Stille Volk – Milharis

In the year of their 25th anniversary French pagan folk pioneers Stille Volk are releasing the long awaited new album “Milharis” which always feels like a unique mystical offering inspired by the old myths of the Pyrenees mountain range. 

Listening to “Sous La peau De La Montagne” you will travel to a pristine ancient forest accompanied by lovely acoustic phrases and ethereal atmospheres as the band carefully crafts tranquil soundscapes evoking immense spiritual energy. 

“L’aurost Lunaire” diligently follows an authentic pagan approach but adds some atmospheric darkened nuances amplified by the arcane chanting style while the traditional instruments can sound delicate and at the same time convey an understated energy. 

While maintaining a soothing folk approach with relaxing acoustic guitars “Le Crépuscule Du Pâtre” also focuses on a mysterious atmospheric ensemble and the resulting darkened tonalities are further amplified by the tribal percussions and the solemn vocal delivery.  

“La Grotte Du Jadis” has a cryptic aura incarnated by the borderline ominous whispers and the gloomy tonalities while the harmonious vocals and the graceful instrumental passages keep alive the magical folk elements. 

“Sacré Dans La Tourmente” stands out for the spellbinding luminous violins that create a dreamy soundscape that feels like a heartfelt celebration of the beauty of nature while the vibrant rhythmic sections lead to enjoyable melodic crescendos. 

The harmonious essence of “Parmi Les Monts Oubliés” generates shimmering guitar progressions with a distinct folk approach and catchy rhythmic patterns while the dramatic chants emphasize the spiritual atmosphere. 

The enchanting primal pagan nature is extremely palpable throughout the seventh album “Milharis” and Stille Volk is probably the only band out there that can evoke otherworldly feelings telling stories about intriguing myths with such genuine devotion. 

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