Valkyrie – Fear

Founded by brothers Jake and Pete Adams Valkyrie delivers an overdose of earthy heavy rock vibes on the fourth full-length “Fear”. 

“Feeling So Low” fully manifests the heavy rock spirit of the whole album as the guitars take the center stage immediately delivering fiery riffage to build robust rhythmic grooves and charismatic elaborate solos that showcase an eclectic approach. 

The melodic soul of “Afraid To Live” comes to life through a series of somber guitar phrases and the resulting emotional motif will continue to linger even if the bold rhythmic section will add some thrilling grooves enriched by the moody tonalities of the extensive soloing. 

“The Choice” has a retro heavy rock jam mood in fact everything revolves around the remarkable guitar work which once again can deliver a highly enjoyable blend of groovy riffage and enthralling melodies. 

“Fear And Sacrifice” continues to favor a melodic pathway so the soothing guitar harmonies and the compelling rhythmic crescendos naturally express a vivid melancholia while the acrobatics of the guitar solos are bound to impress the listeners.

The vibrant emotions of “Brings You Down” flourish through the gentle guitar melodies and the comforting vocals following a slower nostalgic tempo that will eventually evolve into a heavier rhythmic rampage with a fair dosage of energetic riffs and an explosive solo. 

Following a genuine sonic evolution today Valkyrie crafts soulful melodies and super groovy dynamics on “Fear” which from beginning to end definitely feels like a fascinating sonic journey. 

Gatecreeper – Deserted

Arizona based death metallers Gatecreeper made a strong debut back in 2016 but now it’s time to raise the bar with the crushing dynamics and the insane energy of the sophomore album “Deserted”. 

On the title track there is an irresistible mournful doom flair courtesy of slow monolithic guitar riffs that ultimately embrace the hostile death metal elements confidently channeled by the ravenous growls and the massive violent rhythmic blasts. 

“Puncture Wounds” sounds more straightforward with an overdose of sharp guitar riffs diligently following a malevolent faster tempo that amplifies the mighty death metal grooves triggering a headbanging momentum. 

On “From The Ashes” there are some darkened vibes and major doom influences that shape the prominent role of the lead guitars allowing some enjoyable gloomy melodic aspects to naturally flourish within the merciless rhythmic maze. 

“Sweltering Madness” follows a similar belligerent framework as the growls seem to emerge from hellish depths yet everything becomes more interesting when guitars add an immense sense of despair with doom oriented licks. 

On “Boiled Over” guitars acquire sinister tonalities leading to intense melodic textures and demanding a slightly slower yet quite venomous rhythmic force resulting in an anguished sonic realm enhanced by the sheer despair of the potent growls. 

Without necessarily sacrificing the death metal essence “Absence Of Light” focuses on fervent doom laden patterns as guitars unleash monumental ominous riffs amplifying a dramatic depth and creating an extremely desolate atmosphere. 

As you will immediately notice Gatecreeper have solid roots inspired by classic doom and the big names in the Floridian and Swedish death metal scene so faithful acolytes of such influential genres will be fatally attracted by the aggressive grooves of “Deserted”. 

Obituary Live in Joliet

For legendary Florida death metallers Obituary this is an important year as they celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the groundbreaking debut album “Slowly We Rot” embarking on a massive North American tour. At the show at The Forge in Joliet the ferocious setlist obviously included many tracks from “Slowly We Rot” such as the title track, “Internal Bleeding”, “Deadly Intentions” and “Suffocation” which constantly triggered moshing, headbanging, and stage diving.  

Monolord – No Comfort

Swedish stoner rock/doom trio Monolord is already highly praised in the underground music scene and the thrilling brand new album “No Comfort” will ultimately confirm them as true leaders of the genre. 

The monolithic guitar riffs and the consequent dense rhythmic patterns on “The Bastard Son” will make you space out immediately as Monolord successfully channel the primal elements of doom with an irresistible vintage flair, loads of bewitching mournful tonalities and an authentic passion that can easily charm the listeners. 

“The Last Leaf” revolves around major heavy guitar riffs and a raw energy that constantly maintain a groovy feel accompanied by utterly somber vocals while the slower dismal atmosphere evokes understated emotions and the memorable spellbinding melodic guitar work naturally increases the song’s introspective depth. 

On “Alone Together Forever Divided” the haunting mood can feel overwhelming as melancholic vocals flow through hazy atmospheres and the desolate tones of the slow burning guitar melodies inevitably trigger a profoundly darkened emotive crescendo.   

The title track evokes cathartic feelings through deeply nostalgic guitar melodies and warm arpeggios that will often evolve into a proper monumental doom laden ensemble when the heavier rhythmic segments emerge with renewed strength without sacrificing the perennial gloomy vibes. 

Undoubtedly “No Comfort” offers massive doom oriented crushing moments but the inspiring sonic vision of Monolord allows them to also convey intense emotions through the multifaceted  melodic textures that lead to a unique music journey destined to stand out in the current chaotic music scene. 

Ringworm – Death Becomes My Voice

In the underground metal scene Cleveland’s metallic hardcore band Ringworm is known for the ferocious music style that leads to the untamed rage behind the 8th studio album “Death Becomes My Voice”.

The title track sounds extremely dark and hostile focusing on a belligerent rhythmic rampage full of relentless bold guitar riffs and merciless drumblasts plus the vocals add some chaotic despair to such aggressive dynamics.

On “Acquiesce” chunky guitars add some slower incisive variations channeling a substantial thrash metal force with the right dose of sharp riffs that this time don’t require an excessive speed to make an impact.

“Dead To Me” relies on steady savage guitar riffs to build punishing rhythmic patterns maintaining a fierce darkened mood with the addition of catchy soloing while the inner fury is fully expressed by the insanely vicious screams.

On “Dying By Design” the guitar work is once again fundamental in the creation of unrestrained inflamed rhythmic segments deeply influenced by classic thrash & death metal and spontaneously reach utterly chaotic moments.

“Final Division” hits you in the face with persistent punishing guitar riffs and oppressive vibes but almost gives you time to breathe with an entertaining somber breakdown amplified by the mighty sludge tonalities of the guitar solo.

Since thirty years Ringworm are dedicated to the most brutal aspects of thrash metal & hardcore so without special effects or surprises “Death Becomes My Voice” delivers the overdose of straightforward enraged grooves that fans would expect.

Full Of Hell – Weeping Choir

Full Of Hell continue to garner attention and critical acclaim in the underground metal scene delivering a unique pulverizing blend of extreme metal subgenres with an unstoppable creative force that this time generates the obscure sonic assault of the new full length “Weeping Choir”.

“Burning Myrrh” has an asphyxiating mood as relentless guitar riffs and constant pummeling drums make you feel dizzy plus the visceral growls seem to aptly emerge from the depths of hell and acquire a dramatic delivery towards the slower finale.

It’s hard to catch your breath when the brief yet rather violent “Haunted Arches” starts to unleash sheer fury with precise ruthless drumming, abrasive guitar riffs and hellish growls following frantic rhythmic patterns.

“Aria Of Jeweled Tears” will leave you shattered gasping for air as the aggressive rhythmic structure never attempts to slow down reaching a chaotic sonic depth through the solemn march of the brutal guitar riffs.

“Armory Of Obsidian Glass” is a complex track that will definitely become a favorite featuring intense ominous vibes that add a subtle mystical flair with doom laden guitar progressions and monolithic drums while the eerie atmosphere enhances the darkened allure of the theatrical chants and the haunting vocals by Lingua Ignota accompanied by desolate guitar phrases.

With a less frenetic rhythmic core “Angels Gather Here” focuses more on hallucinogenic noise concoctions, ghastly sounds and anguished growls within a hopeless dark sonic realm bearing strong electro/industrial influences.

The inner torment of “Ygramul The Many” comes to life through savage rhythmic segments following super fast belligerent drums and such turbulent ensemble is spiced up by the unexpected jazzy dissonant tonalities.

Full Of Hell are always able to surprise the listeners on “Weeping Choir” which is definitely drenched in darkness and could be the perfect soundtrack for an imminent apocalypse representing a hostile sonic manifesto made of claustrophobic noise and menacing blackened bursts.

YOB Live in Chicago

YOB brought their powerful doom metal sound to Thalia Hall in Chicago as part of their current North American tour. Their six songs, hour and fifteen minute set was full of low frequency riffs, crushing vocals, and waves of sonic intensity. Fans enjoyed seeing Levy Seynaeve (bassist of opening band Amenra) perform “Grasping Air” alongside YOB. Their set flowed seamlessly for an exciting, compelling performance.


Integrity / Krieg – Split

Two veteran bands Integrity and Krieg have joined forces to craft an entertaining split EP which will spread further their nightmarish music approach.

On “Scorched Earth” Integrity offers moments of pure chaos with an unstoppable combo of stomping rhythmic sections and enraged screams while the guitar soloing will inevitably demand your attention with precise shredding abilities.

On another brief track “Flames Of The Immortal” Integrity pushes intense menacing grooves and consequent violent rhythmic bursts yet lead guitars skillfully craft a solid blend of darkened melodies and wild shredding.

With “Circle of Guilt” Krieg fiercely unleashes a blackened core where familiar ominous vibes and primordial black metal roots deeply influence the mournful instrumental passages and cavernous growls.

Darkness dominates “This Time I’ll Leave You to Drown” as Krieg diligently creates a proper blackened realm where guitars deliver steady harsh tonalities and few cold atmospheric melodies.

Both Integrity and Krieg showcase their personal sonic vision on this new split that definitely will gather interest in the underground metal scene and will keep the fans happy while waiting for the next full lengths.

YOB – Our Raw Heart

Known as one of the most loved and respected bands in the current metal scene YOB returns with the monumental opus “Our Raw Heart” and its genesis is particularly meaningful as it draws inspiration from the recent illness of band’s vocalist/ guitar player Mike Scheidt.

“Ablaze” begins a descent into emotive darkness which certainly bears the mark of doom metal with the towering weight of the whole rhythmic sections but effortlessly deviates from the genre’s expected dynamics as guitars shift from crushing guitar riffs to dreamlike melodic momentum while Mike’s vocals feel uniquely connected to the bleak instrumental passages.

The initial slow enigmatic bass lines and nightmarish atmospheres of “In Reverie” seem to dwell in a surreal limbo between life and death foreshadowing a realm of concrete darkness where guitars constantly amplify the band’s doom roots with impossibly heavy riffage and funereal nuances.

“Beauty In Falling Leaves” offers lavish melodic textures drenched in melancholy or sheer sadness leading to pure emotionally charged vocals and the entire instrumentation deliberately follows a dramatically slower pace to favor the refined guitar melodies which guide the listeners through an anguished sonic maze but will eventually evolve into impulsive heavier crescendos that can undeniably reach the darkest depths of doom metal.

The title track continues an inspiring spiritual journey that at times can feel truly painful as an emotional turmoil influences profoundly the fragile melodic splendor, the harsher doom style progressions and the otherworldly psychedelic guitar work which stands out especially in the song’s final hypnotizing moments.

As the title suggests “Our Raw Heart” is fueled by outpouring authentic emotions which probably contribute the the various uneasy moments scattered throughout these lengthy tracks and YOB demonstrates a rare devotion for music composing incredibly poignant melodies that ultimately go beyond your average modern doom album.
Our Raw Heart