited new full length “Arrows” offering massive groovy dynamics yet exploring diverse musical territories.
The raw energy of “Unreal Estate” is evident as the gritty riffage and the bold bass lines can easily build robust grooves while the slower lead guitar work tends to channel darkened vibes and tormented feelings.
The title track relies on the fuzzy power of the monumental guitar driven grooves and the excellent leads enhancing a no frills sludge style that will lead to memorable hooks but also to softer atmospheric moments.
In the midst of crazy feedback and cryptic tonalities “Two High” ultimately generates relentless sludgy rhythmic patterns constantly fueled by the super heavy guitar riffs and the colossal drum blasts.
“Anodyne” sounds particularly intriguing combining moody vocals, lugubrious atmospheric nuances and slow burning progressions yet this darker ensemble will lead to a catchy and significantly heavier chorus.
“Fonzi Scheme” instantly evokes a swampy sludge mood as the bold guitar riffs take the center stage to create a solid stomping rampage embellished by sophisticated atmospheric arrangements.
“Days Collide” embraces a mellow feel beginning with bittersweet melodic phrases emphasizing the darker tones of the cathartic guitar work while the monochromatic rhythmic ensemble still holds a groovy sludge flair.
The monolithic riffage and the consequent groovy momentum are certainly at the center of “Arrows” as Red Fang successfully follow a sonic evolution without sacrificing a familiar & successful darkened sludge approach.